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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
d. Urgency of the Need and How to Meet It

Again let us recognize it - the urgency is great. The emergency is upon us and a united spiritual effort, prayerfully carried forward, wisely adjusted to environing need, widely blended with all the similar efforts which may be working cooperatively in every land with the forces of construction - national, religious and economic - can change the aspect of world affairs in the space of a few years. If there is not an appreciable change in human relations, then there will be little immediate hope of bringing about that united effort which will lead to world stabilization, interracial and international understanding, economic interdependence and universal good will. For it is the good will of the powerful groups for humanity and therefore for the masses, and the good will of the intelligentsia and of the influential middle classes which will bring about the needed intelligent changes, which can affect every human being. The hope of the world today lies in the development of good will - not peace as the word is usually interpreted, to mean merely an enforced freedom from war, and an expediently enforced pacifism, but the cultivation of a spirit of good will, intelligently applied, and worked out with purpose into the fabric of the individual and national life.

We have here presented to us two modes of approaching the problem. To the consideration of this all of us are called who now are present workers or leaders in the New Group of World Servers, or who desire to enlist ourselves among them. The next consideration is how can these ideas be intelligently understood? How can they evoke the cooperation of aspirants and disciples over the world?

Let us state what I see to be possible, and what can be done [734] if we - each and all - face the issue, deal with the opportunity presented on the basis of responsibility, and come to regard our world service in this crisis as a necessary part of our spiritual life, demanding from us, nevertheless, all that we have to give, plus that supreme extra effort which spells success in every case. This extra effort and this response to the demand for full cooperation, very few of us, have yet given. If what is here set forth is true, and if what we know of world affairs gives in any way a true picture of the present world condition (and it is understated, if anything) then any intelligent man or woman can surely see that it is going to take the united sacrificing effort of every unit in the whole body corporate to promote good will as a healing factor (perhaps the only healing factor) in humanity.

The following suggestions are offered to those who seek to join in this service:

Meditation groups could carry forward their meditations in such a manner that an inner fusion can take place, producing the awakening of the heart centers of the members, and the consequent urge to go forth into the world of daily living to love, to give and to stimulate.

Privately, and in group gatherings the Great Invocation could be said, including the final words:

"So let it be and help us to do our part".

There are those who have learned to say these words with intensity of feeling, raising the clasped hands above the head, and then - at the last word - bringing them down to the forehead and then to the heart. The raising of the hands above the head and their return in touching the forehead and the heart are simply symbolic of the lifting of heart and life and consciousness to divinity, and the subsequent and consequent downflow of spiritual life [735] into the personality - the instrument through which the loving soul must work out the expression of good will.

The emphasis is laid upon the heart center and upon the necessity to hold the forces there (symbolized by the clasped hands resting upon the heart) because the heart is the center of loving, giving energy, and the distributor of life.

It should not be necessary to restate any further what should be done, how anyone should give of himself, or in what way he could contribute for the aiding of humanity. The case has been presented clearly and most definitely. The responsibility now rests upon those who have received the message. One can only observe that until those who know and who have the way out presented to them, consecrate themselves and all that they have without reservation to the helping of the world in its hour of need, the work will not be done and the plans of the Hierarchy cannot then materialize. Should that not eventuate within the near future, then new and perhaps more drastic ways will have to be found.

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