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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
a. Problems of Cleavage

Thinkers are today awakening to this particular type of difficulty and finding the cleavages in human nature so widespread and so deep seated in the very constitution of the race [416] itself that they are viewing the situation with much concern. These cleavages seem basic, and produce the divisions we find everywhere between race and race and between religion and religion, and can be traced back to the fundamental condition of manifestation which we call the relationship of positive and negative, of male and female and, esoterically speaking, of the sun and the moon. The mystery of sex itself is bound up with the re-establishment of the sense of unity and of balance, of oneness or of wholeness. In its higher human aspect, this sexual differentiation is only the symbol or lowest expression of the cleavage or separativeness of which the mystic is aware and which makes him seek at-one-ment or union with what he calls divinity. In between this physical cleavage and this spiritual recognition of divinity lie a large number of lesser cleavages of which man becomes aware.

Behind all of this is to be found a still more fundamental cleavage - that between the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls - a cleavage in consciousness more than in fact. The cleavage between the animal and the human kingdom has been largely resolved through the recognition of the physical identity of the animal nature and the uniformity in expression of the instinctual nature. Within the human family, the various cleavages of which man is so distressingly aware will be bridged and ended when the mind is trained to control and to dominate within the realm of the personality and is correctly used as an analytical, integrating factor instead of as a critical, discriminating, separative factor. The right use of the intellect is essential to the healing of the personality cleavages. The cleavage between personality and the soul is resolved by the right use of: [417]

  1. The instinctual sense of divinity which leads to reorientation in the right direction. This leads to
  2. The intelligent use of the mind so that it becomes consciously aware of the soul and of the laws which govern soul unfoldment.
  3. The intuitive recognition of reality, which resolves the differentiated parts into a unit, producing illumination.
  4. This illumination reveals the essential oneness which exists on the the inner side of life and negates the outer appearance of separativeness.

Thus it will be apparent to you that the cleavages are "healed" by a right and intelligent use of the quality aspect of the form nature:

  1. Instinct distinguishes the automatic physical nature, the vital or life vehicle and the desire nature. It works through the solar plexus and the organs of reproduction.
  2. Intelligence distinguishes the mind aspect or mental vehicle, and works through the clearing house of the brain, and through the ajna and throat centers.
  3. Intuition distinguishes the soul nature and it works through the mind, the heart center and the head center. From these three major points the soul governs eventually the personality.

I commend these ideas to your careful consideration and assure you that rightly understood they will aid in the solution of the problems connected with the various cleavages in human nature.

There is no cleavage to be found today between the vital body and the physical body. There is only at times a partial cleavage and what one might call a "loose connection". The two streams of living energy - life and consciousness - are [418] usually anchored in the head and heart. In the case of certain forms of idiocy however, the consciousness stream is not anchored at all in the body, but only the life stream has made its contact in the heart. There is, therefore, no self-consciousness, no power of centralized control and no capacity to direct action or to provide in any way a life program or plan. There is only responsiveness to aspects of the instinctual nature.

Certain forms of epilepsy are due to what we might call "a loose connection", the consciousness stream or thread of energy is subject at times to withdrawal or abstraction, and this produces the familiar epileptoid symptoms and the distressing conditions seen in the usual fit. In a lesser degree, and producing no permanent, dangerous results, the same basic cause produces the so-called "petit mal" and certain types of fainting fits; these are caused by the brief and temporary withdrawal of the thread of consciousness energy. It should be remembered that when this withdrawal takes place and there is a separation of the consciousness from the vehicle of conscious contact, all that we understand by the term consciousness, such as self-consciousness, desire and intelligence, is abstracted and only life and the consciousness inherent in the physical body cells remain.

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