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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
b. Immediate Lines of Activity and Techniques

Two immediate lines of activity are imperative. The members of the New Group of World Servers must have the above outlined ideals and objectives held constantly before them and they must also, as far as is possible, be brought in touch with each other. This work calls for immediate attention. The aims and ideals of the New Group of World Servers must also be presented constantly and clearly to the thinking public. The form in which this must be done and the medium used is for the associated servers to decide. Attention should be called to those activities which are obviously in line with the Plan, and the work and the programs of the World Servers wherever they are found and located must be made known and aided. To do this, we need to combine wise and deliberate action with speed, owing to the urgency of the crisis. Those whose function it is to cooperate and help will appear, but our spiritual perception must be alert to recognize [661] them. They must evoke recognition, first of all, through their spiritual idealism and secondly, in the field of work, through efficiency and capability. It is essential that they possess, as far as possible, the qualities of intuitive spiritual perception, but it is also imperative that they possess practical experience and training in efficiency in the work of moulding public opinion, in the circulation of ideas and in the understanding of human relations in the various fields of human expression.

By means of right inner activity and wise leadership, the New Group of World Servers will respond increasingly to the presented new ideas and will grow in strength, optimism, inner relation and interplay. They will and should become a strong united body in the outer world. The test will then be to hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjective relationships and, at the same time, pursue the work in the world with united, intelligent effort and with success. The true values, based on good will and brotherhood and founded in man's innate divinity, must be skillfully preserved; the right use of opportunity, plus the consecrated utilization of world power, will call forth that skill in action which comes from true dedication and right meditation.

The New Group of World Servers has the immediate task of achieving power in moulding men's ideas to the needed changes of thought and the new technique of work all over the world. To do this, there must be the explanation of the ideas which lie behind the group and a clear statement of those parts of the Plan which are of immediate application. There must be a steady emphasis upon the reality of that which is inner and subjective (the world of real values) and upon the dynamic power of ideas as they control, and can be shown to control, all that is happening in every disturbed nation today. What is going on in the world today is the [662] working out of ideas. As to the technique to be employed certain contrasts might be touched upon.

All nations at this time are engrossed with the imposition of some idea, or group of ideas, upon their peoples. This seems to the leaders, no matter how enlightened they may be, to necessitate force in some form or another and to call for drastic coercion. This must necessarily be the case where the time factor is misinterpreted. The immediate good of the people as a whole is felt by the leaders far to outweigh any temporary happenings to individuals and smaller groups. In the work of the New Group of World Servers, this time element will be better understood and the work must be carried forward with as much rapidity as possible, yet without any coercion, mental or physical. The laying of right foundations and the promulgation of right principles is of tremendous importance and must be ensured, but there must be no undue emphasis laid upon the regimenting of men's thoughts within a given time. With care, with prevision, with forethought and with skill must the ground be laid and the arguments given for the fostering of good will and the growth and spread of brotherhood on an international scale.

Theoretically, the ideal of brotherhood has been presented by many organizations, by many fraternities and many theosophical bodies; but those who have promulgated the idea of brotherhood in these various organizations are themselves too separative and sectarian to carry forward the work constructively. Theirs is not now the function to organize the men of good will in the world for they insist on labels, on certain exclusions, on working for their organization more than for humanity, and on the necessity of people to affiliate with them. They emphasize the need to adhere to certain formulated beliefs, such as the doctrine of reincarnation as the basis of brotherhood, or the fact of the Masters as the [663] background of the Plan; but men of good will can believe all or none of this. Such doctrines do not affect their recognition of certain great evolutionary trends, nor the necessity to recognize man's essential relationships. That the service rendered by the groups who have promulgated these ideas is immeasurable and that humanity is deeply in their debt is undoubtedly true. That hundreds of the members of the various organizations are affiliated with the New Group of World Servers is also entirely correct; but the materializing of these ideas, which have hitherto remained theoretical, is the prime function of the New Group of World Servers. They have to remove the whole theory from the realm of sentiment, of idealism, and of mystical aspiration and must bring the question, as a concrete demonstrated factor, before the public.

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