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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
In this decade of my work, two major activities were inaugurated: the creation of the Triangles and the formation of Men of Goodwill, (Since 1951 this work has been carried forward under the title of World Goodwill) and these are just on the verge of a major creative activity. They constitute an effort to energize and relate members and adherents of the new group of world servers (and particularly in the organization of men of goodwill), to find and mobilize the groups formed by the new group of world servers throughout the world, so as to bring added strength to all of them by swinging into a massed effort men of prayer, men of good intention, and those who believe in the divine will-to-good, plus those who implement it through love - no matter what they mean by that vague term. Thus a nucleus of a great synthesis was brought about in this second decade, and it will have lasting effects upon human living and design. Owing to planetary frustration and the enhanced activity of the Forces of Evil, the work of the Triangles and of the men of goodwill has been more slowly formulated than had been originally expected, but this has been through no fault of theirs; this period of frustration will be over before very long and a greatly increased momentum will be the result. For this increased response upon the part of the public, you should now lay your plans.

In the third and final decade of my work, the time and opportunity came to announce, in a new and more emphatic manner, what all the world religions have proclaimed, that - with due preparation and the establishment of a pronounced tendency towards right human relations - the time had come when the Christ could again appear and take His rightful place as World Teacher. The emphasis has never before been [635] laid upon the needed work of preparation. The results of this pronouncement have not yet had time to make themselves felt, but the next ten years will reveal the full import of what has been done.

With that pronouncement my planned work was brought to a finish; the book (The Reappearance of the Christ) which will indicate the proximity of this happening and the lines along which the new world-religion will be promoted is now in the press. I would call your attention to the fact that the general concept of a World Savior (always attached to the office of the Christ, no matter by what name the exalted Son of God may be called in any world cycle) is in reality closely related to the far more important function of World Teacher. People love to be saved, for it ignores their own immediate responsibility, which teaching definitely emphasizes. It must be remembered that it is the teaching given by the Christ which saves humanity - not any symbolic death upon a cross. Men must save themselves by their reaction and their response to the teaching given in its purity by the Christ; this is a point which should be forcefully instilled by all of you; it is not man-made interpretations which save a man, but his self-initiated application of his own understanding of the teaching. This must be brought today to the consciousness of as many human beings as the followers of the Christ can reach.

Here you have a brief account of the work which I undertook on behalf of the Hierarchy and for the Christ, Whom I most reverently regard as my Master. This work has not been unsuccessfully carried forward; many of you who read these words have done what you could to help and of this I am not unmindful nor is the Hierarchy ungrateful. Perhaps - with a still clearer picture in your minds - you will find yourselves able to do still more.

I intend to indicate (still briefly) what should be done in the next two decades, but would like first of all to touch upon the state of the world and refer to its condition, because they have both handicapped hierarchical effort and particularly what I sought to do (which was a major hierarchical [636] enterprise), and yet at the same time they have cleared the way in a most extraordinary manner for the appearance of the Christ.

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