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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
a. Problems arising out of the Awakening and Stimulation of the Centers

Those of you who have read my other books and treatises will know how immense is the subject with which we are concerned and how little is yet known and taught anent the centers and their force emanations and the activity of the vital or etheric body which is the receiver and the distributor [521] of energies. These energies determine and condition the circumstances and the physique of the human being and produce (in the last analysis) the phenomenal manifestation of man upon the physical plane, plus his inherent characteristics. All of this information I have earlier given and it can be read and studied by those who are interested to do so. They can thus clarify their knowledge anent the various centers. One thing I would like here to point out and will later elucidate and that is the relation of the various centers to the rays. This is as follows:

  • Ray one - Power or Will - Head center.
  • Ray two - Love-Wisdom - Heart center.
  • Ray three - Active Intelligence - Throat center.
  • Ray four - Harmony through Conflict - Ajna center.
  • Ray five - Concrete Knowledge - Sacral center.
  • Ray six - Devotion - Solar plexus.
  • Ray seven - Ceremonial Order - Base of spine.

Much could be learned if one would gather all the data given on this subject into one book, thus relating what is known about the specific energy points to be found in the human frame. All that I can do here is to give a general idea of the subject, indicate certain lines of development and relationship anent the seven major centers, the seven major glands and the localities and areas in the human body where these glands and centers are to be found. I would also beg you to realize five facts:

  1. That undeveloped men are energized and galvanized into outer activity through the medium of the three centers below the diaphragm.
  2. That average man is beginning to function primarily through the solar plexus center and to use it as a transferring center of force for energies which must be carried from below the diaphragm to above the diaphragm. [522]
  3. That the world aspirants are slowly being energized and controlled by the forces which are being transferred from the centers below the diaphragm to the throat center and from the soul to the throat center. This leads to creative activity of some kind.
  4. That the world disciples are beginning to be governed and controlled by the throat and heart centers and are also beginning to transfer the forces which have been raised to the heart and throat, to the ajna center between the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead. When this has been done, the man is then an integrated personality. The soul also stimulates the ajna center.
  5. That the more advanced disciples and world initiates are also energized from two sources: by means of the energies raised up and lifted into the head from all the centers in the body, and by those which pour into the human frame from the soul, via the highest center at the top of the head.

The whole process is, as you can see, one of development, use and transference, as is the case in all evolutionary development. There are two major transferring centers in the etheric body - the solar plexus and the throat - and one master center through which the energy of the soul must pour when the right time comes, pouring consciously and with the full awareness of the disciple. That center is the head center, called in the Eastern Philosophy "the thousand-petalled lotus". The problem of the average man is, therefore, connected with the solar plexus. The problem of the disciple, the advanced aspirant and the initiate of the lower degrees is connected with the creative center, the throat.

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