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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
The Coming Work of Reconstruction

I have referred to the coming Full Moon of June as "Christ's Unique Occasion." (The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter II.) Just what is entailed in that statement I am not empowered to say, but I can cast some light upon one phase of it. It has long been a legend (and who shall say it is not a fact?) that at each Full Moon of June, Christ repeats and preaches again to the assembled world (to the hearts and minds of men) the last sermon of the Buddha, thus linking the full enlightenment of the pre-Christian era and the wisdom of the Buddha to the cycle of the distribution of the energy of love, for which Christ is responsible.

This year the message of the past and of the present will be augmented, enhanced and supplemented by the enunciating of the new note, word or theme which will distinguish the New Age and characterize the coming civilization and culture. It will climax all the past and lay the seeds for the future. The significance of this statement lies in the fact that telepathically and with the entire force of the Hierarchy behind Him, plus the potency of Those to Whom is committed the expression of the Will of God (later to be implemented by the Hierarchy under the direction of the Christ), the World Teacher will, in His Own [481] right, make certain statements and use certain word-formulas which will create the nucleus of the thought-form and present the blueprint around which and upon which the New Age will be developed. For this moment the thinking and the planning of the enlightened aspirants of the world have made - consciously, but mostly unconsciously - long preparation. They have, through their efforts, provided the mass of thought substance which the coming pronouncement will affect. Christ will bring this into proper form for the creative activity of the New Group of World Servers working in every nation and in every religious, social, economic and political group.

Christ's pronouncement will be embodied in certain Stanzas, of which those already given are a small part. Only He can use these Words of Power in their proper manner, connotation and emphasis; only an inadequate paraphrase of certain sentences found in that pronouncement can be given to humanity, and this paraphrase can be used only when the war is over and not before. This means that they can be employed only when both Germany and Japan are under the complete control of the United Nations, through whom the Hierarchy has been working. This will not imply the attainment of complete peace, but it will mean the end of all aggressive fighting and all organized resistance, leading to a period of relative tranquility.

Standing in His Own place at a central point in Asia, remote from the throngs and the impact of humanity, Christ will bless the world at the exact moment of the Full Moon of June. He will then repeat the Buddha's last words or sermon, as well as the Beatitudes which He uttered when on earth and which have been so inadequately and misleadingly translated - a translation based upon the memory of what He said but not upon direct dictation. To these two messages, the Christ will add a new one, imbued with Power for the future. That part of what He says in which it is possible for men to participate will be used for years to come in the place of the two Stanzas of the Great Invocation which have been used for nine years. [482]

Behind the Christ, focusing with intensity today and preparing for a great act of spiritual cooperation at the time of the June Full Moon, stands the Hierarchy. Together with Him, They will invoke a group of spiritual Forces which (for lack of a better name) we will call the Forces of Reconstruction.

I would ask you to have clearly in your minds the three groups of spiritual energies which - at the time of the three Full Moons of April, May and June - will be released into activity and which will aid humanity in its major task of rebuilding the new and better world:

The Forces of Restoration. These will work to restore morale and psychological health, thus implementing the resurrection of humanity from the death cycle through which it has been passing. The restoration of men's mental condition to a wholesome and happier approach to life is the primary objective. These forces will bring about the emergence of the new civilization - which is definitely man's creative work.

The Forces of Enlightenment. These, when let loose upon Earth, will produce a clear grasp of the Plan which the Hierarchy desires to see work out, a revelation of the issues involved in their right and possible sequence; and they will also give a sense of proportion to human thinking, plus an appreciation of the spiritual values which should determine the objective policies. These Forces will salvage the cultural gains of the past (a past which is dead and gone and of which little should again be restored) and will implement (upon the few foundational cultures of the past) that new and better culture which will be distinctive of the New Age.

The Forces of Reconstruction. These will usher in an era of pronounced creative activity and will bring about the rebuilding of the tangible world upon the new lines. This the total destruction of the old forms will necessitate. It is this great group of Forces which will be set in motion by the Christ at the June Full Moon; the focus of Their [483] work will definitely be upon the physical plane. Their task is to precipitate and bring into manifestation that which the work of the Forces of Restoration and of Enlightenment have made subjectively possible.

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