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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
The Work of the Hierarchy in the Immediate Future

The past history of the relations existing between the Hierarchy as a whole and humanity as a whole can be summarized in the idea of the carrying out of certain Great Approaches between Those who express the spiritual attitude and those who are frankly material in their attitude. By means of these Approaches, humanity has been brought (in consciousness) increasingly nearer to the spiritual centers of love and life and has been stimulated to make spiritual [394] progress, to awaken to the light within, to unfold the Christ consciousness and to find the Path of Light which leads to divinity. This steady trend towards increasing relationship has focused itself throughout the historical record by means of certain great registered revelations - the result of these Approaches. Always in moments of crisis and tension, the cry of humanity has evoked response from the Hierarchy which has come, sometimes rapidly, sometimes more slowly, but always inevitably. In modern history, two such Approaches are recognized as existing on a broad human scale, i.e., the one which focused through the coming of the Buddha to the Eastern civilization and that which focused through the Christ, coming to the West. Another Great Approach is now at hand but its date is dependent upon the activity of the New Group of World Servers and the spiritual tension which they can achieve.

A major preparatory period to this Approach took place in 1936 and in this preparation many of you participated; it culminated at the time of the Full Moon of May that year in a worldwide use of the first Invocation which I gave you. Now, seven years later, comes the opportunity to carry forward the work then started and to achieve results which may release spiritual tides of forces and these may turn the tide of battle. I refer not here to the battle in the physical sense. The war, from the physical angle, is already won though many months may elapse before the victory in the East and in the West is completely achieved. This you realize. But - again paralleling this physical achievement - must come a spiritual victory and this could be described as the gaining of a new spiritual orientation and a new attitude towards God, to express it very simply.

In reverse, I might point out that the reasons for a measure of failure in 1936 can be traced to two sources. The work was relatively so successful that it called forth a powerful paralleling activity upon the part of the Forces of Evil; these were potent enough to overwhelm temporarily the Forces of Light and to bring on the war with all its attendant horrors. Secondly, the New Group of World Servers, [395] the men and women of goodwill and the aspirants everywhere relaxed their efforts; they did not hold the tension gained but slipped back into negligence; the work did not go on and this in spite of the constant effort of a few. But they were too few.

Now again comes opportunity and the possibility of a Great Approach which can be the consummation of the work started in 1936. The battle is on between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. To end this warfare rapidly, and with success, leaving a wide open door to a better world, the Forces of Life must be called in. It is this which is engaging the attention of the Hierarchy at this time. For aiding in this endeavor the Buddha is preparing Himself and for this the Christ stands ready, focusing in Himself the desire of Humanity for that "life more abundantly" which He promised when here before, and for liberation from evil and admission into good. One of the realizations emerging out of this war is the fact that humanity has now, as a whole, been able to see and grasp more clearly than ever before, the nature of evil. Men are recoiling in horror from this display of rampant evil and even the wicked man is shocked and arrested by the unleashed wickedness which is today stalking the Earth. That realization is good and will help the needed reorientation of mankind towards God and good.

Putting it very simply, the Hierarchy is today getting ready for a Great Approach which will have two results:

  1. It will bring about a closer relation between those great Lives Who embody the will of God and are the Custodians of the divine purpose, and Those Who embody the love of God and are the Custodians of the immediate Plan for humanity. This relationship can be established at the time of the May Full Moon at which time the Buddha will embody in Himself the powerful downpouring of energy - the dynamic energy of the divine will. The Christ, at the same time, will embody the outpouring dominant demand of the spiritual aspiration of mankind, plus [396] the demand of the Hierarchy for the needed aid at this time of crisis.
  2. It will also bring about a closer relation between mankind and the Hierarchy. At the time of the June Full Moon, the Christ will focus in Himself the spiritual energies of the Hierarchy, plus the energy which the Buddha distributed at the time of the Wesak Festival; the New Group of World Servers will focus the spiritual demand for life and liberation, voicing the "massed intent" of humanity.

If both aspects of this one work can be satisfactorily carried forward, then a great release can be brought about. The Lords of Liberation could be successfully invoked; the Spirit of Peace might appear as the "Rider from the Secret Place" and the new era of goodwill (based upon the will-to-good) might be inaugurated. I say "might be" because, my brothers, the success of all that could happen is dependent upon the work done by you and all men of goodwill, by the religious and spiritually minded people everywhere and by the world aspirants between the sacred season of May and June, 1943, and that of 1944.

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