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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section IV - Stages in the Externalization
When I began my exoteric work in 1919, I had not expected to be frustrated by the second world war, or rather by the final phase of World War I. The Hierarchy had hoped that the lesson had been severe enough to force those changes which were essential to the future of mankind. But humanity had not learned the needed lessons. As I have often told you, the Hierarchy - because of the divine principle of free will in humanity - cannot foretell how men will act in times of crisis; the Hierarchy cannot enforce the good way of life against normal human desire, for this good way of action must come from out the very depths of human thinking and feeling, and must emerge as a free and non-supervised endeavor; the Hierarchy may not take those possible steps which will prevent men making mistakes, for it is through those mistakes that men learn "by the means of evil that good is best," as your great initiate-poet has expressed it. All that the Hierarchy can do is to present the needed teaching which will direct man's thinking along right lines, to point the way of true relationships, and at the same time demonstrate objectively the nature of the bad way. This the Hierarchy has always done. As a spiritual group, They can and do set Their faces against selfishness, greed, and against all that seeks to imprison the human spirit and impair its freedom. To illustrate - the Hierarchy demonstrated against the totalitarianism which the two great Powers, Germany and Japan expressed when they precipitated the second world war. This They still do and will continue to do when any aspect of totalitarian greed and aggressiveness in any form (subtle and undeclared or openly demonstrated) attempts to limit the freedom of the individual, the free spiritual man, no matter what his point in evolution.

Toward the end of the second decade of my work, totalitarianism reared anew its most evil head, and perforce, the Hierarchy took sides against this primary principle of evil, though never against any group of human beings. Please [637] note this. The point I seek to make is that the Hierarchy is inflexibly against any demonstration of the principle of non-freedom, no matter what form it takes, but is ever on the side of humanity. The spirit of evil which animated German actions evoked every possible opposition from the Forces of Light and from their source, the Hierarchy. Today this totalitarian evil is expressing itself through the planning of the Russian oligarchy, through the Zionist movement, and through all groups which seek to fetter and imprison the spirit of man; but the people under the sway of this evil influence and the scheming of these evil groups are never regarded in any light different to that of the rest of mankind. They are looked upon as glamored, or as weak and ignorant (which they undoubtedly are), but they are never separated off in the thinking and planning of the Hierarchy from the rest of mankind. The evil must not be permitted or allowed to triumph, but the unhappy and glamored exponents of this evil are loved, along with the rest of mankind. This is a point which is hard for the illogical thinker to understand, but it expresses most truly the attitude of the Christ and of all who serve His cause.

With the focused entrance of greed and of totalitarian ruthlessness into the world arena, much that I had planned and much that all of you were attempting to do, met with frustration; the work of all disciples was in many ways greatly hindered and handicapped, though not from the long range vision, but only from the angle of short range action. I would ask you to have this in mind. The vision stands even when immediate action is blocked.

Today it would appear, from all the indications and from the dominant world trends, that the still unconquered greed of certain of the more powerful nations is undeniably rampant, and that we are therefore facing another period of frustration and of major world difficulty. Feeling against Russia is running high among the Western Powers and is largely her own fault, though it is primarily based upon two main factors - one of them bad and the other good.

The bad reaction is based on the same old triplicity of [638] fear, greed and jealousy and - from the angle of those three phases of selfishness - is entirely justified. That fact, in itself, supplies a major difficulty. Think this out.

The good reaction is based on the frustration of the idea or concept of developing a unified peaceful world - a world in which there would be no war and in which men could live at peace with each other and in security, and in which men everywhere could work, relatively unopposed, towards right human relations. This super-world and this unified humanity is a true ideal, but is not a feasible project.

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