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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
The World Crisis

September 1939

Humanity is passing through an acute crisis and its karma or fate is heavy upon it. Being so close to events, it is not easy for humanity to see them in their true perspective and it is in order that you may see more clearly that I write today. A broader vision and a wider horizon may help you to understand, and it may be of profit to you if you can be helped to see the picture as it appears to us, the teachers on the inner side, and also in relation to its background.

There are two outstanding and important points which are present in the consciousness of the Hierarchy as it looks on at mankind going through the present stupendous struggle. The first is that humanity is today and on a large scale aware that what is happening is entirely its own doing and the result of humanity's own mistakes. Men either feel responsible for what is occurring or they are shifting the responsibility openly and deliberately on to shoulders other than their own. Of these endless and age-old mistakes, the Versailles Treaty is only the symbol and the practical focal point.

The second fact is that in spite of war and separation, of cruelty and of passions and selfishness running wild, there is nevertheless, today, more true understanding, more goodwill and more outgoing love than at any previous time in the history of the race. I say this with deliberation and because I have the hierarchical knowledge available to my hand. Be not deceived, therefore, by the outer clamor of war. I tell you that men's hearts everywhere are full of compassion both for themselves and for all other men; the wide scope and the vast extent of the conflict is indicative of an [106] inner unity and a subjective interrelation of which all are somewhat conscious and which the conflict itself does not negate. Is this a hard saying? I seek to indicate to you its basic truth if you will but ponder upon what I say with an open mind. The task of all aspirants and of all men of goodwill everywhere is to see that prolonged suffering does not undermine the present right and essential attitudes and that the chaos and clamor does not shut out response to the voice of the soul which has been speaking with increasing clarity for the past fourteen years. The stimulation which was set up and the light which was permitted to creep through after the last hierarchical conclave in 1925 has been real and effective. That meeting of the Masters of the Wisdom upon spiritual levels led to three results or happenings, and these we are today experiencing.

The first was a fresh inflow of the Christ principle of spiritual or true love which is ever free from emotionalism and selfish intent. This inflow resulted in the immediate and rapid growth of all movements towards peace, world understanding, goodwill, philanthropic effort and the awakening of the masses of men to the issues of brotherhood.

The second was the stimulation of the principle of relationship and this led to the growth and the perfecting of all sources of inter-communication such as the press, the radio and travel. The inner objective of all this was to bring human beings closer together upon the outer plane of existence and thus parallel objectively the developing inner, spiritual unity.

The third was the inflow of the force of will or power from the Shamballa center. This, as previously explained, is the most powerful force in the world today, and only twice before in the history of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearance and caused its presence to be felt through the tremendous changes which were brought about. Let us recapitulate briefly.

The first time was during the great human crisis which occurred at the time of the individualization of men in ancient Lemuria. [107]

The second time was at the time of the struggle in Atlantean days between the "Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression."

This little known divine energy now streams out from Shamballa. It embodies in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment. It is the Will of God to produce certain racial and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. It is this force which will bring about (in conjunction with the energy of love) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages, into that which has been hid from the beginning.

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