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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
c. Problems of Stimulation

We now come to what is the most interesting part of our psychological study, for we will take up and consider the results of stimulation.

This theme is of outstanding interest at this time because of the mystical tendency and the spiritual urge which distinguishes humanity as a whole, and because of the definite results - some of them bad, many of them good - which the growing practice of meditation is bringing about in the world [449] of men. These results of mystical and spiritual aspiration and of applied occult or intellectual meditation (in contradistinction to the mystical approach) must be faced and understood or a great opportunity will be lost and certain undesirable developments will appear and need later to be offset.

It surprises you, does it not, when I speak of the mystical tendency of humanity? Yet never before has the aspiration of mankind been of so high and general an order. Never before have so many people forced themselves on to the Path of Discipleship. Never before have men set themselves to discover truth in such large numbers. Never before has the Approach to the Hierarchy been so definite and so real. This situation warrants certain reactions. Of what nature should these reactions be? How shall we meet and deal with the opportunity with which we are confronted? By the development of the following attitudes: By a determination to avail oneself of the tide which is forcing humanity to approach the world of spiritual realities in such a way that the results will be factual and proven; by a realization that what men seek in their millions is worth seeking and is of a reality, hitherto unknown; by a recognition that now is the day of opportunity for all disciples, initiates and workers, for the tide is on and men can be influenced for good at this time but perhaps not later. There are not always times of crisis, for they are the exception, not the rule.

This is, however, a time of unusual crisis. One point, nevertheless, seems impressed upon my mind, and I would like to emphasize it. In these times of crisis and consequent opportunity, it is essential that men should realize two things: first, that it is a time of stimulation, and also that it is a time of crisis for the Hierarchy as well as for men. This latter point is oft forgotten; the hierarchical crisis is of great importance, owing to its relative rarity. Human crises are frequent and - from [450] the time angle - of almost regular occurrence. But this is not the case where the Hierarchy is concerned. Also when a human crisis and a hierarchical crisis coincide and are simultaneous, there emerges an hour of dominant opportunity, and for the following reasons:

  1. The attention of the Great Ones is entirely focused owing to planetary affairs, in one particular direction. A synthesis of planned effort appears.
  2. These occasions are so rare that when they do occur, they indicate a solar, as well as a planetary, significance.
  3. Certain forces and powers, exterior to the government of the solar system, have been called into play, owing to the planetary emergency. This emergency is of such importance (from the angle of consciousness) that the solar Logos has seen fit to invoke external agencies to aid. And, They are aiding.

If you couple to these facts the reoriented and focused attention of humanity upon what is called "modern idealism", you have a most interesting moment or event - for these two words are synonymous.

Men everywhere are aspiring towards freedom, towards mutual understanding, towards right group and personal conditions of living and of thinking, and towards right external and internal relationships. This is a fact generally recognized. Humanity is weary and tired of unwholesome ways of living, of the exploitation of the defenceless, of the growth of discontent, and of the centralization of power in wrong and selfish hands. They are anxious for peace, right relations, the proper distribution of time and the understanding and right use of money. Such indications are unusual and of a deeply spiritual nature.

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