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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
Suggested Meditation

Each morning, prior to starting the day's activities, achieve an inner quiet, see the Self as the soul, place yourself at the disposition of the soul, of humanity and of your group.

  1. Then say silently and with full dynamic intent:

At the center of all love I stand; from that center, I the soul will outward move; from that center, I the one who serves will work. May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad in my heart, through my group and throughout the world.

  1. Then, focusing your attention and dedication, see the group to which you belong as a great center of love and light, irradiating the world of men, bringing relief, light, love and healing in increasing measure.
  2. Brood then upon the plan to be carried out and upon the indicated service for the coming day. Do this as the [316] soul, keeping the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction.
  3. Then say:

The joy of the divine Self is my strength.
The power of the spirit of man shall triumph.
The Forces of Light do control the forces of evil.
The work of the Great Ones must go on.
The Coming One is on the way. The Avatar approaches.
For this we must prepare.

  1. Close with a minute of dynamic quiet.

I will ask you to do this meditation every day until January 1st, 1942, when I will give you another step in this Meditation of Preparation for the Coming One. Its aim is to prepare all of you interiorly. I would ask you also to read and reread the instruction I gave you on Avatars. (Pages 285-313.)

You will constitute the initial group which I am asking to collaborate with me in the reconstruction work of the New Age. As time goes on, subsidiary groups will be indicated who can work in the various countries as focal points in the great network of light which is forming everywhere under the inspiration of the world disciples and aspirants in every land, as they work under instruction of the Hierarchy. Some of them are known to you. Many of them are not known to any of you. But they represent the working groups of all the Masters, and upon their shoulders rests the work of reconstruction, aided by the thousands and thousands of men and women of goodwill in every land.

The meeting upon the ocean of the two world disciples and leaders marked a crisis in world affairs. The Eight Points (see Page 318) formulated by them constitute the basis of the coming world order. They were necessarily large in outline and without details as to application. It will be for a liberated humanity to work out these details, to make the necessary adjustments, and to so rearrange human life that the higher spiritual values may prevail, a simpler mode of life may be instituted, a greater freedom be established, and a wider responsibility be shouldered by every [317] man. This will take time. Some of you may not live to see the full clarification of the way that humanity must go (the "Lighted Way" of the future), but you can, all of you, aid materially in the important task of preparation, in indicating the needed world principles, in spreading the gospel of goodwill, and in establishing right human relations. The work done in thought, in love and in dedicated activity during the next three years is of paramount importance and will produce the stabilization to take place in the last two years of the five mentioned by me above as your immediate time of cooperation.

You who are working in the midst of the chaos and conflict cannot and will not be able to judge accurately the measure of accomplishment. Only the Members of the Hierarchy (Masters, initiates and the disciples who are out of incarnation at this time) can get a true perspective. The working disciples in the forefront of the battle have to carry on their work in the midst of chaos, turmoil, questioning, pain, and distress. They cannot, therefore, see the picture whole. A few of the more advanced who can "live on the heights and in the valley and the depths" simultaneously can see truly, but their numbers are not large, and the Christ spoke a true word to His bewildered disciple when He said, "Blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed." The following of the meditation, adherence to the instructions given, persistence in the face of difficulty, and a staunch belief in the beauty of the human spirit, in the love of God, in the victory of the Forces of Light and in the approach of the Coming One - these are the attitudes which we, the workers on the inner side, ask of those we choose to carry on our work upon the outer plane.

This letter deals with the forming of the group to carry out the plans for 1942-1945. It is being formed in the dark of the year, at the nadir point of human distress, at the most difficult moment in human history, at a point of crisis and - in the case of many of you as individuals - at the time of your deepest personal difficulty. I tell you that all of you, together, are equal to the task. [318]

I will again write to you and will indicate the practical aspects of the work. In the meantime, ponder and reflect upon what I have written here; begin the meditation and endeavor to strengthen your link with your soul and with each other. Let love - not emotion and sentiment - control your thoughts, words and deeds. I would ask you also to study carefully the indications I have given in the past as to the work which must be done, and I would ask you also to study carefully the Eight Points outlined on the high seas, and the Four Freedoms so oft discussed throughout the world.

Let quietness and depth characterize your inner life.

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