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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
b. The Precipitation of the Crisis

The plans as established by the Hierarchy concern primarily two things:

  • first, the plans for bringing about world stabilization. This is essential if the human being is to find adequate time for the unfoldment of his consciousness, and for the recognition of his soul. In these two latter requirements all successful hierarchical work is covered, as far as humanity is concerned.
  • Secondly, the program for the immediate future, with its definite physical plane adjustments and its tentative suggestion for world cooperation. Why do we use the word "tentative"? We use it because (as has oft been stated) even the advanced members of the Hierarchy [713] do not know finally the manner in which humanity will react, or the quality or the capacity of its ultimate achievement.

I have endeavored above, carefully and simply, to express the immediate purpose of the hierarchical effort, as the Council met to prepare for the future. Is it possible for us to conceive the import of that phrase "for the future"? The past is gone, beyond recall; that fleeting moment which we call the present time is determined by that past of which it becomes a part in the flash of a second. It was the preparation for the future and the laying of those plans which will cover the coming destiny of humanity during the immediate decade which was of significant and engrossing importance to the assembled Masters, and also of basic interest to any student of the Ageless Wisdom and to the disciples of the Great Ones.

Only that is of importance to us which provides a needed momentum for action, and which will also give to the working disciple of the world a vision of sufficient clarity and an adequate incentive to enable him to work with sincerity and understanding. This is often forgotten. So much is said and written these days which purports to come from the Great Ones and which is stated to embody Their will and Their intention. It is based on astral sensitivity and astral reaction to the many thought forms found upon the astral plane; these include among their number many thought forms of the Great Ones. These thought forms necessarily exist, and are built by the devotion of the aspirants of the world, and by the selfish spiritual ambition of those aspirants. They are not constructed by the disciples of the world, for no man is admitted to the status of accepted discipleship until he has at least overcome the worst aspects of personal ambition. This freedom from ambition is proved or expressed by personal reticence and by freedom from the publicity-making activities of the aspirants of the world, and also by freedom from the [714] making of statements as to relationship or status. It might be well for us to ponder on these words.

The preliminary plans which the members of the hierarchical Council considered might be stated to be as follows, regarding those plans as spheres of cooperation for the Masters implicated and for those among men who are minded to serve in cooperative. activity:

1. The reduction of the pressure upon humanity by the means of a steady stabilizing of world thought. Today it is the fears of man - expressed in thought, and therefore frequently backed by action - which lead them into the impasse of war and into any form of destructive activity. The pressure is created by man's desire for betterment as well as by the spiritual downpouring of the soul. It is this dual activity of the higher and of the lower which produces the crisis. When these two meet there is, of course, no conflict; but there is, however, a sense of strain, a pressure which seems past endurance, and an impasse from which there appears no exit. This may be a difficult truth to grasp, but the present world crisis is largely brought about by the bringing together of these two types of energy. It is with this problem that the Masters are today grappling. A human aspiration and a condition of struggle towards improvement brings about a period in which the spiritual urge on the part of masses of men shows itself in three ways:

  1. The urge to betterment already noted.
  2. The organization of the minds of men, so that new ideas can be gripped and understood.
  3. The recognition by the spiritually minded that today is the day of opportunity. [715]

Will it be of any assistance and any incentive towards renewed effort if we observe the words "the day", and not "a day?" This is a period of immense cyclic importance.

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