The Trauma Model -

All Psychological Problems Caused By Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass

Trauma is the cause of all psychiatric problems. Many different psychiatric disorders including depression, substance abuse, anxiety and eating disorders, psychotic symptoms and personality disorders fit the clinical profile of the trauma model.

In The Trauma Model, Dr. Ross provides a detailed, scientifically testable model of mental illness. He defines the problem as the central conceptual problem in psychiatry at the beginning of the twenty-first century, then solves it using the logic and predictions of the trauma model.

Energy Enhancement dissolves Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass and thus is suitable for a wide range of addictions, self-destructive behaviors and symptoms from the mild to the more problematic.  


The Osiris Complex

: Case-Studies in Multiple Personality Disorder by Colin A. Ross

The purpose of this book is to provide understanding of the relationship between childhood trauma and serious mental illness.

Dr Colin Ross, one of the most respected North American authorities on Multiple Personality Disorder, writes that his MPD patients have taught him that virtually all psychiatric symptoms are potentially trauma driven and dissociative in nature.

He believes that MPD research will shift the paradigm of psychopathology in the direction of a general trauma model, and away from the two dominant schools of twentieth-century psychiatry, the psychoanalytical and the biomedical. The Osiris Complex is a collection of case histories illustrating the clinical roots of the paradigm transformation Dr Ross anticipates.

Contrary to prevalent opinion, MPD patients do not have more than one personality; the so-called different personalities are fragmented components of a single personality, abnormally personified and dissociated from each other.

Adult patients exhibit core symptoms: voices in the head and ongoing blank spells or periods of missing time. The voices are the different parts of the personality talking to one another and to the main, presenting part of the person who comes for treatment.

Periods of missing time occur when aspects of the personality take turns being in control of the body and memory barriers are erected between them.

Patients also experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, psychosomatic symptoms, and symptoms that mimic schizophrenia.

MPD patients have experienced the most extreme childhood trauma of any diagnostic group and therefore exhibit the psychobiology and psychopathology of trauma to an extreme degree. The good news is that once diagnosed, the MPD patient can be brought back to health.

This book is important for all mental health professionals, and also for the general reader interested in psychiatric phenomena. It will play a powerful role in the social revolution necessary for the recognition of the preponderance, intensity, and hiddenness of severe childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in our culture.




It is our experience with all of our students that, "Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass" is the cause of all our problems.

Through Energy Enhancement Samyama - "THE GROUNDING OF NEGATIVE ENERGIES" and "THE REMOVAL OF ENERGY BLOCKAGES" we can remove all "Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass" thus creating Illumination.

Pain creates a dense form of energy called Negative Karmic Mass which does not allow entry of the subtle energies of God. Indeed, it cuts people off from God.

The perverted Energy called Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass is Pure Concentrated Evil and is the cause of all Evil in the World. ALL EVIL, ALL WAR.

Therefore by not creating this Evil Trauma Formed Negative karmic Mass through Ahimsa - Give no pain, by word, thought or deed - we do not create the Evil of the World.

Further, by learning the Meditative Ability to Ground Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass or Negative Energies and Eliminate Energy Blockages, we can learn how to Dissolve all our Pain and Further!! to Remove all the Evil on this Planet!!

The Removal Of Trauma - Formed negative Karmic Mass can be achieved by

1. The Grounding of Negative Energies through the Guided Meditation encoded in the Latin Word, VITRIOL in Initiation Three of Level One of Energy Enhancement -

2. Also through the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process to Remove Energy Blockages of Level 2 of Energy Enhancement.


Negative Karmic Mass becomes locked into the body as Energy Blockages which create Pain in the Body as one of its Symptoms which eventually cause cancer and heart disease.

Other symptoms of Negative Karmic Mass are Negative Emotions, - Fear, Anger, Manicism, Wanting Sympathy, Jealousy, Corruption, Thievery, Revenge, Hate, Sadness, Depression.

Energy Blockages cut us off from the joy of the Light of the Soul where the world becomes seen as a Wasteland filled with misery; the Anomie of Existentialism.


Higher symptoms of Energy Blockages are a lack of Empathy - blockages of the Heart, the inability to put yourself in the shoes of another -  the External Consideration of Gurdjieff which all create a lack of Pity and further, a lack of Conscience caused by blockages above the Crown Chakra, a Moral infirmity written about by Nobel Prize winner for poetry, T. S. Elliot in "The Wasteland".

 Negative Karmic Mass in its gaseous, liquid or solid forms is what is used to create Energy Blockages as it coats Energy Blockages and cuts off the core of the blockage from the energy connections of higher chakras which are aligned and ordered function angel matrices, like a crystal. Negative Karmic Mass stops Energy Blockages from integrating with the higher chakras.

This integration of blockages, purified of their Negative Karmic Mass by Energy Enhancement meditation Techniques, with the Higher Chakras is one of the ways in which Higher chakras become bigger and more able to channel more energy from the chakras above them.


Negative Karmic Mass is a Dense form of energy which is created when the energy of God is perverted by being made to go against the will of God. This always creates pain which then creates more Negative Karmic Mass.
As the totality of energy blockages in Human beings form the Selfish Competitive ego, cut off from the will of God, and doing what they selfishly want, Pain is the result.














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"Next, I came across a particularly stubborn blockage to remove, and knew that I would have to prepare myself well during meditation. I consciously sourced as much energy from above to flow through my body, and in doing so, rather than my body being filled with golden light, I had somehow tapped into an immense source of white light above the head. As well as feeling this increased energy stream through my body, I realised I had involuntarily suspended breathing somewhere near the top of an in breath. My body felt like a beacon of light, with more than enough energy to direct toward a blockage and watch it dissolve in an instant.

Since that time I am always connected to and able to source the white light from above my head. Many times during this process I just forget to breathe as though my breathing is just naturally suspended. I am now living in the Light!!


My energies are naturally far higher than when I arrived on the Energy Enhancement course just two weeks ago.


I am experiencing Energy, the fruits of meditation which normally arrive, if they do, after twenty years of meditation and it has only taken me two weeks."

 - Thomas Blair September 2005 Course in Spain




The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda - A Separate Reality

The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda



Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda, Petty Tyrants, Self Importance, Impeccability




"Jnana is given neither from outside nor from another person. It can be realised by each and everyone in his own Heart. The jnana Guru of everyone is only the Supreme Self that is always revealing its own truth in every Heart through the being-conciousness 'I am, I am.' The granting of true knowledge by him is initiation into jnana. The grace of the Guru is only that Self-awareness that is one's own true nature. It is the inner conciousness by which he is unceasingly revealing his existence. This divine upadesa is always going on naturally in everyone."

- Sri Ramana Maharshi

"Knowledge of the Supreme Self is Simple. We attain it in Level 1 of Energy Enhancement. What must follow is the removal of all energy blockages. Higher Initiations caused by the purification which must follow Illumination. Higher energies. Higher Initiations than Enlightenment!!"

- Satchidanand

Devi Dhyani and Satchidanand have visited the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi on their India Tours many times alone and with students. Ramana Maharshi still exists at the Ashram as an Ascended Master. The white light of his Presence still radiates in the old meditation room at 4am. One of Satchidanand's students, Susan, had the experience of seeing and speaking to Ramana Maharshi in his Cave on Arunachala in a vision.



"Sri Ramana maintained that the purest form of his teachings was the powerful silence - the Presence which radiated from him and quieted the minds of those attuned to it. He gave verbal teachings only for the benefit of those who could not understand his silence"


"A few days ago Satchidanand was glowing such that Anna could not look at him. She said she needed sunglasses. She had to leave the Presence. The growing pains produced by the spiritual radiation were intense." QUOTE FROM PSYCHIC POWERS, PSYCHIC VISION, SIDDHIS, AND INCREDIBLE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES WITH THE TRIANGLE OF CHAKRAS IN THE HEAD - ANNA'S ENERGY ENHANCEMENT COURSE STUDENT REPORT -  WITH SATCHIDANAND AND DEVI DHYANI - JAN 22ND TO FEBRUARY 25TH 2011 - CLICK HERE


Energy Enhancement is at a much higher energy level than any other ashram on this planet. From the Ascended masters from the highest chakras above the Head. Using the most advanced techniques from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Thus the methodology of Energy Blockage removal is much quicker than Samadhi 24 Hrs per day as enjoined by Milarepa and Ramana Maharshi.

Read the History of Milarepa so that you might read the 24Hrs per Day Samadhi necessary in the past to achieve Illumination.

"Ramana Maharshi said that he had been able to deal with all the negative energies and energy blockages from everyone he met, but the Energy Blockages he had taken from his mother when she died in order to make her enlightened he had not been able to remove, thus the cancer.."


Energy Enhancement Samyama is much faster. Energy Enhancement is the practise designed for the Illuminated who seek more Illumination.   Energy Enhancement needs to be learned Now by each Guru in order to improve their ability to remove energy blockages.


Speed up your path to the Bliss of Enlightenment NOW!! by Video Course or Live with Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani.



Meditation Course Testimonial by Susan Wade - Nurse - Ramana Maharshi Experiences on the 1997 Southern India Tour

Click Here for Energy Enhancement India Tours

From Devi and Sat I have gained Support, friendship, healing and guidance in contacting our source of inner wisdom through the release of old patterns of behaviour - daily practice of meditation and Energy Work.

From the Energy Enhancement Work I got the importance of daily routine of meditation - time to be alone and get in contact with my higher self, also tune into my thought system and experience how I really feel about issues affecting my life eg. Trust - I find it hard to form close friendships through lack of trust, opening myself up may result in pain. Learning to take risks, trust in guidance from my higher self. If I do experience pain in any relationship - what lessons can I learn from this pain - see it as a teaching/growth experience rather than negative experience which reconfirms to my darker side Just can't trust anybody - told you so!

Hatha yoga - gentle form of yoga which allows you to proceed at your own pace - awareness of stiffness/pain of body joints. Correct breathing into the pain allows the body to relax and the pain to leave - allowing you to master the pain with awareness rather than give up. The chanting was good. I have felt a fire in the heart and heat in the spine after chanting with Devi and Sat in Sai Babas Ashram.

The Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi embraced me with love, gentleness and feeling of inner peace. On walking up the steps into the cave of Ramana Maharshi I was embraced by strong energy - a welcome energy. During meditating in his room (in the cave) I had a strong vision of him entering my forehead. He (Ramana Maharshi) told me it was time to go home.  The vision has reappeared to bring me support during periods of deep inner pain experienced throughout the tour.


In the Ashram of Father Bede Griffiths  I felt strong presence of spiritual energy. The lectures from brother Martin about looking at life and teachings of Christs message through love and not fear, as man likes to believe, has allowed me, as a Catholic, to respect Christs teaching and see him as a teacher of love and wisdom. Happiness is here to obtain in this life, not the next.

Ashram of Sai Baba - Opening of my heart Chakra.
During a healing session with Devi and Satchidanand, a person who wronged me, raped me, 22 years ago, leaving me with pain and guilt, came through Satchidanand in a healing session to say he was sorry for the grief he had caused. This has helped me to release a lot of pent up tension, anger guilt, pain. To be asked for forgiveness awakens the part of you that would like to be forgiven for the times I have wronged people - to look at the areas in my life I need to resolve before I get a true picture of my inner qualities, strengths, accepting guidance within.

The power of forgiveness and to forgive is a very strong quality to possess, a wonderful friend to have.


(Since the course Susan has left UK where she has been working as a nurse for many years having been almost exiled there by the parochial consciousness of New Zealand after her rape 22 years ago. She is dealing with the Mastery of Relationships Initiation. She has now returned home to New Zealand after her spiritual vision in the cave at Arunachala - Ramana Maharshi "It is time to go Home" Love and Light, Satchidanand)
















Dear Satchidanandji and Devi

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

How are you? I am so glad to hear about the Iguazu ashram project and wanted to wish you luck with the venture. I hope all is going well. I have just launched my new website - ( and will shortly be launching The Honey Kalaria Foundation to help various causes. I am also raising funds for an International Meditation Centre here in the UK.

Wishing you love and light

Honey Kalaria

Dear Honey,

How am I? Very well and working hard to make Our Energy Enhancement Foundation the Center of Excellence it already is.

A Five Star Retreat at the World Heritage Site of Iguazu Falls with High Flux Densities of Spiritual Energy in the Buddhafield, Air Conditioning, Upgraded Fixtures, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Incredible Vegetarian Food,

As you know, Energy Enhancement really works - and much better than most of the expensive courses taught by the so called, "famous" teachers.

I told you I had taken away your Energy Blockage in the Second, abdominal chakra, during your course with us and you said your menstrual problem had improved.

I often think that the seven step process could have helped Ramana Maharshi from succumbing to the Energy Blockage which gave him Cancer!!

Yes, Energy Enhancement is a much higher Revelation, meant to help the Enlightened take more, higher, Initiations!!

In your Course Report you said you wanted to know about your relationships and you had lifetime after lifetime of feedback about this, explaining how you came to be as you are now. The problem started with the loss of Your husband in a Turkish past life and you even met up with this guy, Ramiya, YOUR HUSBAND FROM TURKEY REBORN! on the Course!!

The problem is one of loss, if you like, bereavement and fear of bereavement. To lose the person we are attached to. And the problem of attachment to the Prince and the problems this brought in its wake.

And the solution - a movement to being successful at other things which do not give that same problem. As when you were looking after the business matters of the Princess, with great success.

Yet every success is always followed by failure. In the end it is all taken away as we die, and all of our success, all of our empire cannot follow us into the grave.

Our only legacy is that which we pass on to the people of the future.

Our only legacy is our own evolution, which can only come from the very highest teachings and the highest aspiration.

It is the reduction of attachment which is the key...

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - "Enlightenment comes through practise and non attachment"

It is the attachment of the Energy Blockages of the ego which needs to be dissolved.

And it is here that Energy Enhancement holds the key!!.

My aim in this lifetime, which cannot fail!! as it is the will of the Higher Masters that this be so, that Energy Enhancement become the new Meditation Technique, which influences all the World Meditations, improving them and thus improving the evolution of all Humanity. This must be so because there is no course in the world which teaches more than Energy Enhancement. It is the Source of all meditational excellence.

Personally, I do not care about name or fame.

It is sufficient that Energy Enhancement fulfils its purpose.

Thus I offer Energy Enhancement..

1 Further Levels to remove even more blockages.
2. Energy Enhancement Teacher Training and Certification.

All at the best lowest prices in order to support the movement of Energy Enhancement into World Centers like London.

This must be my aim, my purpose, my life!!

Yours in Love and Light,






When you receive energy correctly

And not everyone does because they get the symptoms of energy blockages instead - Going to sleep, shaking, pain, heat, cold, negative emotions, - all the common so called symptoms of Kundalini Energy. But when you get taught to receive energy correctly on the Energy Enhancement Course -  "When the energy is flowing correctly, there is no movement" - Saadi of Shiraz.

And this is the Energy Enhancement Experience.. "We eventually get into a state of energy transfer. We both feel it as white light flowing from one to the other in an incredibly intense way which lasts for two hours. At the end of that time I perceive an initiation which is taking place on the astral plane. Surrounded by a group of ascended masters I introduce him to the chief initiator who uses the rod of initiation to touch his third eye with the intense energies of initiation so that his energies can never again drop into that state we call normal waking consciousness."

If you can receive energy then the chances are that you can give energy. Only the people who can receive energy correctly can go on to become enlightened, can go on to become Initiators of men, Gurus and Spiritual Masters.

If you only get the symptoms of Energy Blockages in the fire of the Buddhafield which is the intense aura of energy which surrounds every Spiritual Master then you need to remove the Energy Blockages which produce the symptoms. The Energy Enhancement Level Two Seven Step Process is the unfailing technique which can remove any Energy Blockage.

When we become a stream enterer, we tap into the Energies of the Earth and of Heaven and of the Buddhafield and through energising our faculties, we start to have spiritual experiences beyond the norm. We start to feel and see energy to start with, which always comes to every student.

It happens with all of our students...




Reports of our Students






The inflow of Spiritual Energy or Kundalini Energy is well known in all Spiritual Circles as being expected in all genuine Courses with teachers who have advanced experience with Enlightened Masters. Yet some people just cannot get their heads around Kundalini Energy which is talked about even in the Vedas which are a sacred spiritual resource thousands of years old. Even though Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh said that all meditation and Yoga was based upon Kundalini Energy.


If you are not experiencing spiritual energy in your Yoga or Meditation practise then What is UP??!!


Dear Swami,

Not to repeat the story you've heard so many times before, l will shortly say that I started with my "spiritual work" long time ago. I left behind my back a huge pile of literature of every kind considering the matter and I know almost every author you're mentioning in your lectures.

I was practising, meditating, using techniques, with almost no use at all. Although most of the people around me joined some group or community, I proceeded alone along my path, until I met you.

The reason is that, when you are talking, every word you are saying I feel as a key that opens my brain doors and I see the truth directly and with no doubt. Listening to you, I'm constantly repeating "Yes, that's it", everything is so SIMPLE and EVIDENT by no mistake, so, that I'm asking myself how is it possible I did't see it before! I feel finally at home with you.

Talking about my meditations. I must say that I'm not able to sit in a position more than half an hour, but I hope to improve with a time. The light I see is always white or bluish white. I'm fighting with golden colour and I need an effort to visualize it.

The light is sometimes strong, sometimes weak and sometimes I can't do anything at all. Generally, I can breathe the light inside but circling around the body, the place I'm passing is bright but that behind is shadowing, loosing colour. I see everything more clearly when I'm following your instructions, hearing your voice at the background.

At the beginning of my meditations, I had a great pain at my sacral part and a sharp pain at one point in the middle of my heart chakra. The heart chakra pain I felt 24 hours in a day. The point pain became a circle pain, but less painful. At this moment, the sacral pain is almost gone and heart pain I feel mainly when I start meditation, but during it, it gradually vanish. I feel it right now writing this letter to you.

I had no Dhiren's blockbuster experiences with my blockages. It happened to me to SEE

the blockage only once. And in a place I didn't expect at all. It was when I was circling around my body pushing energy.

In front my ajna chakra I saw snake's head (Energy Blockages appear like this, sometimes, in meditation - Satchidanand) but I passed on. Second time I came there I saw a long Egyptian hat on my head and I realised the snake wasn't alive but a part of a hat and I passed on. The third time I came I saw a black oval form underneath the hat settled in between my ajna and sahasrara chakra and I passed on.

Next time I came there with energy and I pushed it against the form. The energy fell as a snow on it and immediately melted away. When I came again with energy to blow, IT said to me "Ok, I see you don't want me", it became flat like a piece of paper and laid down.

 Since then I pass and repass the same place knowing it is there, but I don't see it any more. As I don't see any other blockage and being sure that there must be some, I'm imaginarilly scratching away the grayish layers and sacrificing them to the fire at the center of the Earth/the blue Monad Sun.

My antahkarana is made of a hard crystal, it is round and thick at the center of the Earth, gradually slimming until the peak reaches the Light of Infinity. It is transparent and highly conductive and I can see the Light coming up and down along it.

The main reason I'm writing this letter to you is my today's meditation which I want to share with you. The experience begun when I left sahasrara going upwards the antahkarana, leaving Solar system. Somewhere at the level of the Soul I saw a shiny Person joining me with his hands closed in a form of a prayer.

I lost Him entering the blue tube, I went up passing blue Sun and Sirius and galaxies along the antahkarana and I joined at the end the Light of Infinity.

Every time I enter it, I'm so joyful that I'm swirling around myself loosing at the same time my shape and merging with Light not seeing me anymore, only being aware that I exist within.

Doing that this time I saw the Person again there, (Probably this guy in the blue tube between the soul and the monad is an ascended master - we give techniques to test them in Level 2 - Satchidanand) coming at a step distance in front of me with hands wide open and his heart sparkling with Light. I wanted so much to make this step forward and fall in his arms and, although nothing was keeping me, I couldn't do it.

Apparently free, I was fixed at a place with no possibility to move. And I was pleading to Him "Take me in you arms", but He didn't move either.

In this moment I was aware of everything at the same moment and at a same place: of me merged into Light in front of a Person I want to reach and I can't, of my physical body sitting in meditation and crying desperately, of this Person in front of me and the whole Universe around.

Then, suddenly, I went down my antahkarana like a glowing ball towards my sahasrara. The impact was tremendous because, instead of my body, there was a thick, dark gray granite egg, and all the Light was dispersed away in a space.

I moved aside, to see my antahkarana coming from the center of the Earth to the bottom of the granite egg, than nothing inside, and then continuing from the top of the egg upwards. I wasn't afraid because the egg seemed nice and shiny, but I felt deeply disturbed, astonished and infinitely sad. And I left meditation.

Not to say to you that I think whole day about it. I'm asking myself if it is maybe the first time I saw my blockage the way it really is and this is disturbing me profoundly. I feel myself as a lost case.
Please tell me what do you think about it.

Love V

Hello V,

It would seem you have a talent for meditation.

As they say in the Matrix, "It seems you have some skill!!"

We are very happy with your meditations..

Many of our Students when they Gain Energy, When they Power Up! get these experiences in Meditation.

One of the techniques of the blockages is to drive people to despair, so please do not buy into their negativity.

It is the destiny of everyone on this planet to become enlightened. You will also become enlightened.

Positivity is one of the necessary techniques you need to use on energy blockages.

You have now perceived the real state of your spiritual body.

"A man has blockages like a dog has fleas" - Ancient Saying

And this is the task for the next Level of Energy Enhancement, Level 2 - Eliminate Energy Blockages.

We need energy to power up the Chakras in order to see Energy Blockages.

This is one of the tasks of Level 1 - Gain Energy!

Usually the dark shell is created by implant blockages which we created many lifetimes ago, when we wanted to or were persuaded to join anti-life organisations run by bad people to which these implants are still connected to suck your energy.

Ascended Masters will only give energy to those they trust and whilst you are connected to these implants, the danger is that you can change your mind. Trust only comes with much proof and many good deeds.

It is an easy matter to remove the implants.

You may then receive some energy from your Ascended Master.

Level Two, the Elimination of Energy Blockages, is what you need to remove these implants. We have Streaming Video DVDs which would suit you best. You can also ask any questions or for help to me by email.

Enlightenment, a permanent connection to the Light of the Soul, of God, comes after a lot of Energy Blockages are removed.


We also have a live course, many, available this year and next. July the 2nd in Iguassu is the proximo.

We will reduce the cost of your Level One and Two DVDs by the cost of the 4 Init Course.

Get Back to Me!!



Below are some of the pictures of our time together with Devi and Satchi at Iguazu Falls, One of the seven modern wonders of the world, in Argentina in February

Vanessa and Chris at Iguassu Falls

Vanessa and Chris with Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani at Iguassu Falls




I’ve been thinking about your email almost constantly since I read it. I would like to help you in any way I can. I can sense your feeling of urgency to bring this wealth of knowledge to more and more people as soon as possible. It IS the answer; it IS the key and it is therefore no wonder that there are challenges in doing so. And though I am nowhere near enlightened, I do understand fiery energy firsthand and how it can become almost a practice learning how to temper that inner fire around other people. Of course I am required to temper my energy; you are not because you are enlightened and in the flow of the Dharma by burning others’ blocks. I’m just saying that yes, I can imagine. . .

The email about Buddhism today was magnificent. As to the EE story and presentation, I would like to be candid with you and offer the following opinions not in any way as a criticism but simply as one perspective which may be worth considering and may not.

Normally I would not spend any time reading a website such as yours because it is quite “loud” with all the huge fonts and red and highlighted passages, and it seems to go on and on endlessly. It’s almost funny to me because even though at first I was repelled by the layout, I couldn’t stop reading. My soul was getting the energy of it all and I was attracted, entranced, hungry for more and totally overjoyed. (So maybe everything I’m about to say has no value whatsoever because it transmitted to me so what am I talking about?)

Anyway, my viewpoint, being out here in the trenches, is that the path is hard enough and some of us have evolved to the point of being serious about getting on with it so therefore the time is past for all the sub rosa, occult, trek through the Himalayas for decades to search for the disappearing Babaji, even if it is an “open secret.” Meaning, your website and emails seem so overwhelming that it’s almost like you want to push away potential students as opposed to finding them and quickening them. The mind has a tendency to zone out when there is so much information, and when it starts repeating paragraphs (even with the same photos) in the same email, then the mind numbs out totally. Perhaps this is a high cosmic mechanism of some sort but it is beyond my understanding.

My point is that even if you outline everything for your students and tell them exactly what they need to do, still VERY few of them are going to stick it out and go all the way to enlightenment because it takes effort and most people are lazy. So, your website and your emails could be much more user friendly and clear and you wouldn’t have to worry that you were giving away too much—people can only get what they can get, and making it easier for them to get to the crucial point of decision seems like the most compassionate way to go, in my opinion.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the nauseatingly formulaic web-based business format for websites these days. Lots of text, very plain, photos galore, apparently they’ve all taken at least one NLP seminar, on and on—and they’re always selling something, but at a discount! And with thousands of dollars’ worth of free bonuses if you act now!! Well, I must admit I got a similar initial feeling for your website but something deep inside of me was so drawn in that I stuck it out. Well, lucky me. Perhaps there are other serious students out there who aren’t so lucky or whose energy blockages are raging or some other such thing and they might not have gotten through.

There is one thing that may be a detriment in your website, emails and even books. People normally expect to get information, knowledge, instruction, etc., from the printed word. We study from books. So there is a bit of a letdown when over and over again the reader reads that EE techniques fix this, come to a live course, buy the DVDs, etc., embroidered within the beautiful teachings and stories and comparative analysis. Kind of the used car salesman analogy.

1. Would it be possible to state clearly up front that the best way to accelerate one’s enlightenment is by being present with a Living Master, within his Buddhafield, and information on how to do that can be found by coming on a live Energy Enhancement Course in Brazil, Spain, India.. Wherever you are at the time...




2. Second best is to participate in the DVD course and/or streaming videos, and information on how to do that can be found here [link]



3. In the Energy Enhancement Website pages I will provide you with background information, analysis, stories, knowledge and all the intellectual fodder you need to decide if you are now ready and willing to get to the core of the matter, the Core of Mater, the heart of Mother Earth. The only thing stopping you is you in the form of your energy blockages, and everyone has them. If you sense the urgency, if you have the courage, then please read on...

This way you could make your books pure wisdom teachings, all with the magnetic invitation to come be with you and Devi on a live retreat. But only tell the reader once; give him/her credit that they’ll get it if they’re meant to get it. You could release almost everything in book form but make it clear that true success will only come with the transmission from the Living Master. Just like you received from your Masters and Teachers directly.

I know the key is the removal of energy blockages and no one else is offering this with any real success. There are those offering japa and fire ceremonies and saying have faith and patience, “just believe”—but no one that I know of is hitting the nail on the head like you are. It’s HUGE! It needs to get out to thousands of people now! This is what many good people are looking for even if they don’t know it just yet.

I sincerely hope I have not offended you because it would break my heart if I did that. I believe in you and want to see you succeed. It’s so hard with all the energy blockages at play and people with their money issues and all that. There must be a way to get this to people to help them and also support you and Devi fully. I will pray about this.

As for me, I’m trying so hard to be all vairagya and stitha prajna but I can’t help but wish I could hop a plane to Thailand and say, Let’s get to work! I want to clear my blocks so I can be of service. It’s all I want. I suppose karma and time will tell. I do revere the Will of God and my favorite Jesus mantra has always been, Nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done. So we shall see what we shall see.

Satchi's Reply.. The only reply to the sound of one hand clapping and the Hossu striking, and this is not intellectual, is to have sufficient evolutionary forgiveness to turn the other cheek.

The Evolution of people is towards goodness. But some people are not sufficiently good for them to be able to take a genuine path. People are made up of a Council of Dark Angels and White Angels and they are always voting.

Really, there is no reason to answer and give all of the above spoon feeding.

The essential thing I can tell you is that people are not stupid.

In alignment with Sosan,  the Third Zen Patriarch I can say with full knowledge, "They Know!"

And if they say they do not know it is because their dark energy blockages are too great for them at this time.

That in this lifetime they themselves are allowing the Energy Blockages to win because they themselves are complicit with them and the dark Forces which control them..

Their Blockages have already prompted them to make their decision. They have already made their decision - Like Neo - and by complaining about anything - They are not taking the cookie from the Oracle this time.

Remember, "One Complaint and Heaven and Earth are set Infinitely apart" - Sosan - From "Hsin Hsin Ming: The Book of Nothing" - The Enlightened Mind of Sosan, which can be found by anyone in touch with their Soul, On this site..


Talks on the Faith Mind of Sosan, Talks given from 21/10/74 am to 30/10/74 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1983.

Introduction : "Sosan was a man of power, a man who has come to know. And when he says something, he carries something of the unknown into the world of the known. With him enters the divine, a ray of light into the darkness of your mind." Osho These are not just commentaries on the teachings of an ancient Zen master. Here is an alive, contemporary Zen master at work - and as the meaning of Sosan's teachings are unraveled, so are the habitual patterns and prejudices of the reader's mind. Furthermore, Osho's work is so subtle and delicate, the surgery is performed almost before you know it. As you turn the last page, you may suddenly realize that you'll never be quite so captivated by your own inner chatter - and without any effort you've taken the first, vital step towards meditation.

The above is another Open Secret.

There are many paths and the most popular are those which can not work. And the people know this. And that is why they choose these paths.

Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, Sufism - all the current religions as they currently are are popular because they can not work other than as a foundation for the people who choose them.

But for those who seek the true path, the path which works, the path which will lead them to Enlightenment, Illumination, Integration, Atman, - They know that only The One who has successfully walked the path can really bring them to that which they seek.

People are searching all over the planet for a Genuine Master, but me, I have been searching all my life for a Genuine Student.

And it is in their choice of Master that the Evolutionary Heart of the Student is known.

And the answer to those who cannot, do not want, to pay is to work and to help..

To know that if Energy Enhancement is important to them, in time they will acquire the necessary funds.

Love and Light,



Osho Book Directory



Thomas Blair - BHAKTI GANESHA DEVANANDA - from Sheffield, UK writes:

To feel a significant increase in the energy flowing upward through my base chakra, once I had removed a large blockage there, was
truly a life giving experience.

My entire pelvic area felt warm and energised, and I as a person felt more in touch with the world around me.

Using the SOL Energy Enhancement techniques of creating positive thought forms to remove blockages,
I also remarkably removed a blockage from my knee, which was preventing the natural healing process of a bad knee injury.

Its as if you have to leave the world you know for a while, in order to tune into what really IS!

Magic Stuff!




Having found yet another blockage in my base chakra, I couldn't help but feel rather despondent. After gritting my teeth and getting stuck in, I finally managed to remove it. This blockage in the Base Chakra was the last one there!!!

The next time I sat down to meditate, I suddenly felt a tickling sensation in my pelvis above the perineum. This sensation increased in intensity, and felt like champagne bubbling up my body from below. The flow of energy around my body had risen to a new level giving me an increased ability to track down blockages and an increased confidence in myself. Wow!

I suddenly remembered the writings of the inspired Poet and Meditation Master, the Persian Shakespeare, Jal Al Uddin Rumi and that always he talked of the wine of his meditation and this feeling of energy was what he was writing about a thousand years ago and I was feeling it, here and Now!!

Next, I came across a particularly stubborn blockage to remove, and knew that I would have to prepare myself well during meditation. I consciously sourced as much energy from above to flow through my body, and in doing so, rather than my body being filled with golden light, I had somehow tapped into an immense source of white light. As well as feeling this increased energy stream through my body, I realised I had involuntarily suspended breathing somewhere near the top of an in breath. My body felt like a beacon of light, with more than enough energy to direct toward a blockage and watch it dissolve in an instant.

Since that time I am always connected to and able to source the white light from above my head. Many times during this process I just forget to breathe as though my breathing is just naturally suspended. I am now living in the Light!!

My energies are naturally far higher than when I arrived on the Energy Enhancement course just two weeks ago. I am experiencing the fruits of meditation which normally arrive, if they do, after twenty years of meditation and it has only taken me two weeks.

This is the first meditation course I have been on. I have an injured knee from a few months ago in a motor cycle accident, yet the knee is now healed of its blockages and of its pain here on the Energy Enhancement Course and I am sitting in meditation for more than three hours a day, on the ground in the easy meditation posture, here in the light and working on more of my deep internal blockages.

Truly, perhaps Enlightenment is next!!



Week 3

Thomas Blair -



Coming on the Energy Enhancement course has revealed just how destructive certain inner children or sub personalities have been in my life so far.


white light

With the help of Satchi, Devi and feedback from other students on the course in helping me pinpoint certain behavioural attributes of potential sub personalities, I had all the ammunition necessary to hunt down one of these Inner Children.


I circled with white light the words "sloth" and "fu*k it!" and an image of a honey pot contaminated with butter (I'll explain later!). Good meditation preparation and circulation of energies, allowed me the powers of psychic vision making it possible to see whereabouts in my life the inner child had been spawned and had split from the stem of my main personality.


 The first vision

The first vision that came to me was of a pair of slip on shoes that I had got my mum to buy me at school. Then came the image of a wild curly haired boy called Andy X, who was in the year above me at school. Visions came back to me of how Andy had threatened me with violence and started to pick on me at school. To avoid this developing further I started to do things to make Andy and some of his friends laugh.

 The second vision

The second vision was that of Andy and his friends laughing not at me but at the trouble I was getting into and the mad things I was doing. It became clear that I was getting involved in things that would make them laugh and entertain them,  in order to prevent being picked on or bullied. These activities involved wanton vandalism, not caring about school work; always trying to gain Andy's approval at my own expense.


 The third vision

The third vision was that although I feared this boy called Andy and his peer group (1 year my senior), I started to idolize them. The visions gave me more information: the shoes I had got my mum to buy were the same as his. The suit I had got my mum to buy was the same as his. The car I wanted to have - was.....yes, you've guessed it.....the same as his!! I was becoming a "somebody" by not caring about myself, by getting into trouble, by coming bottom in class - in fact, the more disastrously poor my results were, the "funnier" it was to Andy and his peers, and this made me a "somebody" with a kind of revered status.


 "Fu*k It! Why bother?

The next step was to circle this situation of a sub personality being born in a 15 year old boy. In an attempt to ground the situation, I was presented with a psychic key. Asking what the key was for, I was then presented with a wrought iron gate, which gave access to a big sphere made of iron railings. Opening the gate I could see clearly that this gate entered a world in which Thomas Blair would burn the candle at both ends and get sucked into a world that starts with simply not caring about things and then progresses rapidly to a wastoid life of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll; and all this due to an Inner Child that said to me, "Fu*k It! Why bother? I don't care! Who cares if it's a knife and not a spoon in the honey pot, and who cares if the knife leaves lumps of butter in the honey pot!!? It's funny and makes me look good."


 "seal the door where evil dwells"

It was clear to me that the wrought iron sphere could not be grounded, as this represented the world and what faces us each day of our lives. The key, on the other hand, once used to lock the gate and "seal the door where evil dwells", had to be grounded.



Energy Enhancement and the white light of Samadhi

I directed energies I had gathered from the white light above to dissolve this key, and although there was much resistance, now with the techniques of Energy Enhancement, I was able to source and use the white light of Samadhi, I was able to ground the entire situation and fuse the Inner Child back into my main soul personality.


 disenfranchised of any power

Its such a relief to know that I can now get on with my life and know that this very destructive sub personality has been disenfranchised of any power it once had over me.






Well, after Thomas Blair's Energy Enhancement Courses in Spain L'Escala 2006, and Spain Palamos 2007, Thomas returned for a third time - an Advanced Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Refresher to Rosario Argentina going on to Iguazu Brazil in October 2008 in which he removed a Dense Multi-Cored Matrix Blockage Implant from past lifetimes.





Always we try to put off the people who have no intuitive inner sense from coming on the Energy Enhancement course because they would have little chance of completing the course. Only the inner intuitive sense can overcome the negative intellectual dark angels who have no trust, no faith, no devotion, no love.

Instead these dark angels are solely concerned with money and the selfish competitive ego. And because they are untrustworthy, they have no trust for us, as within, so without, as one finger points, so three fingers are pointing back at you. 

Gurdjieff used the same technique as us. He used to joke with the students that he was only after their money. He always said he wanted to "shear the sheep" which is always the students fear whereas his whole life was devoted towards enlightenment for his students and the world. History has proved that Gurdjieff affected the way enlightenment is taught across the whole western world, the ideas of Gurdjieff have been incredibly influential to all seekers. Gurdjieff used to charge enormous prices and acted in an untrustworthy fashion to put off those who could be put off by the intellect.

Only the Soul Intuition can be the guide of the good student.

Everyone who stayed with Gurdjieff grew, not just in intellect - which is only one chakra in seven - but in all the other coordinates of an integrated human being - higher emotion, intuition, bodily grace, love, will, wisdom.



On the course we deal with the easy blockages first but on the path of enlightenment we next need to deal with the implant blockages which feed energy back to the bad people who made them. The suckers, the vamps, the energy vampires and their knowing and unknowing helpers who implant the implants which direct thousands of streams of energy back from thousands of people to the guy in the center of the energy web.

Usually these implants exist above the head, cutting you off from your conscience which will not allow you to do a bad thing, which will direct you towards good paths, which will keep you on a Path with Heart - "Choose a Path with Heart" - Don Juan to Carlos Castenada - the Path of the Spiritual Masters as opposed to the Implant Blockage induced Psycho - Path.

Also these implant blockages exist in the heart cutting you off from empathy, the ability to put yourself in anothers place, Gurdjieffian External Consideration which will prevent you hurting another animal or human being.

The implants and their apologists are intent on turning all humanity into Orcs. Eating and breathing pollution. Delighting in selfishness and the production of pain in others. Thus people who are implanted not only eat and breathe pollution, but do all those types of work physical and mental, which make it possible to torture, kill, cut up and eat our fellow creatures. Thus people who are implanted do all those types of work physical and mental which produce the black clouds of pollution so necessary to produce and Orc from a natural human being. Thus people who are implanted see innovative solutions like War, Slavery, Corruption and Lies instead of The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, The Final Solution, Malthusian Theory and the Chaos Management of Problem, Reaction, Solution as necessary, as good Government.

Politics is taught at University from thousands of years of experience to create Government, Govern Mente, Govern the Mind, Mind Control - the "Big Lie" of Hitler's Mein Kampfe.

The implants and their apologists are intent on turning all humanity into Orcs. Thus implanted people work in poisonous fuctories, Agri-chemicals, poisonous pesticides, corrupt waste management and incineration and genetic engineering which switches off the seed after one year so it can not germinate a second time - just for money - and puts fish genes into soya to make it resistant to Agent Orange Pesticides which kill off the land and the people who consume the products of the land.

The opposite polarity to this is the work of good and evolved spiritual people on this planet who necessarily oppose the bad thoughtforms historically created by the would - be Orcs.





Thus although the Christian Bible says, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" the apologists say, with no backup from the bible, that this only refers to human beings. And we can always find a good excuse, "Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori - It is good and it is sweet to die for one's country"

Ahimsa is the law which says "Create no pain by word, thought or deed" Both Hindu Brahmins and Buddhist Priests also say, that to become spiritual, to evolve, to walk on the path of evolution we should become more peaceful, we should eat food which has less spiritual and Physical pollution, is more pure. Which contains no pain or the products of pain.

But the implants and their creators, the would be creators of Orcs, say that protein is necessary from the meat although this argument is destroyed by vegetarian traditions thousands of years old in which people live much longer and with less disease, in which 5000% more food is created from the same amount of land - talk about saving the rain forests. So that the only arguments left are the egotistical ones of, "We have always done it" and "We like the taste" which works equally well for all CainAbel Cannibals.

It takes a certain opening of the Heart, a removal of Implants, to understand Osho when he says killing is just not, "Aesthetic", otherwise it is just not understood, people just do not, "get it" A lack of empathy - Heart Blockages creating moral blindness.

Thus for real evolution revolution of the heart, blockages must be removed, empathy increased.

In the same way implant blockages create a "blindness" in all the other functions we need - not just in the heart - which is only one chakra in seven - not just in intellect or IQ- which is only one more chakra in seven - but in all the other coordinates, chakras of an integrated human being - higher emotion, intuition, bodily grace, love, will, wisdom.



It is the sucking effect, years of energy sucking of Implant Energy Blockages together with external pollution which produce the Blockage symptoms of wasting and killing diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, ME, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer. Only by removing the Implant Blockages which are the cause of the disease can we release the pain and pollution locked into our bodies from the Blockage Implant cause. Pain is a symptom of energy blockage implants.

Only by removing the Implant Blockages can we remove the pain and heal the wasting and killing diseases of Multiple Sclerosis, ME, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.





So, when we get one of the many students who return, we want to do our best for them.

Thomas Blair was complaining of a pain at the top of his head which increased in a debilitating fashion when he practised his profession - coding PHP on the web and creating DVD HD Videos for firms. He knows he needs to move in a more spiritual direction. To change his focus and move in the direction of Professional Healing and Spiritual Teaching.

So he was saying that this pain was a lesson and a warning to make the leap, take the jump, leave all of his clients and just move to that position.

Our advice was, "Don't give up your day job". Your future life in Spirituality will be supported by everything you have ever learned, everything you are doing now will support the pyramid of your spirituality. Your healing web page and spiritual videos will support your wanted and needed future profession.

We were saying that instead of this pain being a warning, instead it was an energy implant blockage which needed to be removed. Instead of being a warning the Implant Blockage was actively trying to destroy his life by taking him away from his Base Chakra support for his lifestyle. Implant Blockages sometimes take the form of a trauma - formed strategy called, "The Destroyer" (See Energy Enhancement Level 3) which just wants you to fail, to destroy your life.

So this was the argument. But what was indubitable was the fact that pain is a symptom of Energy Blockages and this energy Blockage needed to go!!


By plugging into the external kundalini chakras in Energy Enhancement Level 1 we so increase the energies flowing into our psychic bodies that normally, with all of our students, Psychic Powers manifest. And the normal psychic power is Psychic Vision which forms on top of Psychic Feeling which is the first stage of Psychic Power manifestation.

Everyone can feel the pain. And pain is a symptom of Energy Blockages, a warning which left untreated will result in time in a medical problem like strokes, embolisms, tumors or Cancer.

So when Thomas focussed on the pain at the top of his head and performed the "Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2 for Blockage Dissolution" on it he started to discharge it. And as he focussed on it through many sessions and with many immersions into the Energy of the Buddhafield when I gave teachings on Innovation and further improvements and experiences in the Blockage Busting Process, which further increases the energy available for Blockage Grounding and dissolution, the blockage started to discharge and get smaller and have less power.

Now easy blockages are easy and dissolve quickly and this easy blockage dissolution is a great relief, a great benefit gained by all who complete the normal Energy Enhancement Two and Four Level Course. But this blockage was a doozy - a massive structure implanted in previous lifetimes and increased in this lifetime.

Under the direction of the Higher Chakras like the Soul, we are directed to remove blockages in a certain sequence, usually the easy blockages first which is what happens on the Energy Enhancement Course, but we need to continue until the end - enlightenment - because all blockages will destroy you unless you get them first!

So Thomas first "saw" this blockage as a Tree which was implanted into the top of his head and rose higher into his aura and this blockage was composed of many blockage parts composed of both big and small blockages and connected into his base chakra and blockages beneath the Base Chakra in the form of black balls all in the form of a shape like a birdcage with blockages in the head and blockages in the base connected together by connections which looked like a G Clamp or the wires of a birdcage. A Multiple Matrix Blockage - a prison for the soul - which is normal in Implants to feed energy back to a guy or a group of people who want to vampirise energy from you.

Blockages in the head cut you off from your Soul and the still small voice which guides you along the path of your Soul, the Path of the Heart, and prevents you from making bad mistakes in life.

Blockages in the Base create Fear create relationships with the wrong type of sexual partner and suck the energy of sex and the orgasm back to the implanters.

Blockages beneath the base reduce your energy and make you malleable, easy to control, easy to direct in bad directions - a slave.



So many sessions working on the blockages in the head, and then the blockages in the base and below the base and then on the connecting wires between them. And as in all of his meditation sessions at home he saw me in his meditations, Swami Satchidanand, psychically, with him helping and encouraging the work.

And as he focused on the blockages in the head the pain in the head increased - "No Pain, No Gain" said I - and he began to despair of ever removing the blockages because they were just too strong. And we encouraged him, and we meditated with him and I saw that the blockage had already been removed and that it was, "Dead man walking" and I said that now he needed to prove his willpower and finish the job and the removal of this blockage continued for two weeks and eventually the blockages in the Head and Base and all the connections went and the pain went, "Blockage Gone, Pain Gone!"

Practically, evidence that the blockage is removed is that the pain is removed.

Success in removing the stronger blockages which always we find later on the path of enlightenment is not just in removing the blockages. Session by Meditation session we first just remove, dissolve, ground the Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass. We remove the power of the blockage to protect its inner core. The inner core will protect itself again if we stop the process half way through, so the blockage is working to stop the process with physical symptoms like pain, emotional symptoms like anger and mental symptoms like, "You can't get me, I'm too strong for you" and the like. All these symptoms need to be countered by arguments like, "Anger is a blockage symptom, blockages always say they are strong and yet always they go". Be a Warrior on the Path of Enlightenment.

The most important and best argument is that, "It is Necessary that All Blockages are Removed or the result will be an Orc, Orc Emotions, Orc Thoughts!" in you and in all the people on this planet, the cause of all World problems.

"For those who believe in Enlightenment, and Understand the Urgency of the situation!" - Gautama Buddha

The removal of All Energy Blockages will result in Your Enlightenment and Create World Peace, The Purity of a  Sacred Planet, In the Firmament of a Sacred Universe.

So, after sessions of just grounding the Negative Karmic Mass Thomas started to remove important Blockages within the whole Blockage matrix he was starting to remove.


As he released the blockage cores so he started to gain the purified talents of this process. As he sent the purified Blockage Cores into his Antahkarana Matrix of the Higher Chakras so his Psychic Body, The Body Kesdjian, began to increase and he began to get back his own power.

One major blockage when totally healed became a psychic power "Ally" helper - came back as an image like the "Jolly Green Giant" based upon ancient Gods, Ascended Masters like Khidr, the wise guide of the Sufis, like Robin Hood in Lincoln Green, like the "Green Man" of the Druids symbolising the force of nature, like the Ents - a strong looking chap who then accompanied him in all his meditations, and with his laser sword he further helped the blockage dissolution process which involved removing all the blockages in the Head, all the blockages in the base, all the blockages below the base.

Often, our meditations involve the help of all the Ascended masters to which we are connected from many lifetimes and come to help us through prayer.



As time went on he saw connections from the blockages in the head to all the chakras in the body, and all the other implants above the head and all the other blockages below the base. These implants had been totally imprisoning his soul and tried to gain great Orc influence in the path of his life, as they try to influence all Humans on this planet to parasitise all psychic energy on this planet as a Rose is destroyed by Aphid Insects.

After regaining the Jolly Green Giant the image of the tree changed and he was able to see more blockages above the head, Still Connected to the Base, in the form of Blockage Implant Rings which he referred to as, "Collets".

As he was meditating on grounding the Collets one day - as he released the Collets - he saw many of his previous girlfriends, And each of the girlfriends was connected to one of their friends who controlled them. And he cut all the connections from the Collets to them as he removed the Collets totally.

If you have sexual implants in the base chakra so this will lead to an ease of connection to partners who have the same type of sexual implants thus creating inappropriate sexual relationships, disappointment, adultery, divorce.

All your sexual energy and the energy of all your orgasms will be channeled back to the implanter and to the person who controls and implants the implanter who may not consciously know that they are controlled implanters, that their job is to implant their victims during the sexual act.

So, Thomas totally and carefully removed each part of the Implant Blockage Matrix Above the head, In the Head, In all of the chakras, in the base Chakra, beneath the Base Chakra and the G Clamps which connected them.

After all that he felt better!! - "Blockage Gone, Pain Gone!"




And during the process we visited Rosario, Visited some restaurants, gave him good vegetarian food, took him to Brazil and Iguazu Falls, boosted the buddhafield, advised on the order of Blockage Matrix removal, used Pratipaksha Bhavana - good advice - to help in his Soul Path.











Here we have a report from Bhakti Ganesha Devananda who has been with us from 2005. We met him first in Spain where he immediately had the normal Kundalini experiences which all of our students enjoy and since then he has been to Argentina, Spain - Costa Brava again, Argentina and Iguazu again and to India where we spent six weeks this year – 2010. We spent three weeks in Goa at our apartment close to the sea with Swimming pool, and air conditioning and another three weeks at the Ashram of Sathya Sai Baba, Puttaparthi. He has been there since for two months more.




As we remove all of the simpler energy blockages with the Four Level Energy Enhancement Course, with further practise at home we start to get a bit deeper into the Ego. Here we have an experience with a sub-personality created in previous lifetimes and it this which is passed on from generation to generation within a family. This sub-personality is striated with negative karmic mass. It cannot work in any other way but to destroy the lives of the people who inherit it by taking them away from their soul path towards an arid path lacking any fulfilment except that of the selfish, competitive ego. Whenever it appears it hides again. It resists each time it is pointed out by Devi and I through creating physical problems, negative emotions and false arguments. It is an expert on survival within the familial bodies it inherits, generation to generation. It becomes more and more talented each lifetime but the talents are put to some perverted use like just making money or becoming a General without any purpose or love for ones fellow man.

This pointing out process seems to resemble the tapas blows of the sculptor creating the image of God in stone. It seems quite painful at the time, yet in order to reveal your divine nature, it is necessary.

Yet, through access to the light of Samadhi these sub-personalities can be dissolved – “Dying of the Light” said William Shakespeare or the Sufi Master Sheiks Pir. By the use of the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Samyama it can be transmuted. The result of this transmutation is purified talent because this sub-personality contains within it many perverted talents which when purified become the basis of the Soul Infused Personality of Illumination.

This use of the Energy of Love focussed in meditation, transmuting energy blockages in the Buddhafield, is the Energy of Change, and not just romantic namby pamby "lurv" which changes with each new Honey.  This use of Samadhi and Samyama to purify the perverted sub-personality talents in order to create ONE Soul Infused Enlightened personality is the forerunner of a massive increase in the rate of evolution as we do the same thing with the Sub-Personalities of BM’s, taking their talents into our Psychic Bodies in order to superscede this life towards the incredibly talented Immortal Life of an Ascended Master… the only way out!!

Here is the experience..


Much work had already been done to hunt down and heal what Satchi & Devi had termed The Cowboy sub-personality. From previous meditation sessions, I have distilled down a description of our cowboy and his character traits.

The Cowboy

As you might well guess, he’s a loner this cowboy. He does what he wants to do and does not listen to anybody else; does not listen to advice. Everybody else is a fool. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He goes it alone. He does not trust anybody else.

He’s a womaniser, a Casanova and like any cowboy that has to keep on moving, shies away from long term commitment. To settle down means the enemy can catch up, and this means certain death. He is capable of love, and has loved but this fear is great enough for him to forsake that love and to keep on moving.

He travels alone; smokes too. Likes his liquor by the camp fire and burns everything in sight for kicks when he’s had a few. He’s a self-destructor is this cowboy.

His heart is closed. It has to be closed to live this life, and not feel bad about it. He’s emotionally dead; a cold hearted rider whose only solace is a draw on a cigarette. Any kind of company irritates him; he’d rather be alone, a place where nobody asks any questions. (A bit like the assassin James Bond – comment Satchidanand)

In meditation I had seen this sub-personality in my grandfather at the 2nd Level of the 7 Step process. In meditation, using the 7 Step process, I could see that this cowboy was managing to live through generation after generation of my family, and now it was my turn to have this cowboy riding my donkey (A Sufi knows that he is not the body, so he calls his body a donkey that needs to be looked after and cared for.).

At the third level of the 7 step process, I could see a knight, clad in armour wielding an amazingly strong sword. This seemed to be the genesis of the cowboy, who assumes different clothes to suit each era of time past. For example, in my lifetime, the cowboy’s horse was replaced by a motorbike (Our student was a championship motorbike rider -comment Satchidanand).  Instead of riding boots with spurs, I wore carbon-titanium strengthened motorcycle boots.

The negative karmic mass thought form of a cowboy was metamorphosing, transmuting, to fit each generation, in order to remain alive. In the bible somewhere it says how the sins of the father will pass unto the 8 or 9th generation. Well, this is what I’m talking about.

Whether we see the negative karmic mass as genetically passed down or simply karmic, it doesn’t matter, my light body was being high-jacked by this entity, by this – whatever you want to call it – black gooey negative karmic mass  that is going to see me unhappy and into an early grave if left unchecked. This cowboy does not care about me or anybody else around me, and this seems to be true of all the sub-personalities that vie for control of my life – ‘There can only be one!’ (Film - Highlander).

And the more I stay in the light, the more I stay around Satchi or Sai Baba here in Puttaparthi, the more I develop my own will to be in the light through meditation, the more clear this picture becomes. It’s increasingly black and white, and as a consequence I can see the cowboy in me that wants to take me down old streets, to ride off into distant sunsets, to draw on just one more cigarette, because this cowboy wants me to believe that this is the man I am. He wants me to identify with a stale dream I once had about this place.

When really, I am further and further drawn to the light, where my heart fills with love and compassion for all my brothers and sisters. In this place the cowboy calls me no longer, but I see that he too needs love to bring his suffering to an end. I know this is a pun, but sometimes there is no better way to express something… Well, excuse the pun, but love is the answer. Clad in the heavy clothes of a cowboy, it’s hard to have this experience overnight, which is what Shaktipat is all about. It’s the ability of the Master to give you the energy to experience this energy of love, even though it’s only to be had in his presence to begin with. This energy of love, the Holy Spirit that descends down through your body – this experience is given to you by a Master, so that you can KNOW the distance between true love and the lonesome cowboy.

It’s beyond this topic but looking at the purification of sub-personalities to create talents that can be used by the one soul infused personality is an interesting area. I can see quickly how the cowboy, like a sanyasin is happy to be on his own and does not need the reassurance of others of his existence…


Cowboy Sub-Personality Revealed

What follows is an account of one meditation session which took place in June 2010.

…I was now feeling awkward. I was feeling stiff in my chair and did not know what to say. Devi mentions the smell, which I could smell myself. It was the strange rotten vegetable smell of armpit sweat I have had before when under stress or when food poisoned. As I was listening to Devi and Satchi,  two chess pieces to manoeuvre me into check mate, I was experiencing other physiological symptoms. Satchi had mentioned The Resistor sub personality and maybe others and the guy inside me knew it could not hide. My eye and/ or lips were starting to twitch and I could feel like somebody was trying to wriggle themselves free from under my skin. This is no joke, it was as if there was somebody inside of me. It’s as if this other person in me wanted me to act in some way. My mouth was twitching because this other person wanted to hurl words at Satchi and Devi but I was aware enough to be present and observe all this stuff going on without acting or saying anything. Who is this person inside me then? The Cowboy!! A sub personality? An Alter (Fritzmeier)?


The Human Condition – Split Mind

Now, a couple of months on from writing the above, I am back to append to this article some information I have found important in explaining the multiple personalities that allow for that disease we term the “human condition”. The following is extracted from Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler - The Illuminati Formula - Monarch Mind Control Science, and for the purpose of this article, ‘alters’ are synonymous with ‘sub-personalities’:


Switching - This is when one part (fragment) of the mind takes over from

another, or in simple terms, this is when one alter personality (or alter

fragment) takes the body from the alter which is holding the body.

Switching can occur via the Programmers’ codes for calling up alters,

or by external or internal stimuli that trigger an alter to come out.

Switching will usually cause at least a flicker of the eyes, and for outside

observers, who know the different personalities, they will observe

another personality take the body.


Well, when I read the above, I could not at first believe how close this resembled my experience with Satchi and Devi – the twitching or flickering of the eyes. Then came the question of how badly my mind was split. Was every body like this or was it just me? I rationalise in my head that, yes, everybody is capable of switching personalities, it’s just that this work by Springmeier was dealing with the extreme end of the spectrum of what can be called the human condition. Gurdjieff, in reference to sub-personalities, is known for saying that the person who decides to get up at 4am to meditate is not the same as the person who throws the alarm clock out of the window. So, unless one is enlightened with a soul infused personality, then one is split to some degree.


Satchi’s Light, Triggers & Reveals Sub-Personalities

As you can read above, it’s usually only the programmer of a mind controlled slave, who knows the hypnotic codes or triggers and is able to switch Alters, but somehow both Satchi and Devi working together have a talent for revealing alters/ sub-personalities. It’s part of their service to you the student, although when it happens I guarantee you would rather pay 10,000 dollars to be somewhere else, but alas, it’s like the necessary act of removing a splinter from a child’s finger – painful to the kid but then soon after everybody’s happy! (I would say more like Aesop's Androcles and the Lion – Satchidanand)

Another way of explaining Satchi’s talent is quite simply that this is what happens when a student sits in the Buddhafield or energy field of a Master or a soul infused personality. A Master can not be bent in any way and so simply reflects what is. He reflects the truth of any situation he finds himself in, and if a student, possessed or at least driven, shall we say, by a sub personality, using strategies (mind games) to meet its own end, then this will be revealed as folly. Basically light casts a shadow for people to see.

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The ego is a mass of energy blockages and talents perverted by trauma formed negative karmic mass. This is the way in which all people are distracted by their energy blockages or the implanted ego of humanity. Here we have reports on the sub-personalities and the programmed modes of "Normal" humanity. The difficulty of talking as a tool to remove blockages. The necessity of meditative techniques which are more efficient, powerful to remove programs, blockages.

Read the commentary, "The games People Play" Below...

Transactional Analysis and Strategies "The games People Play" by Dr Eric Berne

And the Removal of Karma and Sub Personality Blockages, Strategies, in Energy Enhancement Level 3





SISTER CHANDRIKA: Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

SWAMIJI: Sufferings. Because without suffering there's no purification. Whoever is interested in purifying oneself should accept suffering. If it comes, accept it. Or while trying to relieve others' sufferings, if you face suffering, accept it.

Thiruvalluvar - One of the Tamil Siddars - gives the example of gold. How is golden ore purified? How do you get 24 carat gold? By constantly melting it and relieving it from all unnecessary sediments, mixtures. This is done with a lot of suffering. The gold undergoes a lot of sufferings. Every time it's heated, it is raised one more carat.

TAMIL: Sudachudarum Ponnpole. 'The more you heat it, the more it shines.'

Because Alchemically, all the dross, the unnecessary carbon and other things are burnt out. Like that, the more you get heated by suffering the more you shine.

Because suffering is like burning.

That's why it's called tapasya.

Tapas means to burn.

In other words you are gently, or ur-gently, roasted.

Until you become ash. Then that's called the holy ash. An ash is a holy substance because it's totally burnt. That's why you have an ash, holy ash, in Christianity, in Hinduism. Vibhuti, we call it. Vibhuti means burnt ash. It's called vibhuti because it has all the great qualities of God. Everything that is beautiful, that is supreme, is vibhuti. And this ash, which is called vibhuti, was dirt. Or to be more frank, it was dung. But it's no longer dirt. The very same dirt, burnt out completely, so it's now purified well, is now vibhuti, holy ash.

So suffering is helpful. If you face a little suffering, if you don't enjoy the way the food is prepared, say, `Ah, here is another way of my purification. God is trying to purify my tongue through this instrument we call the mother of the house.' If we forget that, we might feel, 'What is this? Can't you make a little better food? Can't you give me one more blanket? One a little more soft?'

Why are spiritual seekers expected to live a simple life? To accept suffering. To see how they can bear suffering. It's not a comfortable life. That comes afterward. When you have suffered enough, when you get burnt totally, then you are not trampled.

As long as you are dung, you get trampled. And thrown into the dung pit.

But when you get burnt, you become holy ash and you go to the very forehead of the person. You are elevated to a great height. You are respected. So the benefit comes afterward. But until you are completely burnt you can't get that. You can't go to that height.

I don't know if you remember a parable that I used to give. The Hindu temples, you know, are mostly built of granite rock. The sanctum sanctorum – the several steps you go up, and then the statue, the image you worship. as God – is made out of granite rock.

One day I was in front of the altar. There was nobody except me and the Lord through the image.

All of a sudden I heard a conversation. I became curious and I sharpened my ears to hear that. The conversation was like this: 'Hi, brother! How come you are getting all the decorations, all the offerings? Milk and honey are poured over you, you get decorated with nice jewels, flowers.

Everyone comes and respects you. And this priest, even while he decorates you, he is stepping on me. Nobody seems even to look at me. Even if they don't decorate me and respect me, can't they at least leave me alone instead of trampling on me? How come? Don't you know we were brothers? We were together, almost twins.'

The other one said, 'Yes, my brother, I remember that. I can never forget it. We were together. We were one piece when we were brought from the neighboring rock quarry. But the sculptor started working and he split that one rock into two because it was too big for a statue.

And he picked you up first and started shaping you into a beautiful image. You know the sculptor! He started hitting at you with his iron chisel and hammer.

You became so furious, you shouted at him, yelled at him, 'How dare you do this? Leave me alone. I don't want to be hit like this.' And he thought that you are so unhappy, that you are possessed with a kind of ego or ignorance, so he just left you.

And then he took the other half and started working on me. I kept quiet. I thought there must be some reason for it. After all, he is the one who brought me all the way. Let him do whatever he wants. Of course it was really painful.

Constantly, he rolled me over and over, he hit me day and night. He was sometimes even sitting on me and hitting me. But I waited and waited and after several months, all of a sudden, one day, I saw myself as a beautiful image.

Now he has put me here and he is doing all the decorations. When he put me here I was a little too high for him to reach me, so he wanted a stepping stone and he thought to use you at least for that purpose. So he just placed you in front of me and that is why he is standing on you and pouring all the milk and honey on me.'

`Oh, I see. Well, if I had known that, I would have accepted all those things; but I didn't.'

`Well, I'm sorry, but it's too late. Just accept it. Pray for the next birth. And if somebody is hitting you, even if you don't know why, accept it. Be patient. Probably one day you will be respected. You'll be honored. You'll have all the decorations, all the festivities for you. Like me.'

That's what the Deity said. It's a conversation between the Deity and the stepping stone in front. Hm? So who was right?

SOMEONE: The Deity.

SWAMIJI: How did it become the Deity?

SOMEONE: By letting the sculptor work on him.

SWAMIJI: That's what. Did he work nicely, gently like this? (Swamiji strokes Sister Chandrika's cheek) `Sweet girl, sweet girl, give her a cake.' Did he do that? (Swamiji now gives Sister Chandrika a mock blow on the side of the head) Banging, banging, hm? That's what. Suffering. That's what he means. Didn't the Lord Jesus say, 'If someone hits you on the left cheek, show him the right one too'?

So, Blessed are the...
SISTER CHANDRIKA: Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake.

SWAMIJI: Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake. Well, it's easy to read this and even to interpret it. But when it comes in our own life, then we find it hard to swallow. That's why we should 'really be following it. Be good followers and good swallowers. (laughter)

(At this point, a member of the Ashram family comes up to Swamiji, giving him a coconut and a hammer with which to break it. This is sometimes done by devotees of Swamiji on their birthdays.)

SWAMIJI: See, this is a coconut. Do you know why the coconut is broken? The coconut represents the human mind. As people mostly identify themselves as the mind and talk in terms of that, they're all more or less like coconuts.

The coconut has three parts. The upper surface, which is covered with husk. Below the husk, you see the hard shell. Inside the shell you have that beautiful, white kernel.

The husk represents the tamasic part of the mind, which is the lazy mind.

The hard shell represents the rajasic part, the restless, extremely active mind, the egoistic part.

And the beautiful, white kernel inside represents the sattvic mind, or the tranquil one. That means, when the tranquil mind goes to one extreme, it becomes restless. And if it goes to the other extreme, it becomes lazy. So the not only for the birthdays.

In India, normally you take a coconut to the temple and put it in the hands of the priest. And he cracks it for you. It signifies that the teacher breaks your ego and brings out the beautiful you — to be offered to God.

Then the priest returns the coconut and the tasteful kernel is shared with everybody. That means, once God sees your purity, accepts you as His own, then he gives you back to be distributed to everybody. Your life becomes a beautiful and dedicated one, useful to everybody. That is the symbolic purpose of breaking a coconut.

(Swamiji prepares to strike the coconut.)
May you be free from ego and ignorance which causes the mortality of life, the mrithyor of life.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe

Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

Urvarukamiva Bandhanan

Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

Hari Om Tat Sat. Om Shanthi.
(He cracks the coconut.)


Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (maha-mrityun-jaya) is one of the more potent of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment and is a practice of purifying the karmas of the soul at a deep level. It is also said to be quite beneficial for mental, emotional, and physical health.

AUM/OM: Guided Meditation on Absolute reality. That which encompasses the three states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep, represented by AUM, the three levels of gross, subtle, causal, the three levels of conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and the three universal processes of coming, being, and going. It is Tamas, Rajas and Sattvas which when made one, symbolise Illumination. Absolute silence beyond the three levels is the silence after AUM when we use OM as a guided meditation, in order to project our energy in order to connect with the center of the Universe.

Tryambakam: Trya means three. Ambakam means eyes. It means the three eyes of the Absolute, which are the processes of creation, existence, and dissolution, as well as the other triads, which are part of AUM. A - The center of the earth - Kundalini Chakra , U the heart center, M the Ajna Chakra moving into Sahasrara Chakra. Absolute silence beyond the three levels is the silence after AUM when we use OM as a guided meditation, in order to project our energy in order to connect with the center of the Universe. Thus it is a guided meditation to extend ourselves outwards into the antahkarana, into the Universe, to connect with external chakras, external sources of power. It is Energy Enhancement. The three "eyes" means experiencing these three stages and triads at one time, AS ONE, from the higher, all pervasive vantage point of the Absolute.

Yajamahe: We rejoice in meditation on all of this.


Sugandhim: Means fragrance. Like a spreading fragrance, which permeates the whole of this planet, whilst we are in contact with that existence of the OM Antahkarana. It is the Buddhafield of the Illuminated.

Pushtivardhanam: Means that which sustains and nourishes all. Thus, the fragrance that permeates all flows from God, the sustainer of all beings, while also the essence of all beings.


Urvarukamiva: Urva means big and powerful. Arukam means disease, like the spiritual diseases of ignorance and untruth, which are like the death of Wisdom or Truth.

Bandhanan: Means bound down, as in bound down to the ignorance and untruth.


Mrityor: Means ignorance and untruth.

Mukshiya: Means liberation from the cycles of physical, mental, and spiritual death.

Maamritat: Means please give me rejuvenating nectar which descends like the wine of the Sufis, of Carmina Burana, from the center of the Universe, so as to have this liberation.
THIS IS THE ALCHEMICAL TAVERN OF CARMINA BURANA WHERE THE WINE - "EVERYBODY DRINKS IMMODERATELY" -IS THE KUNDALINI ENERGY OF THE MASTER - SATCHIDANAND Like the process of severing the cucumber from the creeping vine of the earth in order to ascend into the center of the Universe.

"this tavern is not closed, this tavern won't be stopped" from Mahayogi Baba Gorakhnath Ji



Energy Enhancement can lead you to God or the universal absolute and it promises Nirvana and transformation, as these things are within you already. Energy Enhancement will not “tell” you about truth, but will give you the Real Spiritual Experience to provoke and challenge and excite into awakening to the truth which lies within. This kind of truth cannot be given as it takes two to Tango and it is the purity and resolution of the Student which calls forth the Energies of Existence. Yet, it can felt through personal experiences which take you out of normal states of awareness – through Initiations and Rites of Passage calling you into new ways of seeing Self and everything you once believed was real.

Within you lies a doorway to the Infinite. The journey to find that doorway can be arduous for it takes you into the landscape of your inner being. Are you willing to Initiate one of the greatest challenges of your life? Are you willing to change your ideas of who you thought you were in order to discover who you really are? Say, “Yes”. Leave behind your safety net and discover the knowledge that is your birthright. Many stand at this doorway, but few dare enter.

Inside you live the Mysteries of the Universe. Energy Enhancement is a doorway into that Grand Adventure.


1.1. The Ideology of Work

Work for economic ends has not always been the dominant activity of mankind. It has only been dominant across the whole of society since the advent of industrial capitalism, about two hundred years ago. Before capitalism, people in pre-modern societies, in the Middle Ages and the Ancient World, worked far less than they do nowadays, as they do in the precapitalist societies that still exist today. In fact, the difference was such that the first industrialists, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, had great difficulty getting their workforce to do a full day's work, week in week out. The first factory bosses went bankrupt precisely for this reason.

That is to say that what the British and the Germans call `the work ethic' and the `work-based society' are recent phenomena created by propaganda.

It is a feature of `work-based societies' that they have been taught that work as at one and the same time a moral duty, a social obligation and the route to personal success. The ideology of work assumes that,

- the more each individual works, the better off everyone will be;

- those who work little or not at all are acting against the interests of the community as a whole and do not deserve to be members of it;

- those who work hard achieve social success and those who do not succeed have only themselves to blame.

This ideology is still deeply ingrained and hardly a day passes without some politician, be he Right - or left-wing, urging us to work and insisting that work is the only way to solve the present crisis. If we are to `beat unemployment', they add, we must work more, not less.

Yet there are two different types of work.

1. Work for another at work which we do not like and despise which we can term slavery. This kind of work is an abomination

2. Work for oneself on your own evolution or at your passion which we can term - Soul Path.

The missive below is describing that with modern cybernetics and robotics, all the paraphernalia necessary to a rich and good life - cheap credit at 1% over 20 years, nuclear electricity, houses, television, air conditioning, heating, cooking, washing machines and cars - are available at little cost. Indeed the excess profit on these goods is a sort of a tax which goes into private hands as even national banks are owned by private capital. And this work by robots means that it is necessary only to employ 25% of the available people.

The problem is they are saying that this is a bad thing!! And that the 75% of people out of work are termed, "Useless Eaters" - I think it was Kissinger who coined this phrase, yet it is commonly used now by everyone in the Elite who propose reducing the human population by famine, disease and genocide from 6 billions to only Two Billions, as a solution to the, "Problem".

"I wish when I die to come back as a virus" - Prince Philip

Whereas in reality this fact is showing the richness of human society which will enable a vast flowering of evolution, beauty, and art for All Humanity!!!

As with a little good encouragement 75% of a rich artistic humanity can work at their Passion and Soul Path.

1.2. The Crisis of the Work Ethic

In actual fact the work ethic has become obsolete. It is no longer true that producing more means working more, or that producing more will lead to a better way of life.

The connection between more and better has been broken; our needs for many products and services are already more than adequately met, and many of our as-yet- unsatisfied needs will be met not by producing more, but by producing differently, producing other things, or even producing less. This is especially true as regards our needs for air, water, space, silence, beauty, time and human contact.

Neither is it true any longer that the more each individual works, the better off everyone will be. The present crisis has stimulated technological change of an unprecedented scale and speed: `the micro-chip revolution'. The object and indeed the effect of this revolution has been to make rapidly increasing savings in labour, in the industrial, administrative and service sectors. Increasing production is secured in these sectors by decreasing amounts of labour. As a result, the social process of production no longer needs everyone to work in it on a full-time basis. The work ethic ceases to be viable in such a situation and workbased society is thrown into crisis.

1.3. The Neo-conservative Ideology of Hard Work

Not everyone is aware of this crisis. Some are aware of it but find it in their interest to deny its existence. This is true, in particular, of a large number of `neo-conservatives', bent on upholding the ideology of work in a context in which paid work is becoming increasingly scarce. They thus encourage people looking for paid work to enter into increasingly fierce competition with each other, relying on this competition to bring down the cost of labour (that is, wages) and allow the `strong' to eliminate the `weak'. They look to this neoDarwinian process of the `survival of the fittest' to bring about the rebirth of a dynamic form of capitalism, with all its blemishes removed together with all or part of its social legislation.

1.4. Working Less so that Everyone can Work

It is in the common interest of waged workers not to compete with one other, to organize a united response to their employers and collectively negotiate their conditions of employment with the latter. This common interest finds its expression in trade unionism.

In a context in which there is not enough paid full-time work to go round, abandoning the work ethic becomes a condition of survival for the trade-union movement. To do so is no betrayal on the movement's part. The liberation from work and the idea of `working less so everyone can work' were, after all, at the origin of the struggle of the labour movement.

1.5. Forms of Work

By work we have come to understand a paid activity, performed on behalf of a third party (the employer), to achieve goals we have not chosen for ourselves and according to procedures and schedules laid down by the person paying our wages. There is widespread confusion between `work' and `job' or `employment', as there is between the `right to work', the `right to a wage' and the `right to an income'.

Now, in practice, not all activities constitute work, and neither is all work paid or done with payment in mind. We have to distinguish between three types of work.

1.5.1. Work for economic ends

This is work done with payment in mind. Here money, that is, commodity exchange, is the principal goal. One works first of all to `earn a living', and the satisfaction or pleasure one may possibly derive from such work is a subordinate consideration. This may be termed -work for economic ends.

1.5.2. Domestic labour and work-for-oneself

This is work done not with a view to exchange but in order to achieve a result of which one is, directly, the principal beneficiary. `Reproductive' work, that is, domestic labour, which guarantees the basic and immediate necessities of life day after day - preparing food, keeping oneself and one's home clean, giving birth to children and bringing them up, and so on - is an example of this kind of work. It was and still is often the case that women are made to do such work on top of the work they do for economic ends.

Since the domestic community (the nuclear or extended family) is one in which life is based on sharing everything rather than on an accounting calculation and commodity exchange, it is only recently that the idea of wages for housework has arisen. Previously, by contrast, domestic labour was seen as work done by and for the domestic community as a whole. This attitude, it should be stressed, is only justifiable if all the members of the domestic community share the tasks equitably. A number of activists have called for women to be given wages for housework in the form of a public allowance, in recognition of the social utility of such work. But this will not lead to the equitable sharing of household chores and moreover it poses the following problems:

- it transforms domestic labour into work for economic ends, that is, into a domestic (servant's) job;
- it places domestic labour in the same category as socially useful work, whereas its aim is - and should be - not social utility but the well-being and personal fulfilment of the members of the community, which is not at all the same thing. The confusion between the fulfilment of individuals and their social utility stems from a totalitarian conception of society in which there is no place for the uniqueness and singularity of the individual or for the specificity of the private sphere. By nature this sphere is - and should be - exempt from social control and the criteria of public utility.

1.5.3. Autonomous activity

Autonomous activities are activities one performs freely and not from necessity, as ends in themselves. This includes all activities which are experienced as fulfilling, enriching, sources of meaning and happiness: artistic, philosophical, scientific, relational, educational, charitable and mutual-aid activities, activities of auto-production, and so on. All these activities require `work' in the sense that they require effort and methodical application but their meaning lies as much in their performance as in their product: activities such as these are the substance of life itself. But this always requires there to be no shortage of time. Indeed, the same activity - bringing up children, preparing a meal or taking care of our surroundings, for example - can take the form of a chore in which one is subject to what seem like oppressive constraints or of a gratifying activity, depending on whether one is harrassed by lack of time or whether the activity can be performed at leisure, in co-operation with others and through the voluntary sharing of the tasks involved.

1.6. The End of Utopia

The progressive domination of work for economic ends was only made possible by the advent of capitalism and the generalization of commodity exchange. We owe to it in particular the destruction of a great deal of non-commodity services and exchanges and domestic production in which work for economic ends and the pleasure of creating something of beauty were inextricably linked. This explains why the labour movement originally challenged the overriding importance industrial capitalism attached to waged work and economic ends. However, in calling for the abolition of wage labour and for the government or self government of society by freely associated workers in control of the means of production, the demands of the workers ran directly counter to the developments that were actually taking place. The movement was utopian in so far as the possibility of giving substance to its demands had not emerged.

Yet what was utopian in the early nineteenth century has ceased in part to be so today: the economy and the social process of production require decreasing quantities of wage labour. The subordination of all other human activities and goals to waged work, for economic ends is ceasing to be either necessary or meaningful. Emancipation from economic and commercial rationality is becoming a possibility, but it can only become reality through actions which also demonstrate its feasibility. Cultural action and the development of `alternative activities' take on particular significance in this context. I shall return to this point below.


2.1. Giving Meaning to the Changes: The Liberation of Time

Trade unionism cannot continue to exist as a movement with a future unless it expands its mission beyond the defence of the particular interests of waged workers. In industry, as in the classical tertiary sector, we are witnessing an increasingly accelerated reduction in the amount of labour required. The German trade-union movement has estimated that, of the new forms of technology which will be available by the year 2000, only 5 per cent are currently being put to use. The reserves of productivity (that is, foreseeable labour savings) in the industrial and classical tertiary sectors are immense.

The liberation from work for economic ends, through reductions in working hours and the development of other types of activities, self-regulated and self-determined by the individuals involved, is the only way to give positive meaning to the savings in wage labour brought about by the current technological revolution. The project for a society of liberated time, in which everyone will be able to work but will work less and less for economic ends, is the possible meaning of the current historical developments. Such a project is able to give cohesion and a unifying perspective to the different elements that make up the social movement since (1) it is a logical extension of the experiences and struggles of workers in the past; (2) it reaches beyond that experience and those struggles towards objectives which correspond to the interests of both workers and non-workers, and is thus able to cement bonds of solidarity and common political will between them; (3) it corresponds to the aspirations of the ever-growing proportion of men and women who wish to (re)gain control in and of their own lives.

2.2. Regaining Control Over One's Life

Workplace struggles have not lost any of their significance but the labour movement cannot afford to ignore the fact that other struggles, in other areas, are becoming increasingly important as far as the future of society and our regaining control over our own lives is concerned. In particular, the labour movement's campaign for a reduction in working hours cannot ignore the fact that the unpaid work done by women in the private sphere can be as hard as the labour which men and women have to put up with to earn their living. The campaign for a shortening of working hours must, then, go hand in hand with a new and equitable distribution of paid work amongst all those who wish to work, and for an equitable redistribution of the unpaid tasks of the domestic sphere. The trade-union movement cannot be indifferent to the specific women's movement campaigns on these questions and it must take these into account when determining its own c'ourses of action, especially with respect to the arrangement and self-management of work schedules.

Nor can the trade-union movement be indifferent to people's campaigns against the invasion of their environment by mega-technological systems which upset or destroy the environment and subject vast regions and their populations to unchecked technocratic control, so as to meet logistical or safety requirements.

The right of individuals to sovereign control over their own lives and ways of cooperating with others suffers no exception. It cannot be gained in the field of work and work relations at the expense of struggles going on in other fields, any more than it can be gained in these other fields at the expense of labour struggles.

2.3. Towards 50 per cent Marginalization

A progressive wide-scale reduction in working hours without loss of income is the necessary (though not sufficient, as l will go on to explain) condition for the redistribution of paid work amongst all those who wish to work; and for an equitable redistribution of the unpaid work in the private sphere. Everyone must therefore be able to work less so that everyone can lead a better life and earn their living by working. This is the only way the trend towards an increasingly deep division of society, the segmentation of the labour market and the marginalization of a growing percentage of the population can be checked and then reversed.

According to a study by Wolfgang Lecher, of the WSI (the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the DGB), the continuation of the present trend would lead, within the next ten years or so, to the following segmentation of the active population:
- 25 per cent will be skilled workers with permanent jobs in large firms protected by collective wage agreements;
- 25 per cent will be peripheral workers with insecure, unskilled and badly-paid jobs, whose work schedules vary according to the wishes of their employers and the fluctuations in the market;
- 50 per cent will be semi-unemployed, unemployed, marginalized workers, doing occasional or seasonal work and `odd jobs'. Already 51 per cent of the active population in France aged between 18 and 24 fit into this category (26 per cent unemployed, 25 per cent doing `odd jobs'); and the percentage is even higher in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and (especially) Britain.

2.4. The New Domestic Servants

The Right acknowledges and accepts the direction in which these developments are going. A new employers' ideology, the so-called ideology of `human resources', is seeking to integrate the stable core of permanent skilled workers into modern enterprises which are portrayed as `sites of intellectual and personal fulfilment', whilst advocating `modest jobs' for a `modest wage' in service enterprises, particularly `person to person' services, for the rest.

In the United States, which is often taken as a model, of the thirteen to fifteen million new jobs created in the last ten years, the majority are in the personal-service sector and are very often insecure, badly paid and offer no possibilities of achieving professional qualifications or advancement - jobs as caretakers, nightwatchmen, cleaners, waiters and waitresses, staff in `fast food' restaurants, nursing assistants, deliverymen/women, street sellers, shoeshiners, and so on.

These `person-to-person' services are, in reality, the jobs of domestic or personal servants in their modernized and Socialized guise. A French minister for social affairs acknowledged this fact when he suggested there should be tax incentives to encourage people to employ domestic servants.

This shows a striking parallel with the developments which took place during the last century when the introduction of intensive farming and the mechanization of the textile industry led to millions of unemployed people going into domestic service: `personal and domestic servants' represented 14 per cent of the working population in Britain between 1851 and 1911. It is quite likely that `person-to-person' services - and this includes jobs in massage and relaxation salons, therapy groups and psychological counselling bureaux, for example - today represent more than 14 per cent of the United States' working population.

As in the colonies in the past and many Third World countries today, a growing mass of people in the industrialized countries has been reduced to fighting each other for the `privilege' of selling their personal services to those who still maintain a decent income.

2.5. The Dangers of Trade-Union Neo-corporatism

As a result of all this, a new dividing line is cutting across class barriers, a fact commented on by Wolfgang Lecher in the study quoted above:

The opposition between labour and capital is increasingly coming to be overlaid by an antagonism between workers in permanent, wellprotected jobs on the one hand and on the other. . The trade unions run the risk of degenerating into a sort of mutual insurance for the relatively restricted and privileged group of permanent workers.
If they see their sole task as that of defending the interests of those with stable jobs, the trade unions run the risk of degenerating into a neocorporatist, conservative force, as has occurred in a number of countries in Latin America.
The task of the trade-union movement, if it wishes to survive and grow as a movement promoting individual and social liberation, must, therefore, be to extend its sphere of action beyond the limited defence of workers as workers, in their workplaces, much more clearly than it has done in the past. Trade unions will only avoid becoming a sectionalist, neo-corporatist force if the segmentation of society and the marginalization of a growing percentage of the population can be prevented. If this is to happen, an ambitious policy for a continual, programmed reduction in working hours is indispensable. Trade unions are incapable of implementing such a policy on their own. But through their campaigns they can ensure that the necessity for such a policy is accepted and, more importantly, they can adopt it as the objective governing their actions and their social project. A project for a society in which each can work less so that all can work better and live more becomes, today, one of the principal binding elements of social cohesion.

It still remains for us to examine: (1) the extent of the reduction in working hours that can be envisaged; (2) the cultural changes and cultural tasks which trade unions will have to tackle as a result; (3) the changes it will bring about in the life of individual people; (4) how it can be programmed, realized and made compatible with an improvement in our standard of living.


3.1. Towards the 1,000-hour Working Year

The current technological revolution is giving rise to savings in labour, the extent of which are often underestimated. Productivity in industry has risen between 5 per cent and 6 per cent per year since 1978; in the economy as a whole it has risen by between 3 per cent and 4 per cent per year. Production of commercial goods and services has risen by about 2 per cent per year. In other words, though the economy keeps growing, the amount of labour it requires diminishes every year by approximately 2 per cent.

This net saving in labour is set to accelerate between now and the end of the century, thanks, mainly, to the `improvements that can be predicted in robotics and information technology. Yet even without any acceleration, the amount of labour required by the economy will have diminished in the next ten years by about 22 per cent; in the next fifteen years it will have diminished by about a third.

The prospects from now until the beginning of the next century are therefore as follows: either current norms of full-time employment will be maintained and there will be another 35 per cent of the population unemployed on top of the current 10 per cent to 20 per cent; or else the number of hours spent in work for economic ends will be reduced in proportion to foreseeable savings in labour and the number of hours we work will decrease by between 30 per cent and 40 per cent - or even by half if everyone is to be guaranteed paid work. Evidently intermediate solutions can be envisaged, but the optimum solution is obviously the one which allows everyone to work but work less, work better and receive their share of the growing socially produced wealth in the form of an increasing real income. This presupposes a staged, programmed reduction in working hours from approximately 1,000 hours per year at present to approximately 1,000 hours per year in fifteen years' time, without any reduction in people's purchasing power. This calls for a whole series of specific policies, in particular a social policy which will make purchasing power dependent not on the amount of working hours put in but on the amount of social wealth produced. We will return to this later.

3.2. New Values, New Tasks

For the first time in modern history, we will be able to stop spending most of our time and our lives doing paid work. The liberation from work has become, for the first time, a tangible prospect. However, we must not underestimate the implications this has for each of us. The campaign for a continual and substantial reduction in the amount of paid work we do presupposes the latter's gradually ceasing to be the only - or main - occupation in our lives. It must, then, cease to be our principal source of identity and social insertion. Values other than economic values, activities other than the functional, instrumental, waged activities social apparatuses and institutions compel us to perform, will have to become predominant in our lives.

The cultural and societal change involved here demands from each of us a change in attitude which no state, government, political party or trade union can bring about on our behalf. We shall have to find a meaning in life other than gainful employment, the work ethic and productivity, and struggles centred on issues other than those implied in wage relations. The extent of these cultural changes is such that it would be futile to propose them were it not for the fact that the changes presently under way are already heading in this direction.

3.2.1. Liberation in work and liberation from work

Disaffection with waged work has been on the increase over the last twenty years or so, as shown by surveys conducted periodically by institutes in Germany and Sweden. Particularly prevalent among young workers, this attitude finds expression not so much in a lack of interest or a refusal to work hard but rather in a desire that work should fit into life instead of life having to fit into or be sacrificed to one's job or career. Workers, particularly young workers, aspire to (re)gain control of their lives and this increases their awareness of and openness to movements which have this specific aim.

This desire to liberate oneself from, or vis-a-vis, work should not be seen as opposed to the traditional union objectives of achieving liberation in work. On the contrary, past experience has shown that workers become more demanding with regard to their working conditions and work relations when their work leaves them time and energy to have a personal life. Conversely, personal self-development requires that the nature and hours of work should not be damaging to the workers' physical and psychic faculties. The trade-union movement must, therefore, keep campaigning on two levels simultaneously, just as it did in the past: for the `humanization' and enrichment of work and for a reduction in working hours, without loss of income.

The traditional task of the trade unions is as relevant now as ever. For although the employers' ideology sets great store by the reskilling and personalizing ofjobs and the policy of giving workers greater responsibility, in practice this revaluation of labour only affects a small and privileged elite.

For large sectors of industrial and service workers it entails not only redundancies, but the deskilling and standardization of numerous previously skilled jobs and the introduction of a system of constant electronic monitoring of behaviour and productivity. Instead of being liberating, computerization often intensifies labour by eliminating `dead time' and forcing an increase in the pace of work.

Often accompanied by putting workers on short time or the introduction of flexi-time, this intensification of work masks, as if by design, the fact that the intensity of human effort is now just a secondary factor of increased productivity, the main factor being the savings in human labour due to the high technical performance of the equipment employed. This equipment could be used to ease the strain and monotony of work, as well as working hours. This fact makes the arbitrary and oppressive nature of the intensification of labour all the more acutely felt.

3.2.2. New forms of work, new responsibilities

In general, labour is tending to become a secondary force of production by comparison with the power, degree of automation and complexity of the equipment involved. Jobs in which the notion of individual effort and output still retain some meaning,in which the quantity or quality of the product depends on the workers' application to their task and in which their pride in producing something well-made is still a source of personal and social identity, are becoming increasingly rare.

In robotized factories and process industries in particular, work consists essentially in monitoring, (re)programming and, should the occasion arise, correcting and repairing the functioning of automatic systems. Workers in this situation are on duty rather than at work. Their work is by nature intermittent. It is as dematerialized and functional to the system whose smooth running it ensures as that of `functionaries' or civil servants and, as in the case of the latter, often requires the worker to respect procedures whose minutest details have been laid down in advance and which preclude all forms of initiative and creativity. The control the workers exercise over their `product' and over the purpose it serves is minimal. Traditional work values and the traditional work ethic thus seem destined to give way to an ethic of service and, possibly, of responsibility towards the community, in so far as one's professional consciousness can now only consist in identifying oneself with the value of the function one fulfils and no longer with the value of the product of one's labour.

It thus becomes essential to ask ourselves what purpose we serve by the function we fulfil at `work'. Professional consciousness must therefore extend to include an examination of the effects technological, economic and commercial decisions have on society and civilization, and the issues that are at stake. ThiI is especially necessary in the case of technical and scientific workers, whose associations and groups have been known publicly to question the moral and political aims, values and consequences of the programmes they are to implement.

This broadening of professional consciousness, this assumption of a reflexive and critical perspective on the implications of one's professional activities can obviously occur in associations and discussion groups, but should also be a central concern of the trade-union movement. In the absence of such developments, we run the risk of seeing the emergence of a technocratic caste which uses its expertise, or allows others to use it, to reinforce the domination of big business and the state over its citizens.

At a time when the economy has less and less need for everyone to be in full-time employment, the question of why we work and what our work consists in doing assumes prime importance. Asking this question is our only way of protecting ourselves from an ethic of `hard work for its own sake' and `producing for the sake of producing' which in the end lead towards an acceptance of the war economy and war itself.

3.2.3. The importance of non-economic aims and actions

The capitalist economy is no longer able to guarantee everyone a right to economically useful and remunerated work. Hence the right to work cannot be guaranteed for everyone unless, first, the number of hours everyone works in the economy is reduced and, second, the possibilities of working outside the economy, in tasks not performed for economic ends, are developed and opened up to all. The trade union in everyday life: cultural tasks.

As has been shown, we cannot all be guaranteed the possibility of working within the economy unless working hours are reduced to approximately 1,000 hours per year. Waged work cannot then continue to be the most important element in our lives. Unless people are to become passive consumers of amusements, who are fed on and manipulated by a deluge of programmes, messages and media games, they must be given the possibility of developing interests and autonomous activities, including productive activities. Their socialization, that is, their insertion into society and their sense of belonging to a culture, will derive more from these autonomous activities than from the work an employer or institution defines for them. (The same remarks would also apply, should society prefer to have a mass of reasonably well-compensated people out of work rather than reduce working hours). The labour movement should not forget here that its origins lie in working-class cultural associations. It will not be able to survive as a movement unless it takes an interest in people's self-realization outside their work as well as in it, and helps or participates in the creation of sites and spaces in which people are able to develop their ability to take responsibility for their own lives and self-manage their social relations: open universities, community schools and community centres; service-exchange co-operatives and mutual-aid groups; cooperative repair and self-production workshops; discussion, skills-transfer and art and craft groups, and so on.

These are not tasks to be undertaken at some time in the distant future but objectives which should be given urgent priority now, for two reasons.

- The tendency of large-scale enterprises to sub-contract the maximum amount of manufacturing and services out to tiny enterprises employing an unstable, fluctuating workforce, or even people working from home, means it is essential that trade unions should exist in towns and suburbs and that they should be open to all who live in them. They must attract this floating workforce and the population as a whole, independently of their ability to organize waged workers at their workplaces.
- More than at any other time, the influence of the trade-union movement depends on its ability to contend with the cultural industry and the entertainment or leisure moguls, so as to break the monopoly they are aiming to acquire over consciousness-formation and our conception of future society, life and its priorities. The trade-union movement's cultural task is really a political one, if we give `political' its original meaning of an activity relating to the organization, future and good of the `city'. Trade unionism as one movement among many The trade union movement should also not ignore the Struggles which have developed in the last fifteen years or so in areas outside work. These campaigns, which are extremely varied in nature, are all characterized by the aspiration of individuals and communities to regain existential sovereignty and the power to determine their own lives. These campaigns have a common target: the dictatorial rule industry and the bureaucracy exercise in alliance with professions whose aim it is to monopolize knowledge in areas as diverse as health, education, energy requirements, town planning, the model and level of consumption, and so on. In all these areas, single-issue movements - the `new social movements' - are attempting to defend our right to self determination from forms of mega-technology and scientism which lead to the concentration of decision-making power in the hands of a technocracy whose expertise generally serves to legitimate the economic and political powers-that-be.
These campaigns of resistance to the professionalization, technocratization and monetarization of our lives are specific forms of a wider, more fundamental struggle for emancipation. They contain a radical potential which has repercussions on workplace struggles and they mould the consciousness of a growing number of people. It is essential for the trade-union movement to be receptive to the aspirations contained within these movements and to adopt them as part of its struggle. It is equally essential that it should see itself as an integral part of a wider, many-sided movement of individual and social emancipation. The fact that the trade-union movement is - and will remain - the best-organized force in this broader movement confers on it a particular responsibility: on it will largely depend the success or failure of all the other elements in this social movement. According to whether the trade-union movement opposes them or whether it seeks a common alliance and a common course of action with them,these other elements will be part of the left or will break with it, will engage with it in collective action or will remain minorities tempted to resort to violence.

The attitude of the trade-union movement towards the other social movements and their objectives will also determine its own evolution. If it divorces itself from them, if it refuses to be part of a wider movement, if it sees its mission as being limited to the defence of waged workers as such, it will inevitably degenerate into a conservative, neo-corporatist force.

3.3. Working Less, Living Better

3.3.1. The field of autonomous activities

A progressive reduction in working time to 1,000 hours or less per year gives completely new dimensions to disposable time. Non-working time is no longer necessarily time for the rest, recuperation, amusement and consumption; it no longer serves to compensate for the strain, constraints and frustrations of working time. Free time is no longer merely the always insufficient `time left over' we have to make the most of while we can and which is never long enough for embarking on a project of any kind.

If the working week were reduced to under twenty-five or thirty hours, we could fill our disposable time with activities which have no economic objective and which enrich the life of both individual and group: cultural and aesthetic activities whose aim is to give and create pleasure and enhance and `cultivate' our immediate environment; assistance, caring and mutual-aid activities which create a network of social relations and forms of solidarity throughout the neighbourhood or locality; the development of friendships and affective relationships; educational and artistic activities; the repairing and production of objects and growing food for our own use, `for the pleasure' of making something ourselves, of preserving things we can cherish and hand down to our children; service-exchange cooperatives, and so on. In this way it will be possible for an appreciable proportion of the services currently provided by professionals, commercial enterprises or public institutions to be provided on a voluntary basis by individuals themselves, as members of grassroots communities, according to needs they themselves have defined. I shall return to this later.

These activities, taken as a whole, should not be viewed as an alternative economic sector which forms part of a 'dual economy'. These activities are characterized by an absence of economic rationality and have no place in the economic sphere. The act of performing them, is not the means to achieve an end, to achieve satisfaction. It produces that satisfaction itself; it is an end in itself. The time we devote, for example, to music, love, education, exchanging of ideas, to creative activities, to looking after the sick, is time for living, and cannot be bought or sold at any price. Extending this time for living and reducing the amount of time devoted to necessary tasks or work for economic ends has been one of humanity's constant aims.

3.3.2. From the self-management of time to the self-management of life

There is no reason why we should make this reduction of the amount of paid work a reduction in daily or weekly working hours. Computerization and the greater flexibility of decentralized units of production increase the scope for individual and/or collective self-management of work schedules. This is already happening in Quebec, where public employees are able to arrange their monthly quota of 140 hours as best suits them individually. Factories and administrative bodies have been reorganized so that employees are no longer obliged to put in a set number of hours per day, with work stations functioning independently of one another. Such possibilities for workers themselves to manage their own time should be mobilized against schemes which introduce flexi-time on the employers' terms.

One thousand hours per year could, for example, be divided into twenty per week, done in two and a half days, or ten days per month, or twenty-five weeks per year, or ten months spread out over two years - without any loss of real income of course (I shall return to this). Working hours could also be defined as the amount of work performed over a lifetime: for example, a person could do 20,000 to 30,000 hours over a lifetime, which would be completed within the fifty years of their potential active working life and guarantee them - throughout their lifetime - the full income which their 1,600 hours per year provides at the present time.

A form of self-management such as this which spans an entire lifetime presents a number of advantages and has been the subject of much debate in Sweden. By allowing people to work more or less during certain periods in their lives, this arrangement allows them to be ahead or behind in the amount of work they have to do per year; to interrupt their professional activity over a number of months or years without loss of income in order, for example, to learn a new trade, set up a business, bring up children, build a house, or undertake an artistic, scientific, humanitarian or co-operative project.

The possibility of alternating between waged work and autonomous activities, or doing the two simultaneously, should not be interpreted as a devaluation of waged work. Personal development through autonomous activities always has repercussions on one's professional work. It enriches it and makes it more fruitful. The notion that one must devote oneself and one's time entirely and exclusively to a single job if one is to succeed or be creative is erroneous. The creator and the pioneer are generally jacks-of-all-trades with extremely diverse and changing interests and occupations. Einstein's theory of relativity came to him during the free time he had while working full-time job in the patent office in Berne.

In general, innovation and creativity are the result not of continuous, regular work but of a period of spasmodic effort (for example, twenty hours or more at a stretch in computer programming; three hundred to five hundred hours a month, over a period of several months, to set up a business or perfect a new type of technology or piece of equipment), followed by periods of reading, thinking, pottering about, travelling and emotional and intellectual interaction.

Continual hard slog does not make work more creative or more efficient; it only serves the will to power of those who defend the rank and the position of strength their work affords them. It is rare for pioneers, creators or high-level researchers to be at work for more than 1,000 hours per year on average. Experience has shown that two people, sharing a single position of responsibility (for example, as a dean of a university, a personnel manager, a legal adviser, a municipal architect or a doctor) and doing two and a half days each, do the job better more efficiently than one person doing the same job full-time.

3.3.3 The democratization of areas of competence

A policy for the reduction of working time limited solely to unskilled jobs will not avoid the division and segmentation of society it is designed precisely to prevent. All it will do is displace the split. It will give rise on one side to professional elites who monopolize the positions of responsibility and power and on the other to a mass of powerless deskilled, peripheral workers on short time. If the maximum number of people are to have access to creative, responsible, skilled jobs, then it is just as essential for the amount of working hours to be reduced here as elsewhere. The current scarcity of jobs such as these can be explained less by a lack of talents and will to develop a career than by the fact that creative, responsible, skilled jobs are monopolized by professional elites intent on defending their corporate and class privileges and powers. Reducing the amount of time work takes up will enable these jobs to be `democratized' and allow a larger percentage of the working population to have access to them, since it will create scope for people to acquire new skills and to study regardless of age.


When the economy requires a decreasing amount of labour and distributes less and less in the way of wages for an increasing volume of production, `the purchasing power of the population and their right to an income can no longer be made to depend on the amount of labour they supply. The purchasing power distributed must increase despite the reduction in the amount of labour required. The level of real income distributed and the quantity of labour supplied must become independent of each other, otherwise he demand for production will be insufficient and economic depression will deepen. The key question for all the industrial nations is not the principle of uncoupling the level a- income from the amount of labour the economy requires, but the way in which to implement this dissociation. Three formulas can be envisaged.

4.1. The Social-Democratic Logic

The creation of jobs outside the economy proper is often advocated, especially by the left, on the grounds that `There is no shortage of work, since there is virtually no limit to the needs we have to satisfy.' The question remains, however, as to whether these needs will be best satisfied through the waged labour of people employed to that end. Two categories of inherently non-commercializable needs can be distinguished.

- The first group relates to the environment on which our quality of life depends, and includes our need for space, clean air, silence and styles of architecture and urban planning which make it easy for us to meet and interact. These needs cannot be expressed on the market in terms of effective individual `demand' giving rise to a corresponding supply. The resources to which these needs relate cannot in fact be produced and sold, whatever the price offered for them. These needs will be satisfied not by working and producing more but by working and producing differently. To this end, a policy of selective public incentives and subsidies is required so as to express a collective level of demand which would make it possible to furnish the corresponding supply (especially in the case of re-afforestation, pollution control, energy conservation, urban development or the prevention of illnesses, for example). This will create a limited number of jobs. But part of the jobs thus created will be lost elsewhere because the consumption of energy, medical services and pharmaceutical products will diminish, as will the demand for goods and services, since jobs created by public demand are financed from public, fiscal resources drawn from the economy.
- The second category of non-economic needs which cannot be expressed in cash terms concerns helping and caring activities (for the aged, the disturbed, children, the sick, and so on). Industrialization has resulted in a shortage of time and autonomy, and its growth has been based on compensating for this by turning activities which were traditionally part of the private, family or community sphere into professional, commercialized ones. This has resulted in the impoverishment and depersonalization of human relations, the disintegration of grassroots communities and the standardization and technicization of caring and helping services - all things which the new social movements' are reacting against at different levels. We must consequently ask ourselves to what extent our need for the care and help provided for by these services, whether public or private, is generated by our lack of time; to what extent, therefore, that need would not be better met if we increased the time we had available rather than employing people to take care of our children, ageing parents, mixed-up adolescents and distressed friends in our stead. A reduction in working hours without loss of income could allow the repatriation to grassroots communities, through voluntary cooperation and mutual aid on the level of the neighbourhocd or block, of a growing number of services which will better satisfy our needs, and be better adapted to them, if we provide them for ourselves than they are when professionals are paid to administer them according to norms and procedures laid down by the state. It is not a question of dismantling the welfare state but of relieving it, as the amount of work we do for economic ends diminishes, of certain tasks which, apart from being expensive, also bring the tutelag'e of the state to bear on the beneficiaries.

4.2. The Liberal Logic
The second formula for uncoupling the level of income from the amount of labour supplied is the institution of a `social minimum' or `social income' unconditionally guaranteed to all citizens. This formula has its supporters on the left as well as on the Right. In general, its objective is to protect an increasing mass of unemployed people from extreme forms of poverty. In the most generous variants of this scheme, the social income guaranteed to all citizens is to be fixed above the poverty line.

The neo-liberal variant, however, fixes the guaranteed social income at or below subsistence level, with the result that the recipients are practically forced to earn a top-up income by doing `odd jobs', which will not prevent them receiving the guaranteed minimum income as long as their earned income does not exceed a certain amount. In this conception of the scheme, the guaranteed minimum is to allow the price of labour to change in keeping with the laws of supply and demand and, if necessary, to fall below subsistence level.

In all of the above cases,the guaranteed social income is essentially an unemployment allowance adapted to a situation in which a high percentage of the unemployed have never worked and have little chance of finding a regular paid job. It amounts to a form of social assistance provided by the state, which neither stems the tide of unemployment nor arrests the division of society into a class of active workers in full-time employment on the one hand and a marginalized mass of the unemployed and semi-employed on the other.

4.3. The Trade-Union Logic

The third formula for making the level of income independent of the amount of labour supplied is the reduction of working hours without loss of income. This proposal reconciles the right of everyone to have a paid job and the possibility for everyone to have a greater degree of existential autonomy and for individuals to exercise more control over their private, family and community lives. This proposal is most closely in keeping with the trade-union tradition. While the demand for a guaranteed social income is a social policy demand addressed to the state, and one which trade unions can neither carry through by direct mass action nor implement themselves through workers' control, the demand for a reduction in the working week to thirty-two, twenty-eight, twenty-four or twenty hours, without loss of real income, can be campaigned for through collective action and, more importantly, can create solidarity between workers, the unemployed and those people - a significant number of whom are women and young people - who wish their jobs to fit into their personal lives instead of requiring the sacrifice of the latter.

Contrary to the social income, which is a more or less inadequate compensation for social and economic exclusion, a reduction in working hours meets three basic requisites of justice:

- the savings in labour which technological development has created must benefit everyone;
- everyone must be able to work less so that everyone can work;
- the decrease in working hours must not entail a decrease in real income, since more wealth is being created by less labour.
These are not new aims. There is no shortage of collective agreements, and sectoral or company agreements which have, in the past, made provision for a progressive reduction in working hours accompanied by guarantees of purchasing power and a stabilization, if not indeed an increase, in the size of the workforce.
What is new is the fact that the technological revolution is now affecting all fields of activity and bringing about highly differentiated savings in labour. This will continue over a long period. Trade-union action is indispensable if we are to achieve reductions in working hours which correspond to the predictable rise in productivity: indispensable, in particular, if the reductions in working hours are to lead to employees being able to self-manage their time and not merely to more flexible-time on the employers' terms. But trade-union activity is not enough to effect a planned reduction in working hours by stages across the whole of society. This calls for specific policies which very much concern the trade-union movement but which cannot be conducted and implemented by it. These specific policies must focus on four areas: forecasting and programming; employment; training; and financing.

4.4. Complementary Policies

4.4.1. Productivity contracts

Increases in productivity are neither unpredictable nor unforeseen. Enterprises, industrial sectors and administrative bodies generally plan investment programmes spanning several years which are intended to produce predictable productivity gains. Social control over the technological revolution consists in translating these productivity forecasts into for example, company, sectoral or public-service contracts, which can serve as a framework for ongoing negotiations e necessary adjustments and means of implementation.

4.4.2. Employment policy

Increases in available productivity are obviously not the same in all companies, sectors and institutions. Social control over the technological revolution consists in avoiding a situation in which there are redundancies and a surplus of labour power in some sectors of the economy, while there is plenty of overtime and a shortage of labour in others.

It thus becomes essential for labour to be transferred from enterprises and industrial sectors in which there is rapid growth in available productivity to those where there is little or no growth. Such transfers are the condition for an approximately equal reduction in working hours for everyone, proportionate to the average growth in productivity of the economy as a whole, in conditions as close as possible to full employment. An employment policy which offers incentives for professional mobility is therefore necessary. This evidently presupposes the possibility of learning or relearning a trade at any age, without loss of income.

4.4.3. Educational reform

Current training methods are often inappropriate and not particularly stimulating. There is an urgent need at all levels of the education system for a reform which will focus on the individual's ability to learn by her or himself, on the acquisition of a range of related skills which will enable individuals to become polyvalent and develop their capacity to carry out a range of occupations. Schools also need to reverse their priorities: instead of giving priority to training `human computers' whose memory capacity, abilities of analysis and calculation and so on, are surpassed and largely made redundant by electronic computers, they need to give priority to developing irreplaceable human capabilities such as manual, artistic, emotional, relational and moral capabilities, and the ability to ask unforeseen questions, to search for a meaning, to reject non-sense even when it is logically coherent.

4.4.4. Fiscal reform

From the point where it takes only 1,000 hours per year or 20,000 to 30,000 hours per lifetime to create an amount of wealth equal to or greater than the amount we create at the present time in 1,600 hours per year or 40,000 to 50,000 hours in a working life, we must all be able to obtain a real income equal to or higher than our current salaries in exchange for a greatly reduced quantity of work. In practice, this means that in the future we must receive our full monthly income every month even if we work full-time only one month in every two or six months in a year or even two years out of four, so as to complete a personal, family or community project, or experiment with different lifestyles, just as we now receive our full salaries during paid holidays, training courses, possibly during periods of sabbatical leave, and so forth.

In contrast to the guaranteed social minimum granted by the state to those unable to find regular paid work, our regular monthly income will be the normal remuneration we have earned by performing the normal amount of labour the economy requires each individual to supply. The fact that the amount of labour required is so low that work can become intermittent and constitute an activity amongst a number of others, should not be an obstacle to its being remunerated by a full monthly income throughout one's life. This income corresponds to the portion of socially produced wealth to which each individual is entitled by virtue to their participation in the social process of production. It is, however, no longer a true salary, since it is not dependent on the amount of labour supplied (in the month or year) and is not intended to remunerate individuals as workers. It is therefore practically impossible for this income to be paid and guaranteed by economic units or enterprises, either in the form of increases in salary per hour of work or through contributions paid into a social fund. In both cases, the reduction by half of working hours, without loss of real income, would raise the hourly cost of labour to double the present level.

Leaving aside problems of competitiveness, the result would be a prohibitive rise in the relative price of highly labour-intensive services and forms of production such as building, agriculture, maintenance and repair work, and cultural and educational activities. This difficulty could be overcome by implementing the following solution: enterprises would only pay for the hours of work completed, on a negotiated wage-scale, which would thus ensure that the real costs of production were known. The loss of salary resulting from a reduction in working hours would be compensated from a guarantee fund which would pay for the working hours saved due to advances in technology, at the rate set for hours of work actually completed. This guarantee fund would be paid for out of a tax on automated production, comparable to VAT or the duty on alcohol, cigarettes, fuel or cars, for example. The rate of taxation of products would rise as their production costs decreased. The less socially desirable or useful that production, the higher this tax would be. As these taxes would be deductible from export costs, competitiveness would not be affected. The real income individuals receive would be made up of a direct salary and a social income which, in non-working periods in particular, would itself be sufficient to guarantee their normal standard of living.

The implementation of a system of political prices, reflecting the choices society has made, and the creation of a social income indepen ent of the amount of labour supplied, will in any case become necessary as the cost of bour in increasingly widespread robotized production is reduced to a negligible amount. The value of salaries distributed and the price of automated forms of production can o y be prevented from falling through the floor by a price-and-incomes policy by means f which society can assert its priorities and give direction and meaning to the advance of technology. Nevertheless, there is nothing to guarantee that society will choose the emancipation and autonomy of individuals as its priority or its intended direction, rather than seeking to dominate and exert even greater control over them. What direction the present social changes will take is still an open question; it is today and wil, for the foreseeable future remain, the central issue in social conflicts and the key question for social movements.


I have attempted to identify the meaning history could have, and to show what humanity and the trade-union movement could derive from the technological revolution we are witnessing at present. I have tried to indicate the direction in which we should advance, the policies we should follow if we are to bring this about. Events could nevertheless take a course which would miss the possible meaning of the current technological revolution. If this happens, I can see no other meaning in that revolution: our societies will continue to disintegrate, to become segmented, to sink into violence, injustice and fear


Andre Gorz

I see Civil Servants of the highest level crafting the social system of the future in what has happened since we first saw this advanced robotic and computerised manufacturing in the 1970's. This future has all been thought out for us in the words above we can see what has been planned.

According to a study by Wolfgang Lecher, of the WSI (the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the DGB), the continuation of the present trend would lead, within the next ten years or so, to the following segmentation of the active population:
- 25 per cent will be skilled workers with permanent jobs in large firms protected by collective wage agreements;
- 25 per cent will be peripheral workers with insecure, unskilled and badly-paid jobs, whose work schedules vary according to the wishes of their employers and the fluctuations in the market;
- 50 per cent will be semi-unemployed, unemployed, marginalized workers, doing occasional or seasonal work and `odd jobs'. Already 51 per cent of the active population in France aged between 18 and 24 fit into this category (26 per cent unemployed, 25 per cent doing `odd jobs'); and the percentage is even higher in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and (especially) Britain.

The Bell Shaped IQ curve neccesitates the above break down of the workforce. Reduction in population will result in a reduction of the High IQ, "prized", Workers. In the face of a 300 million strong university educated middle class in India (and 700 millions of incredibly poor lower classes) a reduction in population will just reduce the number of intelligent people available to the country.

All organs of Government are at work manipulating expectations and work myth concepts and war to get the minimum earnings acceptable to the poor.

29 Jul 2010, 10:36PM
This government has cut housing benefit for the long term unemployed because, as everyone knows, they are lazy workshy feckless bastards.

According to some figures up to 94% of those receiving disability benefits are being moved on to JSA.

Up to 600,000 public sector workers plus an unkown number of knock-on redundncies in the private sector are expected. The spending review here in scotland identified around 50,000 job cuts.

And this government in its fucking wisdom is now removing the compulsory retirement wage.

Can anyone, anyone at all I don't care if they are a Tory or a Lib Dem, can anyone at all tell me


Yet I would like to offer a new vision of the future. And it is here that all humanity and all the Unions can put their weight behind evolution for all humanity.

A key is the amount of benefit, unearned wages, which would be acceptable to the majority out of work. In order to stop revolution and manage the population a contract must be worked out between the elite and the benefit scroungers. Here an organisation, like a Union could benefit the majority.

Unearned wages, a basic income, could be given in the face of such a lack of work accorded by right of being born. Like a Family giving pocket money, housing and education to its children, so the country could give such patrimony, such a share in the country company which produces earnings to satisfy the needs of the poor on a yearly basis.

There is the analysis that because of productivity improvements in manufacturing that no work should be available. However it simply means that House machines - fridges, heating, air conditioning, TV are cheaper for everyone and these are now produced in China.

This largesse can only come through an increase in the Real Physical Economy - not the gambling Funny Money of Wall Street. This increase can only come through cheap plentiful energy and investment in infrastructure producing Cheap food through NAWAPA and the nuclear desalination of water, fourth generation nuclear electrical energy can be provided, almost free for 5000 years with the uranium already mined. Housing - concrete is priced on the cost of energy. Free education and entertainment mean a possible good life for all humanity without the need for "work". Channeling the passion of humanity in good directions will benefit all humanity.



- A Game Worth Playing

THIS ARTICLE IS CONCERNED with games and aims.

 It has been stated by Thomas Szasz that what people really need and demand from life is not wealth, comfort or esteem but games worth playing.1 He who cannot find a game worth playing is apt to fall prey to accidie, defined by the Fathers of the Church as one of the Deadly Sins, but now regarded as a symptom of sickness. Accidie is a paralysis of the will, a failure of the appetite, a condition of generalized boredom, total disenchantment—"God, oh God, how weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world!" Such a state of mind, Szasz tells us, is a prelude to what is loosely called "mental illness," which, though Szasz defines this illness as a myth, nevertheless fills half the beds in hospitals and makes multitudes of people a burden to themselves and to society.

Seek, above all, for a game worth playing. Such is the advice of the oracle to modern man. Having found the game, play it with intensity—play as if your life and sanity depended on it. ( They do depend on it. ) Follow the example of the French existentialists and flourish a banner bearing the word "engagement." Though nothing means anything and all roads are marked "No EXIT," yet seem to offer a game worth playing, then invent one.2 For it must move as if your movements had some purpose. If life does not be clear, even to the most clouded intelligence, that any game is better than no game.

What sort of games does life offer? We can study Stephen Potter for tips on "gamesmanship." We can ( and should) read Eric Berne on Games People Play.3 If we have mathematical inclinations we can look into the work of John von Neumann or Norbert Wiener, who devoted some of their best thinking to the elaboration of a theory of games.4

From the Hindu scriptures we can learn of the cosmic game, the alternation of lila and nitya, the Dance of Shiva, in which primordial unity is transformed into multiplicity through the constant interplay of the three faunas. In the works of the mystic novelist, Hermann Hesse, we can read of the Magic Theater in which all life games are possible or of the game of games (Glassperlenspiel) in which all elements of human experience are brought together in a single synthesis."

What is a game? An interaction between people involving ulterior motives? Berne uses the word in this sense in Games People Play. But a game involves more than this. It is essentially a trial of strength or a trial of wits played within a matrix which is defined by rules."' Rules are essential. If the rules are not observed, the game ceases to be a game at all. A meaningful game of chess would be impossible if one player insisted on treating all pawns as queens.

Life games reflect real life aims. And the games men choose to play indicate not only their type, but also their level of inner development. Following Thomas Szasz ( more or less) we can divide life games into object games and meta-games. Object games can be thought of as games played for the attainment of material things, primarily money and the objects which money can buy. Meta-games are played for intangibles such as knowledge or the "salvation of the soul." In our culture object games predominate. In earlier cultures meta-games predominated. To the players of meta games, object games have always seemed shallow and futile, an attitude summarized in the Gospel saying: "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" To the players of object games, meta-games seem fuzzy and ill-defined, involving nebulous concepts like beauty, truth or salvation. The whole human population of the earth can be divided roughly into two groups, meta-game players and object-game players, the Prosperos and the Calibans.8 The Ascenders and the Descenders The two have never understood one another and it is safe to predict that they never will. They are, psychologically speaking, different species of man and their conflicts throughout the ages have added greatly to the sum of human misery.


Life Games

ALL games have an important and probably decisive influence on the destinies of the players under ordinary social conditions; but some offer more opportunities than others for lifelong careers and are more likely to involve relatively innocent bystanders. This group may be conveniently called Life Games Which we work on in Energy Enhancement Level 3. It includes "
Addict," "Defaulter," "Kick Me," "Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch," "See What You Made Me Do" and their principal variants. They merge on the one side with marital games, and on the other with those of the underworld. All these games are Implant Blockage created Distractions which are a total waste of time, only removable by Energy Enhancement meditation Based techniques.

Their use is promoted by Hollywood Advertising (Psychopathic Killing as an advertisement for people to join the Army) Bollywood Advertising (Dancing and sweet love to get you to enter into the Householder Game and create a massive Population so that a massive army can be generated) and childish novels as attention distracters from the Master Game.

Life games are a big subject to do with purpose, one of the energies of the Will, of the Avatar of Synthesis.

What is your purpose, your mission in this lifetime?

What is distracting you from your purpose?

Table I.







The big celebration, the wedding or housewarming, takes place not when the debt is discharged, but when it is undertaken.

What is emphasized on TV, for example, is not the middle-aged man who has finally paid off his mortgage, but the young man who moves into his new home with his family, proudly waving the papers he has just signed and which will bind him for most of his productive years.

After he has paid his debts—the mortgage, the college expenses for his children and his insurance—he is regarded as a problem, a "senior citizen" for whom society must provide not only material comforts but a new "purpose."

This is the life of Nothing. You come into this world with Nothing; make some money, pay the bills for the hospital and you leave with Nothing!!

As this is written, a sow bug crawls across a desk. If he is turned over on his back, one can observe the tremendous struggle he goes through to get on his feet again. During this interval he has a "purpose" in his life.

When he succeeds, one can almost see the look of victory on his face. Off he goes, and one can imagine him telling his tale at the next meeting of sow bugs, looked up to by the younger generation as an insect who has made it.

And yet mixed with his smugness is a little disappointment. Now that he has come out on top, life seems aimless. Maybe he will return in the hope of repeating his triumph. It might be worth marking his back with ink, so as to recognize him if he risks it. A courageous animal, the sow bug. No wonder he has survived for millions of years.

This is the Existential Position of Eric Berne which is true of any game except the Master Game of Illumination.

All games are played according to rules. In man-made games such as poker the rules are imposed by the laws of probability (odds against a straight are 254 to 1, against a flush, 508 to 1.) or they are dependent on special limitations (pawns and other pieces in chess each having its own move). In life games, rules are imposed by natural, economic or social conditions. The player must both remember the aim and know the rules. Apart from this, the quality of his game depends on his own innate characteristics.

Great chess masters are born, not made. Great football players are bound to have certain physical characteristics. The game a man can play is determined by his type ( of which more later). Ho who tries to play a game for which his type does not fit him violates his Own essence with consequences that are often disastrous.

The Low Games
The main types of life games are shown in Table I.

 Hog in Trough is an object game pure and simple. The aim is to get one's nose in the trough as deeply as possible, guzzle as much as possible, el¬bow the other hogs aside as forcefully as possible. A strong Hog in Trough player has all the qualities with which communist propa¬ganda endows the capitalist, insatiable greed, ruthlessness, cun¬ning, selfishness. Pure Hog in Trough is not considered entirely respeetahly iii the contemporary U.S.A. and is generally played today with a certain moderation that would have seemed sissy to the giants oi the game who savagely exploited the resources of the continent a century or so ago. Although the 4 trillions of dollars stolen out of the system by the latest 2008 housing bubble and by the yearly bubbles for 200 years - The rules of the game have become more complex and the game itself more subtle.

Cock on Dunghill is played for fame. It is designed primarily to inflate the false ego and to keep it inflated. Players of Cock on Dunghill are hungry to be known and talked about. They want, in a word, to be celebrities, whether or not they have anything worth celebrating. The game is practically forced upon people in some professions ( actors, politicians), who are compelled to maintain a "public image" which may have no relationship to the thing they really are. But the real player of Cock on Dunghill, whose happiness depends entirely on the frequency with which he (or she) sees his name in the papers, does not much care about public images. For him any publicity is better than no publicity. He would rather be well known as a scoundrel than not known at all.

The Moloch Game is the deadliest of all games, played for "glory" or for "victory," by various grades of professional mankillers (trained to regard such killing as creditable provided those they kill favor a different religion or political system and can thus be collectively referred to as "the enemy." "They were all bad" - Big Arnie. These people are created for a purpose and that purpose is the creation of poverty, low intellect - dumming down, in order to kill off the intellectual elite every few years - the cull, and control humanity for thousands of years. Moloch Game is a purely human game. Other mammals, though they fight with members of their own species, observe a certain decent moderation and rarely fight to the death.9 But the players of the Moloch Game have no moderation. Lured on by some glittering dream of glory or power, they kill with boundless enthusiasm, destroying whole cities, devastating entire countries. The game is played so passionately and with such abandon that nothing, neither pity, decency, sympathy or even common sense, is allowed to interfere with the destructive orgy. As the devotees of the god Moloch sacrificed their children to the idol, so the players of the Moloch Game sacrifice the lives of thousands of young males in the name of some glittering abstraction ( formerly "glory," now more generally "de¬fence") or a silly phrase couched in a dead language: "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori." - It is good and beautiful to die for ones country. 1

Some of the war poets (World War I vintage) had bitter things to say about this phrase:
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori."
(Wilfred Owen, Poems [New York: The Viking Press, 1931].)

But so great is the power wielded by the players of this game, exerted through various forms of coercion and blackmail, that the thousands of young men involved make little protest. They "go to their graves like beds," not daring to expose the emptiness of the glittering words on which the Moloch Game is based.

These three games, Hog in Trough, Cock on Dunghill and the Moloch Game, are all more or less pathological activities. The players who "win" win nothing that they can truly call their own. "Hog in Trough" may emerge twice as rich as Croesus only to find himself embittered, empty and unhappy, at a loss to know what to do with the wealth he has amassed.

"Cock on Dunghill" may make himself so famous that everyone knows his name only to realize that this fame of his is a mere shadow and a source of inconvenience.

Players of the Moloch Game may wade in blood up to the ears only to find that the victory or glory for which they sacrificed a million lives are empty words, like richly bedizened whores who lure men to their destruction. There is a criminal ele¬ment in all these games because, in every instance, they do harm both to the player and to the society of which he forms a part. So warped, however, are the standards by which men measure crimi¬nality that players of these games are more apt to be regarded as "pillars of society" than dangerous lunatics who should be exiled to remote islands where they can do no harm to themselves or Others.

Between the higher and the lower games is the neutral game, the Householder Game, the aim of which is simply to raise a family and provide it with the necessities of life. One cannot call it either a meta-game or an object game. It is the basic biological game on which the continuation of the human race depends. It is also possible to find, in every human society, a certain number of nonplayers, people who, due to some constitutional defect, are unable to find any game worth playing, who are, as a result, chronic outsiders, who feel alienated from society and generally become mentally deranged, tend to become antisocial and criminal

The High Games
The Meta-Games are rarely played in their pure form but are perverted in order to maintain dumming down. Money and wealth depend upon human invention to maintain the increase in human population, interaction, culture, genius and joy in life. Without this genius, humanity is set in the pattern of poverty seen on this planet for the last 100,000 years.

The Art Game is directed toward the expression of an inner awareness defined as beauty. The awareness is purely subjective. One mans beauty be another man's horror. The beautiful of one age can seem ugly to another. But bad players of the art game have no inner awareness all. They are technically proficient and imitate those who ha yg awareness, conforming to the fashion whatever that fashion may he. The whole Art Game, as played today, is heavily taintede with commercialism, the greed of the collector pervades it like a bad smell

It is further complicated by the tendency to show off that afflicts all contemporary artists, whether they be painters, sculptors, writers or composers. As all traditional concepts of the beautiful have been abandoned, anything goes, just so long, as it is new and startling. This makes it almost impossible to tell whether a work of art corresponds to some inner awareness of the artist or merely shows that he was trying to be clever 11

The Science Game is also rarely played in its pure form. Much of it is mere jugglery, a tiresome ringing of changes on a few basic
themes by investigators who are little more than technicians with higher degrees.

The Science Game has become so complex, so vast and so expensive that more or less routine enterprises are given preference.

Anything truly original tends to be excluded by that formidable array of committees that stands between the scientist and the money he needs for research. He must either tailor his research plans to fit the preconceived ideas of the committee or find himself without funds. Moreover, in the Science Game as in the Art Game there is much insincerity and a frenzied quest for status that sparks endless puerile arguments over priority of publication. The game is played not so much for knowledge as to bolster the scientist's ego.

To the Art Game and the Science Game we must add the Religion Game, a meta-game played for an aim loosely defined as the attainment of salvation. The Religion Game, as played in the past, had a fairly well-defined set of rules. It was essentially a game played by paid priests of one sort or another for their personal benefit. To compel their fellowmen to play the game, the priests invented various gods, with whom they alone could communicate, whose wrath they alone could assuage, whose cooperation they alone could enlist. He who wanted help from the gods or who wished to avert their wrath had to pay the priests to obtain his ends. The game was further enlivened, and the hold of the priests on the minds of their victims further strengthened, by the inven¬tion of two after-death states, a blissful heaven and a terrible hell. To stay out of the hell and get into the heaven, the player of the Religion Game had to pay the priests, or his relatives had to pay them after his death. This "pay the priest" aspect of the Religion Game has caused several cynics to define it as the world's oldest confidence trick designed to enable certain unscrupulous individuals to make a profit out of the credulity and suggestibility of their fellow men by interceding on their behalf with some nebulous god or ensuring their entry into an equally nebulous heaven. It was this aspect of the Religion Game that caused Sigmund Freud to ex¬claim, more in sorrow than anger: "The whole thing is so patently infantile, so incongruous with reality, that for one whose attitude to y is friendly it is painful to think that the great majority of mortals will never be able to rise above this view of life." 12

A hideous aspect of the Religion Game resulted from the insistence by certain priests that their brand of god was the only god, that their form of the game was the only permissible form. So eager were these priests to keep the game entirely in their own hands that they did not hesitate to persecute, torture or kill any who happened to wish to play the game by other rules.

This practice was started by the Jews, whose enthusiasm for their one and only and very jealous father-god justified those slaughterings the accounts of which constitute so much of the bulk of the Old Testament. As well has how to create an altar of sacrifice, how big, where to put the holes for the blood to run out of.

The Policy of the "Long War" is that of economic destruction to keep humanity at the level of the beast. In Current lexicon, "To bomb them back into the Stone Age" in order to maintain the control of humanity exerted for thousands of years. "It is not enough that I succeed, everyone else must fail" - Genghis Khan, who was paid in Machiavelian manner by the Catholic Popes and the Venetians to attack Islam from behind and maintain the Silk route for the Venetian families for total control of that route. The Venetian Silk route was protected by Genghis Khan,  paid for by the Venetians for hundreds of years to India and to China.

The wars of Napolean and the First and Second World wars to destroy the economic capacity of Europe. Also Iraq, Iran, Afganistan. The practice was eagerly adopted by the elite of the so-called Christians, who, not satisfied with slaughtering Moslems and Jews, turned like rabid dogs on one another in a series of ghastly religious wars, Protestant versus Catholic. The Moslems, who borrowed the rules of their Religion Game from Jews and Christians alike, did not fail to copy the bad habits of both. Believers were exhorted in the Koran to wage war on the infidel, the slaughter of unbelievers being defined as one sure way of gaining entry into the Moslem heaven ( a much lusher paradise than the rather insipid affair offered by their priests to conforming Christians).

It would simplify our account of the games if we could offer the above description of the Religion Game without further comment. Unfortunately, this is impossible. Simply to define the Religion Game as the world's oldest con game is as "patently infantile" ( to borrow Freud's words) as it is to take seriously the anthropomorphic father-god floating in his bed sheet somewhere in the stratosphere surrounded by cherubs and seraphs and other improbable species of celestial fauna (the "gaseous vertebrate" so derided by Ernst Haeckel).

For it must be obvious to any fair-minded observer that there is another element in the Religion Game besides that of playing on the credulity of believers and selling them entry permits into a phoney heaven. All the great religions offer examples of saints and mystics who obviously did not play the game for material gain, whose indifference to personal comfort, to wealth and to fame was so complete as to arouse our wonder and admiration. It is equally obvious from the writings and sayings of these mystics that they were not so naive as to take seriously either the gaseous vertebrate or heaven with its golden harps or hell with its ovens. Obviously they played the game by entirely different rules and for entirely different aims from those of the priestly con men, who sold trips to heaven for hard cash and insisted on payment in advance (no refund if not fully satisfied, either).

What game did these mystics play? Within the matrix imposed by their religion, these players were attempting the most difficult game of all, the Master Game, the aim of which is the attainment of full consciousness or real awakening. It was natural for these players to play their game within a religious matrix. The basic idea underlying all the great religions is that man is asleep, that he lives amid dreams and delusions, that he cuts himself off from the universal consciousness (the only meaningful definition of God) to crawl into the narrow shell of a personal ego. To emerge from this narrow shell, to regain union with the universal consciousness, to pass from the darkness of the ego-centered illusion into the light of the non-ego, this was the real aim of the Religion Game as defined by the great teachers, Jesus, Gautama, Krishna, Mahavira, Lao-tze and the Platonic Socrates.

Among the Moslems this teaching was promulgated by the Sufis, who praised in their poems the delights of reunion with the Friend. To all these players, it was obvious that the Religion Game as played by the paid priests, with its shabby confidence tricks, promises, threats, persecutions and killings, was merely a hideous travesty of the real game, a terrible confirmation of the truth of the statement: "This people praise me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. . . They have eyes but see not, ears and hear not, neither do they understand."

So little did they understand that, at least within the matrix of the "Christian" religion, it actually became physically dangerous during several centuries to try to play the Master Game at all. Serious players found themselves accused of heresy, imprisoned by the Inquisitors, tortured, burned alive. It became impossible to play the game openly. To survive at all, one had to adopt a disguise, pretend that one's real interest was alchemy or magic, both of which were permitted by the priests, who did not understand the real significance of either.

Alchemy was particularly safe as its stated aim, the transmutation of base metals into gold, posed no challenge whatever to the authority of the priests. Therefore it was behind the mask of alchemy that many players of the Master Game concealed their real aims, formulating the rules of the game in an elaborate secret code in which the transmutations of substances within the body were expressed in terms of mercury, sulfur, salt and other ele¬ments. There were, of course, numerous alchemists who took the whole science at its face value, who believed that the Great Work referred to the production of metallic gold, who impoverished and frequently poisoned themselves in the quest for the great secret, and incidentally laid the foundations of modern chemistry. But for the serious alchemist the transmutation involved the formation of the pure spiritual golden aura - Aurum Non Vulgi - Not Fool's Gold, or the genesis of the homunculus, both of which symbolized the creation of fully conscious, cosmically oriented man out of the ego-centered puppet that goes by the name of man but is really only a pathetic caricature of what man could be. So well did the alchemists conceal their secrets that it took all the intuitive genius of Carl Gustav Jung (perhaps the leading authority on the subject) a large part of his life to unravel this mystery.13

Today no danger is involved in playing or attempting to play the Master Game. The tyranny of the priests has more or less ended. The Religion Game, though often as much of a con game as ever, is played without threats of torture and death. A good deal of the old venom has gone out of the game; in fact, it is even possible for priests who wear round their necks the label "Catholic" to be moderately polite to those who wear the once hated label "Protestant." So the game is now played with a certain amount of restraint not because men have become more tolerant, but because the whole issue of heaven versus hell, salvation versus damnation, is no longer taken very seriously. Even the theologians admit that the old father-god ( Haeckel's "gaseous vertebrate") is dead as far as anyone above the Jehovah's Witness level is concerned. The fight today is between rival political systems rather than rival theologies.

But although it is safe to play the Master Game, this has not served to make it popular. It still remains the most demanding and difficult of games and, in our society, there are few who play.

Contemporary man, hypnotized by the glitter of his own gadgets, has little contact with his inner world, concerns himself with outer, not inner space. But the Master Game is played entirely in the inner world, a vast and complex territory about which men know very little. The aim of the game is true awakening, full development of the powers latent in man.

The game can be played only by people whose observations of themselves and others have led them to a certain conclusion, namely, that man's ordinary state of consciousness, his so-called waking state, is not the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable. In fact, this state is so far from real awakening that it could appropriately be called a form of somnambulism, a condition of "waking sleep." 14

Once a person has reached this conclusion, he is no longer able to sleep comfortably. A new appetite develops within him, the hunger for real awakening, for full consciousness. He realizes that he sees, hears, knows only a tiny fraction of what he could see, hear and know, that he lives in the poorest, shabbiest of the rooms in his inner dwelling, but that he could enter other rooms, beauti¬ful and filled with treasures, the windows of which look out on eternity and infinity. In these rooms he would transcend his petty personal self and undergo spiritual rebirth, "the rising from the tomb" which is the theme of so many myths and the basis of all the mystery religions, including Christianity.

He who arrives at this conclusion is ready to play the Master Game. But though he may be ready, he does not necessarily know how to play. He cannot draw upon instinctive knowledge, for na¬ture has not endowed men with such instincts. She provides for man's development up to the age of puberty, she endows him with the instinct to propagate his kind, but after this she leaves him to his own devices. Far from helping man to develop further into the harmonious and enlightened being he might become, the blind force of evolution has actually put obstacles in his way.15

One who would play the Master Game is therefore compelled to seek a teacher, a skilled player who knows the rules. But where will he find such a teacher? A materialistic, spiritually impoverished culture can offer no instructions to the aspirant. The huge, highly specialized training centers that call themselves universities are obviously lacking in universality. They do not put the emphasis on expansion of consciousness first and acquisition of specialized knowledge second. They educate only a small part of man's totality. They cram the intellectual brain with facts, pay some lip service to the education of the physical body by encouraging idiotic competitive sports. But true education, in the sense of expansion of consciousness and the harmonious development of man's latent powers, they do not offer.

Here it is sufficient to say that the Master Game can never be made easy to play. It demands all that a man has, all his feelings, all his thoughts, his entire resources, physical and spiritual. If he tries to play it in a halfhearted way or tries to get results by unlawful means, he runs the risk of destroying his own potential. For this reason it is better not to embark on the game at all than to play it halfheartedly.

Energy Enhancement
The present site offers a synthesis of many methods derived from different sources, all of which are designed to help the practitioner to emerge from the darkness of waking sleep into the light of full consciousness. Purely for convenience, these methods are referred to collectively as Energy Enhancement, Enhancement because they bring about a higher synthesis, a new level of order within the psyche. Energy Enhancement is based on the idea that man can create by his own efforts a new being within himself ( the second birth). As a result, he can enjoy certain experiences, exercise certain powers, attain certain insights that are quite inconceivable to man in his once-born state.

Energy Enhancement involves the highest form of creativity of which man is capable, the creation of a truly inner-directed being out of a helpless other-directed slave. This creative work involves every aspect of man's behavior, the instinctive, motor, emotional and intellectual. It involves an understanding of the chemistry of the body and of the mind. It involves a study of type and all that pertains to type, the strengths and weaknesses that type imposes.

It involves a study of creative activity, arts, crafts, techniques of various kinds and of the effects these activities produce on levels of consciousness. It involves a study of events on the large scale and on the small, an awareness of the processes taking place in human and nonhuman communities that affect the individual adversely or otherwise. For man cannot be studied apart from his environment and he who would know himself must also know the world in which he lives.

The theory of Energy Enhancement can be studied in books." The practice is a different matter. For this a teacher is necessary. One who tries to practice the method without a teacher almost inevitably encounters certain difficulties which he cannot surmount. The illusion-creating mechanism in man's psyche does not cease to operate merely because a man decides to practice Energy Enhancement. In fact, in such a one, it may operate all the more actively. So he may enjoy all sorts of pseudo-experiences, the result not of an expansion of consciousness but of the workings of his own imagination. A teacher can help him to sort out the true from the false, can warn him about the traps that lie in his path. Furthermore, the solitary practitioner of Energy Enhancement lives today in a culture that is more or less totally opposed to the aims he has set himself, that does not recognize the existence of the Master Game, and regards players of this game as queer or slightly mad.

The player thus confronts great opposition from the culture in which he lives and must strive with forces which tend to bring his game to a halt before it has even started. Only by finding a teacher and becoming part of the group of pupils that that teacher has collected about him can the player find encouragement and support. Otherwise he simply forgets his aim, or wanders off down some side road and loses himself. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find such teachers and such groups.

They do not advertise, they operate under disguises. Moreover, there exists an abundance of frauds and fools who pass themselves off as teachers without having any right to do so. So the would-be player of the Master Game encounters at the outset one of the most difficult tests in his career. He must find a teacher who is neither a fool nor a fraud and convince that teacher that he, the would-be pupil, is worth teaching. His future development depends largely on the skill with which he performs this task.




"I am now in the last week of the course and I feel like a totally different person. I have regained myself and have been given from nothing having no psychic vision at all at the start of the energy enhancement course, a clarity of psychic vision that is breathtaking."

"As we practiced on each other we came very quickly to realise this. I could literally feel the energy moving inside each chakra as the other person worked within me from several meters away and when I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to them and could see where the blockages were within their chakras.

I could force the energy from my centres into their centres and clean their centre bringing the energy full circle back to me. You could tell the state of their chakras by the amount of energy returning to your own centre and this was achieved by mind power only.

Before I came here Satchi said he would teach me to do it in this way and I was sceptical about this claim. I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly powerful Reiki sessions on people without going any where near them and distance healing over any distance is a piece of cake, incredible stuff."


"I am totally de-stressed and have expanded in every way. I feel stronger and fitter and much more mentally agile than I have ever felt in my life. The fog and confusion of life has gone and I feel that I have just received the inside information on everything.


I am ready for anything and am wide awake. I am full of the most incredible energy imaginable and have Energy Enhancement Reiki that is so powerful it staggers me. I know a thing or two about Reiki and had a very strong Reiki connection before I got here, now I have a connection that is beyond description and I have yet to undergo the second initiation this week and then the masters. I have opted to take this as an extra and for anyone who is interested, I believe this is beyond anything you will ever experienced anywhere."

I am now equipped with life tools and healing tools that one only dreams of and there is nothing out there in the world that will ever faze me again. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to come here, because this experience has changed me, for the good of me and for all those that I will touch when I leave here. I am so excited and can’t wait to start exploring my new found talents"


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I have been to see Satchi & Devi almost once a year since 2005, and I have to say, that I have never been let down. Every time they greet me at the airport I am received in an atmosphere of great warmth, positivity and generosity, into which I soon relax and know that it’s safe to be me with all my “luggage”. In June 2010 I recently went on a 6 week course they were holding in India.


In the weeks I spent with them it was clear that the blockages I was removing with their help, were increasing the amount of energy flowing through me during meditation. I have never been one to naturally take to meditating, but with these new experiences of Samadhi (sam – with, adhi – light), it was certainly making it possible for me to sit for much longer periods.


I must concede, that on more than one occasion I started to object and complain about what we were doing, and the methods employed to transmute the blockages in my being. Satchi & Devi would patiently wait for me to see that the person complaining was not the real me, it was not the soul infused personality that I really am, but rather the voice of the blockages that did not want to go. There are different types of blockages, and of course, the easy ones are the first to go, but I was now experiencing some really tough ones. They can certainly be very cunning these blockages, and its thanks to the experience and energy of Satchi & Devi that I was able to continue on my way to overcome some really strong blockages.


My experiences of Samadhi: The first time I experienced anything other than a calm mind in meditation was actually the very first course I attended with Satchi & Devi in Spain. The experience of energy surging through my body was first felt in my 1st and 2nd chakras. It was like having champagne bubbling away in my lower abdomen. Before I talk about my experience here in India, I think it would be useful to describe briefly and partly a technique used to commence the flow of energy and so the entry into Samadhi. It’s to do with using the mind to visualise chakras above the head and below the base chakra to infinity. For me, the concept of infinity and trying to imagine this distance above my head, kind of triggered a bypass switch in my mind, and all of a sudden my mind was quite literally replaced by a surge of electricity and light – Samadhi. 


"If the Map is Correct, Experiences Follow" - Satchidanand


This time here in India I was experiencing different levels of Samadhi. During meditation I notice the attainment of a constant flow of energy through my being which gets more and more intense, and rises further and further up my body, the higher I go up the chakras above my head to an inconceivably bright and intense sun. Quite often my breathing slows or even stops a while at the head of an in-breath as my head feels infused with light. My body feels like it is being purified, and in fact it is, as light is being shone through me. I always finish the meditation feeling more positive about my life and the world around me and a feeling that really everything is ok.


Over and above this, I receive what I would describe as bolts of light lasting between 2-5 seconds.


During these brief moments, I am no longer a body with senses or even a sense of weighing or being anything, and am unable to think.

"In the Buddhafield we find we can Move On More Quickly!" - Satchidanand


It’s my experience that the body is like a resistor in an electronic circuit. The more blockages we have, the greater the resistance to the light. By removing a significant number of blockages, I have reduced the resistance of my gross and subtle body, and am now able to sit in Samadhi with ease. And of course, the more light I can sit in, the more blockages I can remove - now that’s what I call spiritual progress!


Thomas Blair







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