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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section II - The General World Picture
IV. The Task Ahead

This brings us now to the practical aspects of the subject and to the answering of the following question: Given the possibility of the new world order, what can be done to bring it into being at this time, in the midst of the conflict?

The period into which we are now entering divides itself into two parts:

  1. The present period of the war itself, until the defeat of Germany and the end of the actual fighting. [204]
  2. The period after the guns have ceased roaring. The needed peace, reconstruction and rebuilding will then have to be determined.

It is with these periods that we must concern ourselves. They are, and will be, times of great difficulty and of painful conflict and adjustment. The task of restoring the world to harmony and order is a stupendous one. The educating of people everywhere in the necessity for new ideals of right living, for the new rhythms and the new "sharing" will not be easy. The work of healing the wounds of humanity, of rebuilding the shattered civilization, of instituting disarmament, of recognizing national, material and psychological needs, and of rescuing and restoring the happiness of the little children of the world and planning their future security will take the best that is in the men and women of goodwill; it will call for the wise guidance of the new group of world servers and will engage the attention of intelligent people and understanding minds in every nation.

The first preliminary is for the men and women of goodwill to decide once and for all with which of the two forces, battling together, they will take their stand, mentally and spiritually, even if they are not called upon by their country to do so physically. I write at this time for those who take their stand on the side of the constructive forces which are fighting for the democratic values and the freedom of the peoples. I would here remind you that among the people in Germany and Italy there are thousands who also silently take their stand with those struggling for victory over the Axis powers. This must never be forgotten, for such people exist in their multitudes under totalitarian rule. The Forces of Light are found in every land but are at present only able to express themselves effectively in the countries ranged against Germany.

The men and women of goodwill, associated with the new group of world servers, should seek intelligently to understand the current problem, and to study the world situation from all possible angles. Intelligent understanding, [205] love of one's fellowmen and sound common sense are prerequisites of all demanded service. Men should cultivate these qualities, divorcing them from all sentimental emotion and dealing factually with circumstance and environing conditions. It must be realized that the task to be done will take time, and the men and women of goodwill must brace themselves for sustained effort, for opposition, and for that dead lethargy and sick inertia which afflicts the masses of the people in every land. The immediate activities are two in number:

  1. The finding of those people in every country who react to the vision of the new world order and who are the men and women of goodwill.
  2. The presentation of the future possibilities, by them, to the masses of people in all lands.

I would here remind you that members of the new group of world servers and men and women of goodwill must be sought for in every department of life. They will be found among the adherents of all the current ideologies and in political and scientific circles, among the world educators and philanthropists, among the creative workers, the industrialists, in ordinary homes and in the ranks of labor.

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