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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
3. The third group that a man has to consider is the particular band of servers to which he may be affiliated. Any man who is ready for occult meditation must have demonstrated first for many lives his intelligent willingness to serve and to work among the sons of men. Unselfish service is the bedrock of the life of the occultist, and danger lurks when it exists not, and occult meditation carries a menace. Hence, the man must be an active worker in some part of the field of the world, and on the inner planes be must likewise be playing his part. Certain things will then have to be considered by the Teacher:
  1. The group work a man is doing and how best be may be qualified to serve better in that group.
  2. The type of a man's work, and his relationship in that work to his associates - a very important occult factor - will be carefully weighed before a meditation is assigned, and certain types of meditation (perhaps desired by the man himself) may be withheld on account of their being unsuited to the work in band, and because of their tendency to develop certain qualities which might handicap the server in his work. Those meditations which [49] will increase ability to serve will ever be the aim. The greater aim includes, after all, the lesser.

4. The fourth group that has a place in the calculations of the Teacher is that to which a man belongs on the inner plane, the band of helpers to which he is assigned, or - if he is a disciple, - the group of pupils of which he forms a part. Their particular type of group work will be considered, the capacity of the pupil to progress with his fellows will be fostered, and his ability to fill his appointed post will be increased.

I have but hinted in these last few communications at the many things that arise for consideration in the assignment of a meditation. You have three rays to consider, the point in evolution of the causal body and its interrelation on its own plane with its group, with the Hierarchy, and with its reflection, the Personality. You have also the factor of karma, the need of the time and of the man himself, and his relationship with four different groups.

All this is possible and will some day be recognized, but the period of laying a foundation is not yet over, and for long will remain with you. The control of the mind is the present aim of meditation, and must always be the elementary step. [50]

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