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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
The Work of Reconstruction

August 1941

As I have studied the world disciples during the present world crisis, I see them borne down by inertia - not the inertia that comes from selfishness and self-centeredness, or the inertia due to lack of understanding of the nature of the crisis, or the inertia due to sheer laziness, but an inertia based upon a deep, inner depression, to a sense of human failure and to an introspectiveness which is natural but useless at this time. Some disciples (both on the probationary path and on the path of discipleship) take refuge in the perpetuation of the activities with which they were engaged when the war started; some take refuge in a determination to wait until the crisis is over, and appear to think that any work along the old lines of spiritual endeavor is of no real use: still others take refuge in a feverish outer occupation with things which the average man who is not spiritually oriented can do as well, if not better. Some disciples and aspirants are spending their time fighting a psychic sensitivity, evoked by world conditions; many are simply overwhelmed and stunned by humanity's pain and agony, by the horror of the moment, by anxiety over the future, and by anticipation of still worse happenings. Their imaginations are working overtime and quite uselessly. To some of these attitudes, all of you are susceptible.

I write today to call all world disciples and aspirants to an intensive period of preparation for future activity and [314] work. From now until the Sun moves northward, I would ask each of you to do three things:

  • First, strengthen - through meditation, prayer and clear thinking - your faith, confidence and joy, and above all else, deepen your love of humanity, carrying the love of the soul through on to the physical plane and into all your human relations.
  • Secondly, eliminate out of your personality life, as far as you can or should, anything (mental, psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinder your future usefulness.
  • Thirdly, plan together for the work of the future. This work can be inaugurated shortly and must be started slowly, carefully, and with unreserved cooperation with me and with each other. It must be carried out steadily and undeviatingly, with no lost motion, once its outlines are determined, and it should be carried out together.

The major need today for each and all who must sponsor the work of the future that I am seeking to do with your cooperation and understanding, is to foster the growth of the will to love and work. This effort on your part will express itself in a steadily deepening love for humanity - for all men and for each other. It will demonstrate in a constant effort to invoke the spiritual will in self-discipline and persistence; it will show itself in the intelligent carrying forward of the plan as I shall seek progressively to outline it.

This work can only be carried forward by people who love their fellowmen enough and have sufficient illumination to enable them to work with me dependably for a period of five years in the face of anything which may happen; they must be people who will endeavor to permit no personality misunderstanding to hinder their usefulness and their group interrelation, and who - because they love enough - will ceaselessly subordinate everything to the task which must be done. The second thing I ask you to do is to gather out of all the past pamphlets and my later writings those plans and instructions on service which will be applicable to the changed conditions and in the immediate future. Study this carefully along with the requests and [315] suggestions in this letter, so that you may know what I, your Tibetan teacher, feel could and should be done by you in the service of the immediate future. I would ask those of you who care to do so to meet together at the time of the Full Moon in October for fellowship, united meditation, consecration and consultation. I would ask those of you who live and work at more distant points to write briefly your reactions to the suggested endeavor, indicating how you feel you can best aid in the task. I would ask all of you who associate yourselves with me in the work of the future, each day to use the very brief meditation which I outline below. It is dynamic, affirmative and - if rightly used - should link head and heart, leading thus to intelligent loving service, and it should also serve to bind you all together in the closest spiritual unity. This will aid in the vitalizing of the etheric bodies of all workers, and therefore in a group vitality which will be irresistible.

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