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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
Esoteric Psychology I - Table of Contents

Foreword (by the Tibetan)

Section I - Chapter One - Introductory Remarks

1. The Three Objectives in Studying the Rays
2. Life - Quality - Appearance
3. The Seven Rays Enumerated
4. The Function of Christianity

Section I - Chapter Two - Certain Questions and their Answers

Certain Questions and their Answer
What is the Soul? Can we define it? What is its Nature?
What are the Origin, Goal, Purpose and Plan of the Soul?
A. The Three Rays of Aspect
Ray I. Will or Power
          Ray II. Love-Wisdom
          Ray III. Active Intelligence or Adaptability
     B. The Four Rays of Attribute
          Ray IV. Harmony, Beauty, Art
          Ray V. Concrete Knowledge or Science
          Ray VI. Devotion or Idealism
          Ray VII. Ceremonial Order or Magic
Can the Fact of the Soul be proved?
Of what Value is it to know about the Seven Rays?
What is the Meaning of the following words: Sentiency; Consciousness
     or Awareness; The Energy of Light?

Section I - Chapter Three - Ten Basic Propositions

Ten Basic Propositions

Section II - Chapter One
The Seven Creative Builders, the Seven Rays

The Seven Creative Builders, the Seven Rays
1. The Rays and Life-Quality-Appearance
     The Seven Rays
2. The Present Ray Plan and the Workers
     First, Political
Second, Religious
     Third, Scientific
     The Problem of Ideas
     The Problem of God
     The Problem of Immortality
3. Three Major Propositions
4. Quality in the World of Appearances
5. Analysis of the Rays and Their Expression
     First Ray of Will or Power
     The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
     The Third Ray of Higher Mind
     The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict
     The Fifth Ray of Lower Mind
     The Sixth Ray of Devotion
     The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic

Section II - Chapter Two - The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature

Introductory Remarks
1. The Mineral Kingdom
2. The Vegetable Kingdom
     a. Life-Radiance-Magnetism
     b. The Five Secrets of the Kingdoms in Nature
     c. The Planets and the Kingdoms
3. The Animal Kingdom
     a. Human Relations to Animals
     b. Individualization
     c. The Five Points of Contact
     d. Cyclic Manifestation
     e. The Problem of Sex
i. Definitions of Sex, of Virtue and of Vice
ii. Sex in the New Age
iii. Some Suggestions of the Present Cycle
          iv. Sex and Discipleship

Section II - Chapter Three - The Rays and Man

Introductory Remarks
The Rays and the Races
The Human Kingdom
1. The Ray of the Solar System
2. The Ray of the Planet - Earth
3. The Ray of the Fourth Kingdom
4. The Racial Rays
5. The Rays in Cyclic Manifestation
     a. The Outgoing Sixth Ray
     b. The Incoming Seventh Ray
     c. The Functioning Ray Laws
6. The Nations and the Rays
     a. The Major Nations and their Rays
     b. The Jewish Problem
7. The Ray of the Ego

Some Tabulations on the Rays

The Rays in and out of Manifestation
Ray Methods of Teaching Truth
Discipleship and the Rays
The Rays and the Four Kingdoms
Ray Methods of Activity
The Seven Keys to the Seven Ray Methods
References to the Secret Doctrine
The Relation of the Rays to the Centers
The Relationship to the Races
The Rays that must be considered in Connection with Humanity
The Rays and the Nations

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