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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
a. The Link of the World Groups

It would be possible to go on listing the various developments which indicate to the onlooking Hierarchy that a disciple, or a group of disciples, are now ready for "more light." The major indication is, however, their reaction to the Law of Group Progress. It is this Law which is the coming new law to be sensed by the world disciples and which is already becoming more effective in its potency, even though this will not be realized by humanity for a long while yet. It will bring into activity the work of the world groups. In the past, groups have been formed for mutual benefit, for mutual interest and study, for mutual strengthening. This has been [179] their glory, and also their curse, for great and good though their motives may have been, yet these groups have been basically and primarily selfish, with a form of spiritual selfishness most difficult to overcome, and calling for the expression of the true discrimination to which I have earlier referred. Such groups have ever been battlegrounds wherein the least able and the least integrated have been absorbed and standardized or regimented, and the most powerful have dominated eventually, and the indefinite ones have been eliminated and rendered totally quiescent. The successful group has eventually turned out to be one composed of kindred souls who are all thinking alike, because no one thinks with intuition, but who are governed by some school of thought, or because some central figure in the group dominates all the rest, hypnotizing them into an instinctual, quiescent, static condition. This may be to the glory of the teacher and of the group, but it certainly is not to the glory of God.

Today the new groups are slowly and gradually coming into being and being governed by these soul laws. They will, therefore, strike a different note and produce groups which are welded together by a united aspiration and objective. Yet they will be constituted of free souls, individual and developed, who recognize no authority but that of their own souls, and submerge their interests to the soul purpose of the group as a whole. Just as the achievement of an individual has, down the ages, served to raise the race, so a paralleling achievement in group formation will tend to raise humanity still more rapidly. Hence this law is called that of Elevation.

The time has now come when this method of raising the race can begin to be tried. Those who have entered upon the Path of Probation have attempted to raise humanity and have failed. Those who have passed upon the Path of Discipleship have also tried and failed. Those who have themselves [180] mastered circumstance and the illusion of death, and have consequently been raised unto life, can now attempt the task in united formation. They will succeed. The word has gone forth with the request for this united activity, and the urge to bend every effort to raise the dead body of humanity. A great and possible achievement of the Lodge of Masters is now imminent and all aspirants and all disciples can be swung into a synthetic recognition of power and of opportunity.

It is for this end that the teaching anent the New Group of World Servers was given out broadcast. This is the first attempt to form a group which would work as a group and attempt a world task. They can act as an intermediate group between the world of men and the Hierarchy. They stand between what is occultly called the "dead Master" and the "living Masters." Masons will understand what is here described. The true esotericist will also see the same truth from another angle.

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