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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
Let me here point out that where this is a group activity upon the physical plane there is - under the Law of Balance and of Action and Reaction - a paralleling spiritual activity. The entire world of men is today engaged in an intense activity in the material world - marching armies, factories working in shifts twenty-four hours a day, seething migrations and deportations of people, intense air activity and the organizing and planned work of the hundreds of relief agencies in every country - to mention only a few of the myriad activities. The personalities of men everywhere are engaged and mentally, emotionally and physically they are all working at high pressure. The impact of circumstance and events has never been so potent. Alongside of this material activity of humanity is to be found the strenuous endeavor, the effort to think constructively, the focused idealism, the registration of vision and the spiritual aspiration of the people of goodwill, of the disciples everywhere, plus the trained spiritual activity of the Hierarchy and of the spiritual leaders of the race upon the outer and the inner side of life. To this must be added the activity (the waiting [392] activity, if I might use so paradoxical a phrase) of that center of life where the will of God is focused.

There are therefore, (speaking in terms of spiritual endeavor) the following groups whose massed intent is to bring about the liberation of humanity and who are to be found everywhere in the world:

  1. The men and women of goodwill.
  2. The idealists and the dreamers of dreams, the visioners of a future world.
  3. The spiritually minded people whom we call the world aspirants.
  4. Disciples throughout the planet.
  5. The Members of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, either in or out of incarnation.
  6. The Custodians of the Will or Purpose of God, holding Themselves in readiness at Shamballa and listening for the demand for succor as it rises from mankind.
  7. Certain great Energies of extra-planetary significance Who stand ready to intervene should the spiritual invocation or the distress of humanity reach the pitch of evocation.

The problem is how to fuse and blend the first five groups so that the spiritual appeal can express a group integrated and united demand. Only such a united demand, focusing the "massed intent" of mankind will suffice to evoke an extra-planetary response.

Much of this task of unification lies in the hands of two groups: the planetary Hierarchy and the new group of world servers. With the work of the first group, mankind has little to do, for They can be depended upon to fulfil Their task and to shoulder Their responsibility to the full. With the work of the new group of world servers all of you have much to do and it is about this work that I write at this time.

I shall not waste time in defining the personnel of this group. Suffice it to say that all who truly love their fellowmen [393] and who serve them with sacrifice and selfless understanding constitute this group. Along with the affiliated body of men of goodwill, the members of the new group of world servers must now prepare themselves for a great act of service at the time of the May and June Full Moons and throughout the weeks preceding those times.

The statements which I am now going to make, I will put as briefly as possible, leaving you to ponder upon them and trusting you to understand them. What I have now to say will fall into three parts:

  1. The work of the Hierarchy in the immediate future at these Full Moon periods
  2. The task of the New Group of World Servers today
  3. The New World Religion and its spiritual future.

It is necessary for you to understand the immediate spiritual possibilities which confront humanity if those of you who have vision and love humanity are to measure up to the immediate opportunity. It is necessary that you should grasp the immediate preparatory steps which you can take in relation to those possibilities and should also have a vision of the principles which must govern the new world religion, with its outstanding points of focus. I do not intend to plead with you, as in the past, or ask you for cooperation either to serve or sacrifice. I only seek to give you information, leaving you to make due application under the urge of your own souls.

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