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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control
g. The Interplay of the Great Dualities

The seventh of these Rules - that of the interplay of the great dualities - is one of the basic rules of soul control and it is by no means an easy one for the student to grasp. It is a fundamental law of soul life. The reason why it is so hard to understand the paradox of soul unity through duality is that in speaking of the pairs of opposites, emphasis has for ages been laid upon the astral dualities and the need for humanity to choose the narrow path which runs between them. Upon the battlefield of the dualities he stands and must find the razor-edged path which opens up before him and lands him before the portal of initiation. But, essentially, these pairs of opposites are only reflections of a higher and divine correspondence. The law here considered is that which governs the relations between life and form, between spirit and matter. Upon this we cannot here enlarge for only those initiates [256] who have, in their own lives, transcended the lower reflection of the dualities can even begin to grasp the true spiritual significance of this rule for soul control in its wider and more essential meaning. There is, therefore, no need for us to enter upon that abstruse question in this Treatise.

Ours is rather the task to gain a wise understanding of the vision - as far as the capacity of each of us will permit. Only in this way will there come to us not only eventual release, but also the strength to live in this world and to be of service to our fellow men. [259]

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