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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
d. Rules of Procedure

Such is the task with which the New Group of World Servers is faced. What should be the immediate procedure?

The following procedure is suggested. The details of its application will vary from time to time in the different countries.

  • The men and women of good will who are willing to listen, to consider and to work, must be found and contacted in every country.
  • Secondly, these men and women of good will should be subjected to an intensive training. This should be carried forward through printed pamphlets, personal contact, and correspondence; through lectures and discussions and eventually, if possible, through the medium of some periodical which will literally be the organ of the New Group of World Servers. It will carry information as to the activities which foster [680] good will, international understanding, world education and scientific achievement.

At the end of that period there should be enough people in the world who are alive to these principles and to the opportunity, so that they can begin to make a definite impact upon the public consciousness. In this way the contacting of the true intelligentsia of the world will proceed with increased rapidity. The education of these thinkers should be carried on by the World Servers in conformity with the following rules:

  1. No word must be spoken or written which could be construed as evidencing partisanship, or as an attack upon any ruler, any form of government, or any national activity. "Hatred ceaseth not by hatred; hatred ceaseth by love."
  2. Nothing must be published in any pamphlet, newspaper, circular or letter which could evoke antagonism from any government, any political party, any economic strategist, or any religious organization. Only principles of universal application must be expressed, and no partisanship is permitted.
  3. No race or nation must be regarded (either in the spoken or written word) as of greater importance essentially than any other race or nation. Humanity as a whole must be emphasized. Yet those who think otherwise than this must not be subjected to attack. Racial hatreds, religious differences, and national ambitions are to be ignored by this balancing third group, the New Group of World Servers.
  4. Members of the New Group of World Servers are never to identify themselves with any political, religious or social propaganda. Such propaganda is separative in its effects, [681] and breeds divisions and hatreds. Some of the World Servers and men of good will may themselves be members of political, religious or other organizations committed to activity of the kind which causes divisions. This may happen through their past inclination, by enforced national discipline, by heredity, or by force of circumstances. When men of good will find themselves in such a situation, they can refrain from breeding hatred and from active antagonistic propaganda, and can regard their position as one which will enable them - in a very difficult setting - to interject the theme of brotherhood by living in a brotherly spirit, and by expressing understanding and love.
  5. Units of Service in all nations must be built up steadily. A number of such units already exists. Their objectives are as follows:
    1. To educate the people in their nation in service, in kindly effort, and in non-aggressive action. A positive harmlessness will be inculcated, which in no way negates intense, intelligent activity, and the propagation of those ideals which lead to mutual understanding, and eventually to unity, peace and plenty.
    2. To provide in every country and eventually in every city, a central bureau where information will be available concerning the activities of men and women of good will all over the world, and of those organizations and groups and parties who are working along the lines of international understanding, mutual cooperation, religious unity, and economic interdependence. Thus, many will find those who will cooperate with them in their particular endeavor to promote world peace. What is being accomplished along these [682] lines in the world today can thus be synthesized and studied.
    3. To bring together the members of the New Group of World Servers and those associated with them through similarity of ideas and vision, so that in every country and major city the World Servers can find those whose aims are the same as theirs and who are pledged to the same service and activity. The same language of brotherhood and kindness will be taught, and thus mutual confidence and a spirit of optimism will be promoted.
    4. To list and investigate the work and the ideals of all groups which purport to have an international program which tends to heal world differences and national quarrels, to work for a better understanding between the races, and to harmonize religious distinctions and class wars. A study will be made of their techniques and modes of work. When such groups are found to be colored with aims that are truly spiritual and harmonizing, when they are true healers of differences and under the guidance of men of good will, cooperation will be offered. Such groups now exist.
  6. No secrecy must ever be permitted in the work of the New Group of World Servers. Secret societies are organizations ever open to attack and suspicion. The New Group has nothing to hide, and their files and methods of work must ever be open to investigation. The Secret Services and Intelligences of any country must find all literature and information easily available. No secret lists must be kept. Members of the New Group of World Servers must be encouraged to seek out those in high places in government circles and church, and enlighten them as to the objectives of the Group. [683]

It takes no great effort of imagination to see that, if this work of educating public opinion is pursued, and the finding of the men of good will is carried forward, much can be accomplished. Thousands can be gathered into the New Group of World Servers and can work in the Units of Service. This is the initial task. How to use the weight of that good will and how to employ that intelligent understanding will gradually appear out of the work accomplished and the world situation. The needed right activity will be apparent when the time comes. The trained use of power on the side of good will and international understanding will be possible, and the complexion of world affairs can then be changed.

This can be done; not by the usual warlike measures of the past or the enforced will of some group, but through the educated opinion of the intelligent masses, - an opinion which will be based on a trained good will, the intelligent understanding of the needs of humanity, and with no antagonism to any living being. The initial concepts must be carried forward in their essential purity; the process of thus educating the public must go forward with diligence and tact, and wisdom must be cultivated in order to avoid all antagonism, all criticism and all hatred. The power of such a group, working in such a fashion, will be tremendous. They can accomplish phenomenal results. This is no idle promise, but it is contingent upon the preservation of the initial concepts and the steady practice of good will.

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