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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control
IV. Rules for Inducing Soul Control

In considering the rules which can induce soul control, it is not my intention to recapitulate the many rules which the aspirant must follow as he perseveres in his endeavor to tread the path to the source - that path to what the Buddhists call Nirvana. This Path is, in fact, but the beginning of that higher Way which leads to a life incomprehensible, even to the most developed of the Beings in our planetary Hierarchy. Nor is it essential that we emphasize the details of living which must control the man who is seeking to function as a soul in command of the personality. These have oft been adequately outlined by disciples down the ages, and reduced to many words. They have also been dealt with in my earlier book A Treatise on White Magic and other books. Our immediate problem is the application of these rules for discipleship and a steady [215] progress in their practical technique. My present purpose is a far more difficult one, for this Treatise is written for the future more than for present students. I seek to indicate the basic rules determining the hierarchical government, and conditioning, therefore, world affairs. We are here concerned therefore with the subtle activities of energies which, on the inner side, actuate the outer activities and bring about those events in the world of men which later form history.

The problem before the Hierarchy is twofold and can be expressed in two questions:

  1. How can the consciousness of humanity be expanded so that it can be developed from the germ of self-consciousness (such as it was at individualization) and be brought up to that of complete group consciousness and identification as occurs when the final initiation is undergone?
  2. How can the ascending energy of the fourth kingdom in nature be brought into such close rapport with the descending energy of spirit that another great expression - a group expression - of Deity may emerge through man into manifestation?

Two points should therefore here be noted:

  • First, that the attention of the members of the Hierarchy who work at this time with mankind is not centered upon the individual aspirant in any manner which could be interpreted as personal interest. Interest in him is evoked just in so far as he is occupied with matters which concern group good.
  • The second point is one well known and often stressed of late. At this time we are passing through a period of unprecedented opportunity and crisis, and the attention of the Hierarchy is consequently focused upon men in an exceedingly one-pointed manner as They attempt to capitalize, for the benefit [216] of man, upon this opportunity. Herein lie both responsibility and the ground for hope.

The rules, therefore, which we are to consider are not the laws of the soul or the laws controlling the stages of human development upon the Path. They have a much wider scope, and pertain to the broad sweep of the evolutionary cycle as it concerns the human family as a whole, particularly in relation to its contribution to the entire evolutionary scheme. However - owing to the lack of trained understanding - we shall have to confine ourselves to the consideration of these rules solely as they govern human unfoldment.

What we are seeking to reveal (if possible) is some of the factors which govern the effort which the Hierarchy of Control and the Custodians of the Plan utilize, as They proceed to work with the factors already present in man, and the energies already in objective use on this planet. What we shall say will not be of great simplicity, for it is hard, even for the advanced disciple, to see the purpose of certain of these factors. That which is here set forth on these matters must await later developments during the coming century, and certain lines of scientific and spiritual unfoldment must eventuate before the hidden implications can be adequately comprehended. If it seems simple and clear it might be wise to distrust the obvious interpretation. The matter is abstruse. It is well to ponder on the thought here presented, but not to be quick to assume understanding. There are many ways in which the work of the Hierarchy can be expressed, and according to the type of mind will be the interpretation.

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