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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
c. The Law of Repulse and the Pilgrim on the Way of Life

We shall base our thoughts upon the words earlier quoted:

"The Law of Repulse drives in seven directions, and forces all it thus contacts back to the bosom of the seven spiritual Fathers."

We have come definitely to a consideration of the Way of Repulsion, governed by this law, which is the way or technique for each ray type. Though the same law can be seen working in all seven cases and in all seven directions, yet the results will differ, because the quality and the phenomenal appearance upon which the law of the divine will makes its impact and consequent impression, differ so widely. The complexity of the problem is therefore great. These seven [164] soul laws lie behind all the various presentations of truth as they have been given out by the world Teachers down the ages. It requires much spiritual insight, however, to enable the average disciple to see the correspondence or the trend of ideas which link, for instance:

  1. The beatitudes (enunciated by the Christ) and these seven laws.
  2. The stages of the Noble Eightfold Path and these soul potencies.
  3. The eight Means to Yoga or union of the soul, and this septenate of influences.
  4. The Ten Commandments of the Semitic religion, and these seven spiritual laws.

Students would find it of interest to test their understanding of the esoteric relationships existing between these groups of teaching and see if they can, for themselves, trace the basic meanings. Let us, by way of illustration, trace or indicate the relation between the seven laws and the eight means to Yoga, because this will give us an illustration of the difference existing between the means to Yoga as understood by the average yogi or esotericist, and as they can be understood by the trained disciple or initiate.

1. The five Commandments
    The universal duty
Second Ray force The Law of Magnetic
Impulse. Inclusion. Attraction
2. The Rules
    For self training
Fourth ray force The Law of Sacrifice.
"I die daily"
3. Posture
    A poised attitude
    to the world
Sixth ray force The Law of Service.
Right relations and
right ideals
4. Pranayama
    The law of rhythmic
Seventh ray force The Law of Group
Progress. The Law of spiritual
5. Abstraction
    Withdrawal from desire
First ray force The Law of Repulse
The repudiation of desire
6. Attention
    Correct orientation
Third ray force The Law of Expansive
7. Meditation
    Right use of the mind
Fifth ray force The Law of the Lower Four
"The soul is in deep
8. Result Contemplation Complete spiritual
A close study of these relationships will be found suggestive to the disciple and illuminating to the initiate. Let us not, however, confuse illumination with a new or bright idea! It is something far different to that. The difference is that between the light of a star, and the light of a steadily waxing sun. One reveals the fact of night. The other reveals the world of daylight and of conscious Being.
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