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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Organizing the Ashrams into Form on Earth

June 1949

I would ask you, at the time of this Full Moon of June to spend a little time in visualizing the situation which is likely to come about on Earth if and when (as a result of the preparatory work done by and for humanity), the Hierarchy is externalized or manifests itself as a definite and recognized organization upon the physical plane. What will happen in the world if and when the Masters of the Wisdom function objectively and physically among people in - for instance - our great cities? For millions of years, They have worked behind the scenes, utilizing the minds, brains and physical equipment of Their disciples in order to carry out Their beneficent purposes. Such workers under hierarchical inspiration are by no means mediumistic in their nature, but have established a right relationship with their own souls and with the Master of their Ashram. They are responsive to hierarchical impression; they know the plans which the Masters are endeavoring to carry out, and their cooperation is willingly and consciously given; they are left entirely free to work as they see fit - after due recognition of the information and the inspiration given.

Will this system of working on behalf of humanity come to an end? In what manner will the effective and needed changes be made? How will the proposed organization take place? Of how much of these changes and organization will average humanity be aware? These and many similar questions almost automatically arise in your minds, and it is essentially necessary that the creative imagination [653] of the advanced man, of aspirants, of probationary disciples (as well as that of the working disciple), does not run riot, creating those thought-forms which could intervene between the true vision and the work to be done, and interfere therefore with the needed manifestation. It is exceedingly important that the following facts should be realized: the thinking of those who are preparing humanity for the reappearance of the Christ must be most closely guarded and controlled; wishful thinking and the formulation of plans in line with ordinary human methods and techniques must not be permitted at this time. The first lesson, therefore, which you have to learn in this work of preparation, is controlled thought and sensitivity to hierarchical impression.

The sole task which confronts you and all aspirants and disciples, is to prepare humanity for two events:

  1. The organization of certain of the Masters' Ashrams in the different countries of the world wherein they can render effective service.
  2. The reappearance of the Christ at a date somewhat later than the externalization of the Ashrams and their physical plane organization.

How, where, when and in what manner the Masters will make Their appearance is none of your affair. Their plans are laid, and They look for and expect no unthinking and unintelligent obstructions and assumptions from those to whom the task of preparation is committed. They have seen to it that the teaching of the New Age has been given to aspirants and disciples in the world, for distribution; They are rapidly admitting new disciples into Their Ashrams, and as fast as is desirable and permissible (for the Hierarchy works ever under law) They are passing them into the halls of initiation.

At the same time, competent disciples are searching the world for sensitive and willing aspirants; these disciples are laying their emphasis upon intelligence and spiritual freedom, working out as free and understanding cooperation; [654] these disciples will not be sidetracked by the devotion - unintelligently expressed - of the neophyte upon the occult way. It is occult students for whom search is now being made, and not mystics; it is for clear-thinking men and women that the call has gone forth, and not for the fanatic or for the person who sees nothing but the ideal, and who is unable to work successfully with situations and things as they are, and who cannot, therefore, apply the necessary and unavoidable compromise.

The coming or the advent of the Hierarchy on earth will not bring the sudden and the beneficent changes which the enthusiastic desire. Every necessary evolutionary move is always a slow move. At no time will the Hierarchy infringe the natural processes of evolutionary growth or the normally slow development of the various kingdoms in nature towards divine expression. The Masters will, however, take advantage of all the points attained by these kingdoms, and They will (at certain critical times) utilize the more advanced specimens of the natural types - in a selective process - in order to bring in something new, better or different. This applies to the human kingdom just as much as it does to the vegetable, for instance. There is a line of thought for you in this statement.

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