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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
a. The Significance of the Law of Sacrifice

It means the impulse of giving. The whole secret of the doctrines of "the forgiveness of sins" and of the "at-one-ment" lies hid in this simple phrase. It is the basis of the Christian doctrine of love and sacrifice. Hence the emphasis [89] laid, in the Piscean Age and through the influence of Christianity, upon just these two things, - forgiveness and at-one-ment. That man, as usual, distorted and misinterpreted the teaching and the truth, and that it fell, as does all else at present, under the glamor and illusion of the astral plane, plus the Piscean influence, is true. Man's thought dominated and distorted the ideal and produced such a damnable doctrine as the elect of God, the chosen of the Lord, or the sole people to benefit by the sacrifice and death of the great Son of God, and who pass, due to the merits of that vicarious death, into a state of bliss in heaven, simply because of an emotional choice, which ignores millions of those who have made no such choice, nor had the opportunity to do so. The symbolic activity of the great Teacher of Nazareth will be properly understood and its significance will be properly appreciated only when group implications are more carefully studied, the meaning of sacrifice and of death come into their rightful place in the human consciousness, and the law of giving, with all that that entails, is correctly understood and applied. Those who thus sacrifice are:

The solar Deity who gave His life to the universe, to the solar system, to the planet, and the manifested worlds consequently appeared. The cosmic Deity has likewise done the same. But what does this mean to us? Naught, except a symbol. It was His impulse, His will, His desire, His incentive, His idea and purpose to appear. The creative act then took place, and the process of manifestation began its cyclic evolutionary existence. The Cosmic Christ was crucified upon the cross of matter, and by that great sacrifice opportunity was offered to all evolving lives in all kingdoms of nature and in all created worlds. Thus they could progress. The work, in space and time, and the stupendous march of living beings towards an at present unrealized goal, began. We can [90] give no reason for the choice made by Deity thus to act. We do not know His ultimate purpose or plan; and only aspects of His technique and method begin to appear to the illuminated mind. It has been hinted by Those Who know so much more than we, owing to their longer life cycle and experience, that some glimmering of that eternal and cosmic Intent is beginning to dawn in the consciousness of Those who have taken some of the higher initiations. Their nature must necessarily remain incomprehensible to mankind. All that the intelligent human being can grasp as he looks back over the history of the planet (as far as modern history can give it to him) is that there has been:

  1. Progress in the human power to be conscious.
  2. A growing and paralleling refinement of the forms of life in the various kingdoms of nature.
  3. An intensification of conscious activity, on a developing scale of rapid living, that tends constantly to transcend time as we know it.
  4. An expanding realization of progress from one dimension to another, until today we talk in terms of a fourth dimensional state of consciousness and can grasp the fact that five or six dimensions are beautifully possible.
  5. An increasingly scientific control of the elements in which we live, and of the forces of nature. Today we talk in terms of air mastery just as five hundred years ago (when such a thing was deemed impossible) they talked in terms of the mastery of oceans. We are offsetting the gravitational pull of the earth so that we can "fly into the face of the sun."
  6. From the instinctual life of sense consciousness in material forms, we have progressed to the intellectual life of self-conscious human beings and to the intuitive [91] realizations of those who are beginning to function as superhuman entities.

All this has been brought about as the result of the determined, conditioned activity of a Great Life, Which chose to make a major sacrifice and to be crucified upon the cardinal Cross of the Heavens, and thereby pass through a cosmic initiation; Which, from our minor and relatively uninformed angle, stands today crucified upon the fixed Cross in the Heavens, and through the medium of the mutable Cross is nevertheless producing changes in the evolutionary cycle, in order to bring about the developed consciousness, the increasing refinement of form, and that intensification of life which distinguishes His creation.

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