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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
2. The New Group of World Servers

The first thing to be grasped is that there is a Plan for humanity and that this Plan has always existed. It has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past ages and also through that special impetus which has been given it from time to time by the great intuitive and teachers of the races. Today there are a sufficient number of men and women [650] in the world, adequately developed, so that they can contact it and work in connection with it. It is becoming more a matter of group recognition than of intuitive revelation. Secondly, it is to be noted that there is upon our planet a group of men and women belonging to every nation, who are definitely upon the Path of Discipleship and because of their status, they are all of them as definitely serving the race. They are subjectively welded together into a body, which we have called the New Group of World Servers, for lack of a better name. Their characteristics are well known, for many have made a careful study of this group for two or three years and many also form a part of it.

Prominent members of this group are to be found in every country in Europe, in China and Japan, in North and South America, and in South Africa. In Australia, New Zealand and other countries not enumerated above, members and servers of this group are to be found.

Many of these group members know or recognize each other from the similarity of objectives, ideals and methods, to be seen in their work, but in many cases they remain unknown to each other. Group members are to be found working in all fields of human enterprise, - economic, political, social and religious. These four groups are named in the order of their importance in the present world situation. Religious difficulties and problems are perhaps the most easily handled and realized, because they are the most easily recognized. Religious antagonisms are rampant today but they are known for what they are, hence the religious field is mentioned last.

It is encouraging for us to observe, however, that the New Group of World Servers working in connection with the rapidly emerging plan of the Great Ones, has been vitally increased in numbers during the past few years and [651] there is a much closer inner welding than heretofore. The group will be found divided into two parts:

  1. An inner nucleus, composed of those active servers who know themselves to be disciples, is consciously in touch with the Plan, and is strenuously working at its development.
  2. Those who have responded to the vision as it has been presented to them by that inner nucleus, and have ranged themselves definitely on the side of the Plan. They are, therefore, men and women of good will.

Connected with these two groups, there is a steadily growing public which is becoming increasingly responsive to the new ideas. They have expressed their interest and are eager to see the Plan materialize in proper form on earth. The diverse needs of all these groups must be met and this is the definite problem of all who are working in conscious collaboration with the Hierarchy.

It is not easy for all of us who are working and struggling in the battlefield of life to see the world picture as it really is. It is difficult to appreciate the urgency of the present time, and to evaluate correctly the opportunity that is offered for the bringing of sorely needed changes. It is hard too to gauge the extent and the power of the forces working in opposition. It would be useless to refer thus to these forces, if there were no chance of success and the victory were not possible. Both success and victory are possible, if there is a unity of ideal and method amongst us.

A picture of the immediate problem to indicate possible dangers and suggest at the same time what should be done in the period immediately ahead, has practical value. Some of what is here said is already well known, but a restatement of [652] the situation is in order, for it will enable us to lay our plans with clarity and precision.

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