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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
Conflict between Forces of Ancient Origin

August 1939

I have already written anent the fivefold stream of energy which is today in conflict with world forces or with the forces of light or darkness, so called. (I would remind you that there would be no darkness without the light and no light without the dark. Ponder on this.) I would ask you to realize that the organized efforts of the Great White Lodge are directed toward lifting the organized forces of materialism to a higher and spiritual plane. Today, gold and separativeness, materialism and selfishness are in conflict with spiritual energy and with the spirit of cooperation or understanding fusion. The law which will determine the results can be expressed in the words that have been often used: by holding, man loses; by relinquishing, he gains; by seeking to grasp that which he has, it must and will inevitably disappear. Reflect upon this law.

The method whereby the forces of separation and of selfishness work are by competitive cooperation. Throughout the world, groups are already formed (or are in process of forming) to bring about the attainment of various materialistic goals, the achievement of personal or national ambitions, and the imposition of intellectual plans and concepts (the so-called ideologies) upon the mass of the people. Parties, organizations, groups, societies, s and alliances exist for the furtherance of political and sociological aims and to carry forward the projects of many peoples and the many and differing points of view, plus the many attitudes toward life and its arrangement and rearrangement. I am not here dealing with the churches, the [84] great religions or the religious organizations. I am concerned with the determining factors which are today conditioning the material life of the planet. Speaking broadly, these forces and groups are occupied with material values and mental ideas. They are not principally occupied with the more subtle values, though these are incidentally present. The emphasis is upon the economic situation; upon the possession of land or cultural predispositions and tendencies and with the relations between people and nations; these latter are based fundamentally, as you know, on that which is tangible and objective, guarded, defended or gained and procured by definitely tangible means which are in themselves separative and divided. This statement, I think, the people of every nation would regard as true. The basic underlying methods employed are those of organizational arrangement (large, as in nations, or smaller, as in the groups within the nations), propaganda, the imposition of favored ideas through the use of the spoken and written word in every country, group loyalty, group adherence to the leader, and group methods. Success depends upon the gained group cohesion, the group willingness to sacrifice, plus loyalty and allegiance to some directing personality.

Behind these many groups stand the forces of ancient origin which are pledged either to the material or the spiritual values. Because many ages have gone by in the building up of the material values, to the development of the personality consciousness, and to the achievement of a tangible and objective civilization, the forces of materialism are apparently far stronger and more potent than the forces of the spirit or of the intangible worlds. Up to the present this has not been wrong, though it has been accompanied by much that has been undesirable and which has led to a one-sided evolution. But the time has now come for the shift of the human consciousness into the world of true and spiritual understanding and of the intangible and more desirable standards of living.

Pouring through the chaos of offensive and defensive groups and through the many warring organizations (political [85] for the most part, or religious), and affecting both the reactionary bodies and those who stand for the new ideals and the coming civilization and culture, are the five streams above mentioned - streams of energy.

At this point I would remind you that the effect of the impact of energy is dependent upon the nature of the vehicle of response. According to his equipment and the nature of his bodies, so will man react to the inflowing energies. This is a fundamental statement. It is a law and should be most carefully considered. The effects of a Master or initiate upon men are widely different, because each man brings to the impact of His vibration a type of physical body, an astral or emotional nature, and a mind which are in each case different from all the others. The use each makes of the stimulating energy will be different; the focus of his consciousness is very different; his type of mind is quite different; his centers, their activity and their internal organization are different. And it is the same for groups, organizations and nations.

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