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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature
b. Individualization

It is of course apparent that the effect of the interrelation existing between animals and men is to produce in the former that step forward which is called individualization. This event is a consummation of the process of transfusion, and indicates the appearance of the three divine aspects in a unit of life in form. A son of God, a Lord of dedicated and directed Will, is born, and the third divine principle of purposive energy is fused with the other two and brings about an entire reorganization within the animal form. As esotericists have long pointed out, individualization is a great planetary experiment, and when it was instituted it superseded the earlier method, employed upon the Moon, wherein the urge to reach out and on (called aspiration where man is concerned) was the method employed. This really means that, when the evolving life within the form had reached a certain stage of growth in sentiency and awareness, and the inner urge was adequately strong, the life forced itself into contact with another stream of divine expression, with another major ray manifestation. This union of various activities caused a new being to emerge into manifestation. This is the basic truth lying behind the ideas put out at this time and classified under the general term "emergent evolution." It governs still in many departments of nature, and used to govern the appearance of human beings upon the planet. The urge and the development are from within the [259] organism itself, and are the result of growth, of a reaching out and of an expansion.

But the method usually employed at this time is in the nature of a great second ray experiment. This involves an activity from without, from above, from a higher or from the divine side, if such a use of relatively meaningless words can avail to depict the process. The urge or push in this case does not originate from the lower two expressions or earlier fusions of divine energies. It is the higher aspect of divinity which takes the initiative and which, through a stimulation applied from without, causes a response from the life in form. Hence the process is really in the nature of an initiation.

The animals which individualize are, in every case today, the domestic animals, such as the horse, the dog, the elephant and the cat. These four groups of animals are at this time in the "process of transfusion," as it is occultly called, and one by one the life units are prepared and brought to the door of that peculiar initiatory process which we call - for lack of a better term - individualization. They wait in that condition until the word goes forth that that door may be passed which will admit them to

"...the triple way that leads to the dual road, by treading which they stand at last before the golden door. This final door ushers them upon that Path which is the one, alone and single, and disappears into the Light."
- Old Commentary

The factors which determine individualization are several in number, and some of them might be enumerated as follows:

  1. The response of the instinctive nature of the animal to the mental atmosphere of the human being, or beings, with which it is surrounded.
  2. The outgoing love and interest of the people to which [260] the animal is attached by the bonds of affection or of service.
  3. The ray impulses which are active at any time. These are, amongst others:
    1. The ray of the animal itself. Elephants are upon the first ray; dogs are expressions of the second ray; the cat is a third ray life manifestation, and the horse is sixth ray. Animals upon other rays are not yet ready for individualization."
      [See page 164 for a different enumeration of the rays. The apparent contradiction may be due to the use of the word "ray" without indicating whether a major ray, one of the seven subrays of a major ray or a complementary ray is implied. - The Publishers.]
    2. The ray of the particular person or persons with whom the animal is associated.
    3. The ray or rays of a particular periodic cycle.

I could give you the techniques with which the guardians of the races and kingdoms work when seeking to bring about individualization, but of what purpose would it be and what use would such information serve? Each ray affects the units found upon it at such a crisis as individualization in a manner differing from any other ray; each ray finds its point of prime contact through one or other of the centers in the etheric bodies of animals and men. It must be remembered in this connection that, in the animal, four centers are functioning, and three are present but latent in their effect and use. The process followed is that each ray works or pours its energy through one or other of the centers in the etheric body of that Entity Who informs an entire kingdom in nature, and then through that particular center galvanizes the individualizing unit into the needed activity. Later, when the ray effects, psychologically speaking, are better understood, and the centers, with their seven ray vibrations, have been more deeply studied, it will be found that through a particular center and along a particular ray vibration, forms of life and centers of consciousness can be contacted and known. This [261] applies to all forms in all kingdoms, subhuman or superhuman. One of the first ways in which man is learning this truth is through the discovery of that vibration - emanating from a particular Master - which produces a reaction in himself, and which calls forth a response. Thus he is enabled to find out upon which ray his soul is found and to which ray group he should be attracted. This is of importance to the aspirant, and should be considered more carefully than has hitherto been the case, for by it the aspirant determines the nature and the quality of his soul type, and of the center through which he (occultly speaking) goes out upon the Path. He discovers likewise the group of forms and of lives with which he is linked, to which he must render service, and by which he can be served.

The relation of the rays to the centers in the average aspirant might be classified as follows:

  1. Head center - Ray of Will or Power. First Ray.
  2. The Ajna center - Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray.
  3. The Throat center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.
  4. The Heart center - Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray.
  5. The Solar plexus - Ray of Devotion. Sixth Ray.
  6. The Sacral center - Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Seventh Ray.
  7. Base of Spine - Ray of Harmony. Fourth Ray.

These rays and their corresponding centers warrant most careful study. They are comprehensive and revealing. Note, for instance, that at this time the seventh ray governs and expresses itself through the sacral center, that which controls the sex life and the building of forms of expression. Therefore it swings now into activity and pours through this particular center in order to organize and produce the appearance of those new forms through which all life in the new cycle (astrologically understood and periodically and cyclically understood) may express itself. Thus it was necessary for the sex life to be controlled by this type of energy [262] in order to bring about the needed changes, and hence also one of the great results of the influence of the incoming seventh ray has been the increase in the mental interest in sex. A study also of the ray influences in this present historic period, and their relation to the rays, will reveal the accuracy and suggestiveness of the above ray tabulation.

The relation of man to the animals is, as we have seen, physical, emotional and increasingly mental. Each race of men, in its turn, and working under the ray influences, produces definite effects upon the three subhuman kingdoms. Through humanity, when the great experiment of individualization was initiated, the energies or ray influences from the superhuman kingdoms were focused and the great function of humanity began, which is the transmitting of the ray forces cyclically. Though the six-pointed star is, at this time, the symbol of the creative work (viewing the work as a whole), the downward pointing triangle, balanced on an upward pointing triangle, will some day present a truer picture of the creative and preserving function of the fourth kingdom.

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