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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man
a. The Major Nations and their Rays

All of the great nations are controlled by two rays, just as is the human being. With the smaller nations we shall not [382] concern ourselves. All nations are controlled by a personality ray (if so we can call it), which is dominant and potent and the main controlling factor at this time, and by a soul ray which is sensed only by the disciples and aspirants of any nation. This soul ray must be evoked into an increased functioning activity by the New Group of World Servers, for this is one of their main objectives and tasks. This must never be lost to sight. Much could be written about the historical influence of the rays during the past two thousand years, and of the way in which great events have been influenced or brought about by the periodic ray influence. But for this I have neither the time nor the inclination. Interesting as it is, and indicative of the present national trends and problems, all that I can now do is to point out the rays governing each nation, and leave you to study and note their effect at your leisure, and to comprehend their relation to the present condition of the world. One thing I would point out, and that is, that those rays which govern a particular nation, and which are at this time in incarnation, are very potent, either materially or egoically, whilst some of the problems may be due to the fact that certain rays, governing certain nations, are at this time out of incarnation.

Nation Personality Ray Egoic Ray Motto
India 4th ray of art. 1st ray of government. "I hide the Light."
China 3rd ray of intellect. 1st ray of government. "I indicate the Way."
Germany 1st ray of power. 4th ray of art. "I preserve."
France 3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray of knowledge. "I release the Light."
Great Britain 1st ray of power or government. 2nd ray of love. "I serve."
Italy 4th ray of art. 6th ray of idealism. "I carve the Paths." [383]
USA 6th ray of idealism. 2nd ray of love. "I light the Way."
Russia 6th ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways."
Austria 5th ray of knowledge. 4th ray of art. "I serve the Lighted Way."
Spain 7th ray of order. 6th ray of idealism. "I disperse the clouds."
Brazil 2nd ray of love. 4th ray of art. "I hide the seed."
A close analysis of the above will indicate certain lines of racial understanding. There is a natural rapport indicated between the modern and present personality rays of Germany and Great Britain, and yet a relationship can be seen between France and Great Britain through their esoteric national mottoes and also between the two symbols which are esoterically theirs. The symbol for France is the fleur de lys, which she adopted centuries ago under divine guidance, which symbol stands for the three divine aspects in manifestation. The emphasis is upon the third aspect, producing intelligent manifestation. The symbol of Great Britain, under the same divine apportioning, is the three feathers, carried as the arms of the Prince of Wales. The scintillating and brilliant French intellect, with its scientific bent, is accounted for by the interplay of the third Ray of Active Intelligence with the fifth Ray of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazing contribution to the knowledge and thought of the world, and their brilliant and colorful history. Be it remembered also that the glory of the empire which was France is but the guarantee of a glory of divine revelation which lies ahead in the future, but which will never be theirs till they cease living in the wonder of their past and go forth into the [384] future to demonstrate the fact of illumination, which is the goal of all mental effort. When the intellect of the French is turned towards the discovery and the elucidation of the things of the spirit, then they will carry revelation to the world. When their egoic ray dominates the third ray, and when the separative action of the fifth ray is transmuted into the revealing function of this ray, then France will enter into a period of new glory. Her empire will then be of the mind, and her glory of the soul.

It is obvious that the governing faculty is strongly the outstanding characteristic of Great Britain. England is an exponent of the art of control, and her function has been, as you may realize, to produce the first tentative grouping of federated nations, and to demonstrate the possibility of such grouping. The United States of America are doing a somewhat similar thing, and are fusing the nationals of many nations into one federated state with many subsidiary states, instead of subsidiary nations. These two powers function in this way and with this wide objective in order to give to the planet, eventually, a system of groupings within one national border or one empire, and yet with an international boundary which will be symbolic of the coming new age technique in government. The second Ray of Love or Attraction governs, egoically, the British Empire, and there is a relation between this fact and the fact that the sign Gemini governs both the United States and London. The fluid, mercurial, intuitional mind is closely allied with the divine aspect of love and understanding, producing attraction and interpretation.

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