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The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
7. Find and keep a record also of the men and women of goodwill in your environment. Be spiritually aggressive in this matter and go out to discover them. When you have found them, then be interested in what they are doing, and also endeavor to have them cooperate with you in your lines of activity. Keep a register of the names and addresses of these people, adding also their capacities and functions if any, and thus build up a mailing list. You will then be aware of a group which can be depended upon to work in a spirit of goodwill and for world reconstruction. Later, these lists can be amalgamated, if deemed desirable, and form a vast mailing list of people in every country who will work along these indicated lines and who could be reached simultaneously. They will form a body of synchronized public opinion, sufficiently strong to mould ideas, influence the masses, and aid the world leaders to right and appropriate action.

8. Above everything else and growing out of all the above suggestions, plan definitely for the rehabilitation - physical, psychological and spiritual - of the children of every country. They have been the victims of wickedness. Let them be the recipients of loving goodwill instead. The problems of economic rehabilitation, of territorial boundaries, of the demobilization of armies and the subsequent re-employment of the demobilized, and of world rebuilding are profoundly important and will call for expert aid. But the problem of the children, as earlier pointed out, underlies the whole necessity for world rebuilding, is greater than all other problems, is above all racial and national barriers, and evokes the best in every human heart. The children have prior claim upon all men.

I would therefore appeal to all whom I can reach through this article to concentrate their major effort - mental, spiritual and practical - on preparing themselves to aid the children of Europe and the other countries which have suffered so much at the hands of the Axis Powers. This will take much time and careful planning; it will necessitate [386] enlisting the cooperation of trained experts in the field of child welfare, doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychologists and educators; it will require much money to make the preparation effective, to send a trained personnel into the destitute and ruined countries and to carry forward the work whilst there; it will take also loving, compassionate action and long patience. It nevertheless constitutes the most important opportunity confronting the men and women of goodwill; it is the foundational activity of the new world order, for that order must be brought into being for the sake of the children of today. They will inhabit this new world, express the new ideals, and hand on to their children that for which we have fought and died, the best that we have inherited, and all that we have succeeded in salvaging for them. The thought of the children in the subjugated lands did not arrest the onward march of Hitler's soldiers; the sanctity of the home and the physical and moral needs of small children aroused no flicker of compassion in the young men trained under the Nazi system of education; the relationship of mother and child did not enter into the calculation of the German agents as they separated children from parents and set the child adrift in a world of carnage or in an institutionalized establishment. The planned cruelty must be remedied, and it must be remedied by the men and women of goodwill and loving hearts.

9. Begin now to lay aside, no matter what the personality may demand, such small sums as can be spared and which can accumulate in preparation for the work of reconstruction. If we can all do this, it will enable us to take our share in the work without placing an undue load on others. Will you see to it that this sacrifice and its resulting fund be preserved inviolate in your own hands until such time in the future as you may choose to use it?

These are the practical suggestions which it would seem possible to make at this particular time. They are of a general nature and basically individual. The whole scheme of rebuilding is as yet in the formative thought stage. The [387] process to be followed today is one of self-education and the awakening of all whom we can reach. It will demand the intelligent study and consideration of methods with which to meet this need, and the discovery of those who, irrespective of nationality or religion, can be depended upon to cooperate in the various phases of the work of reconstruction. In this work of preparation, all can share.

To this task we are all called, and to it there are many voices calling today; there are thousands who have dreamed the same dream, seen the same vision, believed in the divine possibilities which are latent in all human hearts and who know, past all controversy, that selfishness and universal greed have brought the world to its present desperate plight. They know also that selfless sharing and cooperative understanding between all men of goodwill everywhere can rebuild a new world, bring into being a more beautiful life, and restore that which humanity itself has destroyed. The best is yet to be. We can rest back upon the realization that the history of the human race has been one of a steady moving forward down the ages and towards the light.

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