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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man
5. The Rays in Cyclic Manifestation

We come now to a consideration of the forces which are prevailing at the present time and hence have a supreme interest in connection with what I now have to say. It might [358] first be stated that the main problem of today is brought about by the fact that two rays of great potency are functioning simultaneously. As yet their effects are so equally balanced that a situation is brought about which is described in the ancient archives in the following terms: "A time of rending, when the mountains, which have sheltered, fall from their high places, and the voices of men are lost in the crash and thunder of the fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals, and each time they come a peculiarly significant period of divine activity is ushered in; old things pass entirely away, yet the ancient landmarks are restored. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Ritual is coming into manifestation. The sixth Ray of Idealism or of Abstract Visioning is slowly passing out. The seventh ray will bring into expression that which was visioned and that which constituted the ideals of the preceding cycle of sixth ray activity. One ray prepares the way for another ray, and the reason for the manifestation of one ray or another is dependent upon the Plan and divine Purpose. It is not often that two rays follow each other in a regular numerical sequence, such as is now happening. When this does happen, there eventuates a rapid following of effect upon cause, and this today can provide the basis for an assured hope.

a. The Outgoing Sixth Ray

The sixth ray influence served to attract men's minds towards an ideal, such as that of individual sacrifice or service, and the mystical vision was the high water mark of the period; the numerous guiding mystics of the Occident and the Orient have appeared. The seventh ray influence will in time produce the magician, but in this age the magician will be predominantly in the class of white magic (not as in Atlantean days, when the predominance was on the side of selfish [359] or black magic). The white magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advanced humanity. This can already be seen working out through the activity of the scientists which the latter end of the last century and this twentieth century have produced. That much of their magical work has been turned into selfish channels by the tendency of this materialistic age, and that many of their wise and true discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends which serve man's hatred or love of self, is equally true. But this in no way militates against the wonder of their achievements. When the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest to love of the divine revelation, and when service to the race is the determining force, then we shall see the true white magic. Hence, therefore, the need to turn the mystic into the occultist, and to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love, - all of which must and will express themselves through harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is harmlessness. I speak not of non-resistance, but of that positive attitude of mind which thinks no evil. He who thinks no evil and harms naught is a citizen of God's world.

The following relations between the sixth and seventh rays should be held clearly in mind, and students should grasp the relation of the immediate past to the immediate future, and see in this relation the working out of God's Plan and the coming salvation of the race:

  1. The sixth ray fostered the vision.
    The seventh ray will materialize that which was visioned.
  2. The sixth ray produced the mystic as its culminating type of aspirant.
    The seventh ray will develop the magician who works in the field of white magic. [360]
  3. The sixth ray, as part of the evolutionary plan, led to separations, to nationalism, and to sectarianism, due to the selective nature of the mind and its tendency to divide and separate.
    The seventh ray will lead to fusion and synthesis, for its energy is of the type which blends spirit and matter.
  4. The sixth ray activity led to the formation of bands of disciples, working in groups but not in close relation, and subject to internal dissension, based on personality reactions.
    The seventh ray will train and send forth groups of initiates, working in close unison with the Plan and with each other.
  5. The sixth ray brought the sense of duality to a humanity which regarded itself as a physical unity. Of this attitude the academic materialistic psychologists are the exponents.
    The seventh ray will inaugurate the sense of a higher unity; first, that of the integrated personality for the masses, and secondly, that of the fusion of soul and body for the world aspirants.
  6. The sixth ray differentiates that aspect of the universal electrical energy which we know as modern electricity, produced to serve man's material needs.
    The seventh ray period will familiarize man with that type of electrical phenomena which produce the coordination of all forms.
  7. The sixth ray influence produced the emergence in men's minds of the following knowledges:
    1. Knowledge of physical plane light and electricity. [361]
    2. Among the esotericists and spiritualists of the world, knowledge of the existence of the astral light.
    3. An interest in illumination, both physical and mental.
    4. Astrophysics and the newer astronomical discoveries.

    The seventh ray will change the theories of the advanced thinkers of the race into the facts of the future educational systems. Education and the growth of the understanding of illumination in all fields will eventually be regarded as synonymous ideals.

  8. The sixth ray taught the meaning of sacrifice, and of this teaching the crucifixion was the outstanding emblem, to the initiates. Philanthropy was the expression of the same teaching, to advanced humanity. The nebulous ideal of simply "being kind" is the same motivation, applied to the unthinking masses.
    The seventh ray will bring to the consciousness of the coming initiates the concept of group service and sacrifice. This will inaugurate the age of the "divine service." The vision of the giving of the individual in sacrifice and service, within the group and to the group ideal, will be the goal of the masses of advanced thinkers in the New Age, whilst for the rest of humanity, brotherhood will be the keynote of their endeavor. These words have a wider connotation and significance than the thinkers of today can know and understand.
  9. The sixth ray promoted the growth of the spirit of individualism. Groups exist, but they are groups of individuals gathered around an individual.
    The seventh ray will foster the group spirit, and the rhythm of the group, the objectives of the group, and the ritual-working of the group will be the basic phenomena. [362]
  10. The sixth ray influence conveyed to men the ability to recognize the historical Christ, and to evolve the structure of the Christian faith, colored by a vision of a great Son of Love, but qualified by an excessive militancy and separativeness, based on a narrow idealism.
    The seventh ray will convey to man the power to recognize the cosmic Christ, and to produce that future scientific religion of Light which will enable man to fulfil the command of the historical Christ to permit his light to shine forth.
  11. The sixth ray produced the great idealistic religions with their vision and their necessary narrowness, - a narrowness that is needed to safeguard infant souls.
    The seventh ray will release the developed souls from the nursery stage and inaugurate that scientific understanding of the divine purpose which will foster the coming religious synthesis.
  12. The effect of the sixth ray influence has been to foster the separative instincts, - dogmatic religion, scientific factual accuracy, schools of thought with their doctrinal barriers and exclusiveness, and the cult of patriotism.
    The seventh ray will prepare the way for the recognition of the wider issues which will materialize as the new world religion which will emphasize unity but bar out uniformity; it will prepare for that scientific technique which will demonstrate the universal light that every form veils and hides, and for that internationalism which will express itself as practical brotherhood and as peace and good will between the peoples.

I could continue emphasizing these relations, but I have enumerated enough to show the beauty of the preparation [363] made by the sixth great Lord of Idealism for the work of the seventh Lord of Ceremonial.

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