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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
The Externalization of the Hierarchy
Table of Contents

Section I - Introductory Remarks

The Period of Transition
I. The Training of Psychics
     II. Esoteric Schools and Disciplines
The Present Urgency
A Challenging Opportunity
Seed Groups in the New Age
The Work of the Seed Groups
The Immediate Task

Section II - The General World Picture

The Causes of the World Difficulty
The Hidden Source of the Outer Turmoil
The Spiritual Trend of Human Destiny
Conflict between Forces of Ancient Origin
The World Crisis
     The Cause of the Present Crisis
     Ancient Karmic Events
     The Modern Era
     Preparation for World Goodwill
The Great Invocation - Stanza One
Call to a United Act of Service
The Coming World Order
     The Goodwill Work
     The Pacifist Position
I. The World Today
          Materialism and Spirituality
Historical Background
          World Anarchy
     II. The New World Order
          The Axis World Order
          Steps Towards the New World Order
          Right Human Relations
     III. Some Problems Involved
          The Racial Problem
          The Economic Problem
          The Problem of Government
          The Religious Problem
     IV. The Task Ahead
          The New Group of World Servers
The World Crisis from Hierarchical Viewpoint
The World Crisis Today
The Great Invocation - Stanza Two
     Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth...
Let the Rider from the secret place come forth...
Let the Fiat of the Lord go forth...

Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Progress of the Race

The Doctrine of Avatars
     The Wesak Festival
     The Basic Truths To Date
     Divine Intervention
     The Appearance of Avatars
     The Needed Steps
     The Immediate Task
The Work of Reconstruction
     Suggested Meditation
     The Eight Points of the Atlantic Charter
     The Four Freedoms
Practical Steps in the Reconstruction Work
Preparation for Future Activity and Work
An Impending Crucial Decision
The Only Way to Victory
The Significance of the Wesak Festival
The Cause of the World Catastrophe
The Interlude between War and Peace
An Imminent Spiritual Event
A Special Wesak Festival Message
     The Work of the Hierarchy in the Immediate Future
     The Task of the New Group of World Servers Today
     The New World Religion
The New World Religion
Factors in the World Situation
The Task of Implementing the Will-To-Good
The Cycle of Conferences
     The Forces of Restoration
     The Forces of Enlightenment
An Easter Message
     The Work of the Christ Today
     The Coming Work of Reconstruction
The Great Invocation - Stanza Three
The Release of Atomic Energy

Section IV - Stages in the Externalization of the Hierarchy

The Subjective Basis of the New World Religion
     Introductory Statements
     Religious Organizations in the New Age
The Externalization of the Ashrams
     Hierarchical Adjustment and Alignment
     Adjustments and Alignments within the Hierarchy
     In Connection with the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara...
     In Relation with Humanity
Hierarchical Preparation at the Wesak Festival
     Mode of Approach Toward Externalization
     Steps in the Externalization Process
     Approach, via Certain Ashrams
     Approach Towards Externalization in the Disciple's Consciousness
     The Dissemination of Information of a Preparatory Nature
The Return of the Christ
Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ
     1. The Intertia of the Average Spiritually-Minded Man
     2. The Lack of Money for the Work of Preparation
Work in the Coming Decdes
The Ashrams Concerned at the Coming
Organizing the Ashrams into Form on Earth
The Effects of the Externalization
Ashramic Adjustment to Exoteric Living
     The Work of the Externalized Ashrams

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