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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
b. The Techniques of Fusion and Duality

We come now to the consideration of a very practical matter where the world disciples are concerned, and one with which I intend to deal very simply. The point which we are to study is the Technique of Fusion, leading, as it inevitably does, to the emergence (into controlling prominence) of the Ray of the Personality. After a brief study of this we will refer briefly to the Technique of Duality. The brevity is necessary because only disciples of some experience and initiates will really comprehend the things whereof I speak. A study of the Technique of Duality would serve to elucidate the relationship which should exist between the two rays of manifesting energy, which constitute that phenomenal being we call man. Therefore, it will be apparent to you from the start, how necessary it will be to deal with these abstruse subjects in the simplest way. Our study of the Techniques of Integration was definitely abstruse and couched in language quite symbolic. We were there dealing with the relationship of five rays: Those of the personality, of the ego or soul, and of the rays of the three personality vehicles, prior to their integration into a functioning whole.

It might be of value here if I pointed out to you that the three words: Integration, Fusion and Duality when dealt [379] with, as they are, in connection with the final stages of the Path of Evolution, are significantly different. For one thing it might be said that

  1. The Technique of Integration, a sevenfold technique, is applied upon the Path of Probation.
  2. The Technique of Fusion is applied upon the Path of Discipleship.
  3. The Technique of Duality is applied upon the Path of Initiation.

I am here using these three terms only in relation to what we call the Aryan Race, or to what might be more adequately called the Aryan consciousness, for that consciousness demonstrates in a two-fold manner as mental power and personality force. It is found at a certain stage in every human being and in every race; it must therefore be remembered that I am not using the word Aryan as synonymous with Nordic but as descriptive of the intellectual goal of humanity, of which our Occidental civilization is in the early stages, but which men of all time and all races have individually demonstrated. The Aryan state of consciousness is one into which all men eventually pass.

Integration here refers to the bringing into one field of resultant magnetic activity of five differing types of energy:

  1. Physical and emotional sentient energy (2 energies therefore) are brought together and eventually form one expressive force.
  2. Physical, emotional-sentient and mental energy (3) are also brought into relationship; one potent vortex of force is then set up which eventually becomes so systematized and integrated that we call its aggregated expression Personality, (4) and in time this aggregate [380] becomes a realized potency and thus completes the fourfold lower man.
  3. These four types of energy are then brought into relationship with the ego or soul. This brings then into play another and higher type of energy expression, and thus the five energies integrate, blend and fuse.

These five energies, when rightly related to each other, produce one active force center, through which the Monad can work, using the word Monad to express the first differentiation of the One Life, if such a paradoxical phrase can be employed. Its use is only permissible from the standpoint of the personal self, still limited and imprisoned in the "I" consciousness.

The Technique of Fusion deals with the production of a close interplay of the five above enumerated aspects of energy which have been, in due time, integrated into a unity. It is really a fusion of the four forces and the one energy. This fusion produces:

  1. A demonstration of personality activity when, in response to the Technique of Integration, there is
    1. Response and interplay between the threefold lower man.
    2. A gradual emergence of the dominant note of the lower man which will, in time, indicate the nature of the personality ray.
    3. The quality of the personality ray, in its higher aspects, emerges into living expression. Great beauty of character or great forcefulness will then appear.
  2. Gradually, the qualities of the personality energy are transmuted into those of the ego or soul and the fusion of the two energies - soul and body - is then complete. [381]
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