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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
III. Some Problems Involved

The new world order will be confronted with many problems. These problems will not be solved by the imposition of a solution by means of force, as in the Axis world order. They will be solved by right educational processes and by understanding the objectives of the true world order. They fall roughly into four categories: the racial problem, the economic problem, the problem of government, and the religious problem.

The Racial Problem

There is no way of solving the racial problem by legislation, segregation, or by the effort to produce national blocs, as in the case in Germany today when she proclaims Germany as the super-race. Such efforts will only produce insuperable barriers. With very few exceptions, there are no pure races. Germany in particular, by its place at the crossroads of Europe, is definitely the fusion of many strains. Tides of emigration, marching armies throughout the centuries, and modern travel have inextricably mixed and fused all the races. It may therefore be assumed that any attempt to isolate a race or to enforce so-called "racial purity" is foredoomed to failure. The only solution of this problem is the basic recognition that all men are brothers; that one blood pours through human veins; that we are all the children of the one Father and that our failure to recognize this fact is simply an indication of man's stupidity. Historical backgrounds, climatic conditions and widespread intermarriage have made the different races what they are today. Essentially, however, humanity is one - the heir of the ages, the product of many fusions, conditioned by circumstances and enriched by the processes of evolutionary development. This basic unity must now be recognized.

The major racial problem has, for many centuries, been the Jewish, which has been brought to a critical point by Germany. This problem is also capable of solution if properly recognized for what it is, and if coupled with an effort by [195] the Jews themselves to solve it, and to be cooperative in the world efforts to adjust their problem. This they have not yet done because the average Jew is lonely and unsettled, able to do little to put himself right before the world. Instinctively and intellectually, the Jew is separative; intuitively he has vision, but at the same time he possesses no sense of fusion with other peoples.

There is no scientific and hitherto unknown mode of solving racial problems. It is finally a question of right thinking, decent behavior, and simple kindness. The question will not be solved by intermarriage, or by isolating groups for occupation of special areas, or by any man-made ideas of superiority or inferiority. Right human relations will come by a mutual recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action in the past, and by restitution, if possible. It will come when nations can be educated to appreciate the good qualities of other nations and to comprehend the part they play in the whole picture. It will be developed when the sense of racial superiority is killed; when racial differences and racial quarrels are relegated to the unholy past and only a future of cooperation and of understanding is actively developed; it will make its presence felt when the living standards of right relation (sought by the enlightened people of every race) become the habitual attitude of the masses and when it is regarded as contrary to the best interests of any nation to spread those ideas which tend to erect racial or national barriers, arouse hatreds or foster differences and separation. Such a time will surely come. Humanity will master the problem of right human relations and attitudes.

It is inevitable that racial differences, national quarrels and caste distinction exist, but it is equally imperative that they disappear. The world is one world. Humanity is one unit in the evolutionary process. Differences are man-made and engender hatreds and separation. When the children of the various races are taught from their earliest years that there are no differences, that all men are brothers, and that the apparent distinctions are essentially superficial, then [196] future generations will approach the problem of world interrelations unhandicapped by prejudice, by pride of race, or by instilled historical resentments. By right education little children can be taught right attitudes and will respond, for a child sees and recognizes no differences, and the truth of the Biblical promise that "a little child shall lead them" will be proven scientifically true. In the new world order this educational process will be started.

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