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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
Work in the Coming Decades

April 1948

This is the last Wesak Message which I intend to give you. In 1949, I shall have completed thirty years of carefully planned and meticulously outlined work; this work I undertook under cyclic law (related to the periodical giving out of the esoteric teaching) in order to aid humanity and the work of the Hierarchy, to both of which I happen to belong.

On November 19th, 1919, I made my first contact with A.A.B. (much to her distress and dismay), and I have worked steadily with her ever since. The books which I then planned have been well-nigh finished; the various phases of the work which were a part of the preparation for the reappearance of [632] the Christ have taken form and should go forward with gathering momentum during the next twenty years.

The two major ideas which it was my task to bring to the attention of humanity everywhere throughout the world have been securely anchored (if I may be permitted to use such a term), and these constitute by far the most important aspect of the work which I have done. These formulated ideas are:

  1. The announcement of the existence (hitherto unrecognized) of the New Group of World Servers. This is an effective group of workers, intermediate between Humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet.
  2. The statement, sent out lately, in connection with the Reappearance of the Christ, and for the immediate consolidation of the work of preparation.

All else that I have done in the service of the Hierarchy is of secondary importance to these two statements of spiritual fact.

The fifth volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays remains to be finished, as does the second volume of Discipleship in the New Age; there is nothing else; what remains, therefore, can easily be accomplished before my term of thirty years comes to an end. Other work awaits me under the reorganization of all the hierarchical efforts incident to the reappearance of the Christ and the closer relationship which will then be established between humanity and the Hierarchy. The work of hierarchical reorganization is at present largely internal and concerns not humanity at this time.

I have made it entirely clear to all of you what is the work which you should do and I have no intention (in this final message) of pleading with you to do it - beyond asking you to carry on where I leave off. I refer of course to my exoteric work.

That the work which I am now doing was definitely [633] ending in 1949 was quite unknown to A.A.B. and has no relation whatsoever to the fact that her health is precarious. It has, however, some relation to the fact that she has resumed more active work as a disciple in the Ashram of her own Master, after twenty-eight years of service in mine. Before I began the work of the past three decades, I knew exactly the time I had in which to bring about the results desired by the Hierarchy; all has been meticulously carried out under a most clearly visioned plan.

First, there was the necessity to find the nucleus of people through whom I had to work; the first step was therefore the writing of certain books which would carry the new teaching, and act therefore as a selective agent for the discovery of those who would work in the new emerging cycle.

The starting of the Arcane School by A.A.B. was only incidental to this objective; its aim is to train those disciples who can implement the Plan and thus prepare for the reappearance of the Christ; the Arcane School can therefore provide a trained body of workers.

Ten years after that, I began to expand the range of contacts, and the teaching began to reach thinkers on continents other than the American. As a result, I began to form my own Ashram and to find people in all countries who were disciples, qualified as such, but who needed the impact of the influence of a second ray Ashram. When this was done, the major part of the second decade of my work became possible, and I therefore wrote a pamphlet entitled The New Group of World Servers. In it I called attention to the fact that there existed upon the Earth, in every nation, men and women who (in some form or another) recognized the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, who had a quality of non-separateness, definitely present or else rapidly developing, and who were gathered together in no limiting organization but primarily by their trend of thought and the habit of their activity. They constituted a group who were subjectively, spiritually, practically and openly creating a new form of human relationship. This new relation resulted in mutual understanding and a mental cooperation which recognized [634] no barriers or national limitations. On the inner side of spiritual incentive and endeavor, they work today as one group; on the outer side of world affairs, they may not be aware of each other physically, or arrive at any open contact, yet they are animated by the same principles and are carrying forward - in all nations and in every great department of human thinking and planning - a similar work.

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