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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks
The Present Urgency

October 10, 1934

I have somewhat to say to those who are the recipients of my words as embodied in my books and pamphlets and who, with mental interest and devotion, follow out as far as may be my line of thought.

I have for years - ever since 1919 - sought to aid you to the best of my ability. The Hierarchy (a name covering the working disciples of all degrees) has for hundreds of generations sought to aid humanity, and since the fifteenth century has steadily approached closer to the physical plane [21] and sought to make a deeper impact on the human consciousness. This has resulted in a recognition which has in it (at this time) the seeds of world salvation. Until the fifteenth century, the pull and the magnetic appeal was from the side of the watching Elder Brothers. Today, so numerous are the inner and outer disciples, and so many are the world aspirants, the pull and the magnetic appeal are largely equalized, and what will happen in the world unfoldment and in the recognitions by the races will be the result of mutual interplay of the two intents (I am choosing my words with care) - the intent of the Masters to help humanity, and that of the world aspirants and disciples to aid in that helping.

Esoterically speaking, a point of contact, a moment of "spiritual intercourse," is imminent, and out of that moment a new world can be born.

If that can be brought about, then there can be re-established on earth the condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy (in order to further man's mental development) withdrew behind the scenes for a period. If this spiritual contact can be brought about, it means that the Hierarchy will no longer be hidden and unknown, but will be recognized as present upon the physical plane. This would at first be necessarily on a small scale, and the recognition will be confined to the aspirants and disciples. Increasingly the new group of world servers will be active in every nation and found functioning throughout the entire world.

The two thoughts which I seek to impress upon your minds are, first, the re-establishing of this closer relation, and secondly, the work of a practical kind that each of you can do to bring about this general recognition. I seek to emphasize the point that the final activity which will bring about this spiritual event must come from the outer plane of physical life. All of us who are occupied with the Plan for "the next three years" are seeking earnestly for those who can help us and to whom appeal can be made for the putting forth of that final last effort which will bring the desired and anticipated result. [22]

I would preface what I have to say with the reminder that I only make a suggestion and that naught that I say carries with it the slightest weight of authority; and also that I am aware of the frequent futility of such appeals for cooperation. The history of the world of thought evidences the fact that men are oft thrilled and enlightened and aided by ideas and by the promise of a developing future, but that when their aid is sought in the materializing of the idea, then their hope and interest fade out on the mental plane, or - if it reaches the world of emotion and of strong desire - the sacrifice required to bring the hope to birth on the physical plane is lacking or too feeble to produce the longed-for result.

What I have to say as a result of the urgency upon me to bring about a more intensive cooperation upon the part of those who read with interest the pamphlet The Next Three Years, (A Treatise on White Magic, Pages 401-433.) - (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 170-189.) carries not the smallest fraction of authority. I only appeal to you in the hope of intensifying your effort for the space of the next two years (one has already passed), because after the early autumn of 1936, any effort along this particular line will either have failed or will no longer be required in this particular form.

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