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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Approach Towards Externalization in the Disciple's Consciousness

I find it necessary here to make one point clear. The disciples sent out from the various ashrams do not arrive on earth conscious of a high mission or knowing well the nature of the task to which they have been subjectively assigned. In [583] the case of certain disciples who will be of special world prominence and who are of initiate rank, they may attain to a conviction of mission (if I may call it so) in their extreme youth and thus be oriented towards their life task from the very start; that conviction will grow and deepen and clarify as the years go by. But it must be remembered that the majority of disciples will not so react. They will come into incarnation with certain gifts and innate talents and with certain firmly rooted ideas, endowed with irrevocable ideals and a brain which is responsive to a well-developed mind. They will, normally and through natural trends and predilections, find their way into that field of human activity wherein they are intended to work and in which they are to bring about certain basic changes in line with hierarchical intent. This hierarchical intent will usually be unknown to them (though this may not always be the case), but the work to be done will seem to them impelling and necessary and something which they must do at all costs. They will find their way into politics, into the educational movements and into science; they will work as humanitarians, as social workers and in the field of finance, but they will follow these lines of activity through natural inclination and not because they are being "obedient" to instruction from some Master. They will be successful in their endeavor because the potency of the Hierarchy will be behind them, and there is much that the inner Ashram can accomplish for its outer working disciples in the way of opening doors, implementing efforts and arranging contacts, and other facilities; this is all done, however, without any evidence of the inner impulsion. Recognition of the inner effort will be dependent upon the status in the Ashram of the disciple. When the disciple is a very advanced one, he may become aware of his high mission and know it to be no fanatical and self-initiated intention, but a definite task undertaken in response to ashramic planning. Such cases will usually be the exception and not the rule, particularly in the early stages. Such hierarchical workers will gather around them lesser disciples who will work along the same lines, through community of interest but not [584] through recognition of similar instructions - a very different thing. In the one case, the consciousness of mission is developed through periods of definite planning with the Ashram and in consultation with the Master or His senior workers. In the more usual case, the disciple reacts and works in response to impression, being at this stage totally unaware from whence the impression comes; he regards it as an activity of his own mind acting as a directing agent in all the planned activities, the life theme and purpose which are his service dynamic.

One major characteristic is, however, present in all these working disciples and aspirants; this is a wide humanitarianism and a determination to aid in the cause of human welfare. One interesting distinction will later emerge and condition the new age in contradistinction to past and present methods. Disciples and aspirants will not be dedicated to purely humanitarian and welfare work. That will be a motive and not an objective in work. They will not give up their days and efforts solely to the relief of human necessity. All phases of human living - politics, finance and science, as well as religion - will be recognized to be their immediate and spectacular task, but the motivation in the future will not be primarily business success or personality ambition but the impulse to subordinate these to the general effort and to aid humanity as a whole, with a long range vision.

It is this growing spirit of humanitarianism which will lie behind all movements towards world socialization in the various nations. This movement is symptomatic of a change in the orientation of man's thinking, and therein lies its major value. It is not indicative of a new technique of government in reality, and this particular phase of it is ephemeral; it is at the same time foundational to the new world order which will emerge out of all these experiments which human thinking is at this time evolving.

These are the things which will be in the consciousness of disciples commissioned by the Hierarchy to bring about the needed changes and the new orientation, and not any [585] recognition of Masters and Their orders or of any hierarchical and ashramic background.

Whilst in incarnation such disciples stand free to serve one-pointedly and whole-heartedly that section or phase of human effort in which their lot and life-trend appear to cast them. They may be quite unconscious of any spiritual objective (so-called today) except the recognition that they love their fellowmen; this love will condition all they do and will motivate their every effort.

From the standpoint of the Master, they can be reached, impressed and directed, and most definitely they are so reached; from their own standpoint they are simply busy, energetic people, gifted with a good mind, profoundly interested in their chosen life task and proving themselves capable of effective work along some particular line, able to influence and direct others in similar activity and definitely bringing about changes in the branch of human endeavor with which they are concerned, thus lifting underlying principles on to higher levels. This is straight hierarchical work. It affects on broad lines the consciousness of humanity.

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