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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
An Imminent Spiritual Event

March 1943

We are nearing the climax of the spiritual year. The greatest Approach of all time is imminent and possible. Much depends now upon the aspirants and disciples of the world, particularly those in physical incarnation today. A major contact between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, for which initiates and Masters have, for centuries, been preparing is in process of consummation. I shall very shortly be giving you some further information on the subject in an attempt to anchor on the earth that seed of the new world religion which an earlier instruction upon the Great Approaches (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 701-751) indicated might be founded, and lead to a true start of a universal faith which will serve the need of [388] humanity for a long time to come. All I ask of you today is to begin now a most careful preparation for the event which is impending at the time of the Full Moon of May, so that the energies then set in motion may be aided by your directed thought and you yourselves may come more fully into the current of the downpouring life.

At the coming Wesak Festival and until the Full Moon of June including the five days after that Full Moon I ask you to use both of the Invocations (Pages 144 and 249), thus testifying greatly to the fusion of humanity into one great group of invocative appeal. Make a real effort to be present and in group formation at the exact time of the Full Moon of May, as far as you know it, using both Invocations and believing that you are voicing the unified will and desire of humanity itself. I will enlarge upon this in my Wesak message, but I seek to get this to you as early as possible so that my own group, in process of training, can lay the needed foundations of the work to be done.

Let me extend this concept a little further by pointing out that the invocative cry of humanity and of the Hierarchy, jointly sounded at the time of the Full Moons of May and June and particularly at the Wesak Festival, will be effective if the "cold light" of the aspirants and disciples of the world and of all selfless servers, no matter who or where they may be found, is united with the "clear light" of the initiates and of those who can function freely as souls - the Members of the Hierarchy and, to a lesser degree, all accepted disciples. This combination is the one that is desired and required. These people are relatively few in number, when compared with the world's population, but because they are to be found focused at "the deep center" and are distinguished by the quality of fusion and at-one-ment, they can be enormously potent. I would, therefore, ask all of you (during the weeks prior to the Full Moon of May and that of June and for five days thereafter) to seek to "dwell ever at the center," to endeavor to blend the cold light of your personalities with the clear light of your soul, so as to work effectively for the five weeks of the desired period. [389]

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