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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
The Hierarchy is working primarily during the next few years through three groups of Masters who are on the first, second and third rays. Those on the first ray are dealing with the important figures today in world government, for all of them are subject to impression from their souls and all are fulfiling their individual destiny, and influencing their respective nations along the lines of national destiny. The period of intensive and seemingly destructive readjustment has been drastic and needed. This must not be forgotten. Mistakes in techniques have necessarily been made, and oft the law of love has been infringed. Sometimes, however, the love of the form aspect of consciousness has been interpreted as synchronous and similar to the law of love by critics of the methods employed. This is understandable. But the time of the great national readjustments must soon end, and the necessary processes of realignment be completed. This should then inaugurate a period of renewed relationships on a wide scale throughout the world; it should see the beginning of the establishment of friendships and the commencement of a new era of right and constructive world contacts. Hitherto this has never been [730] possible on a large scale, owing to the fact that humanity had not suffered enough and therefore was not adequately sensitive to others. It had no inner integration such as is now possible through our developed means of communication, and the growth of telepathic sensitivity. The abuses of the law of living had not been generally recognized and known for what they are by a sufficient number of people. The work of the great first ray influences is rapidly and materially changing all this, and out of the lessons learnt, the structure of the new civilization can become possible.

The work of the second ray Masters is now intensifying, and the builders of the new civilization - working, through the religious organizations, the educational systems of every country and the great army of thinking men and women everywhere - can definitely begin to make their presence felt. It is in this department primarily that the work of the New Group of World Servers can be noted and can be developed.

The question may be raised whether we are omitting to recognize the presence of the vast millions of the unenlightened masses who hang like a heavy millstone around the neck of the leaders of the race, and who are kept down either through fear, through applied poverty (yes, that is the proper term) or through regimentation. These constitute (as may be easily recognized) a harnessed menace, but that harness is rapidly becoming worn, and when the leash slips or breaks, it is difficult to forecast what the dire results may be. The caged wild beast of the unenlightened - and therefore innocent human beings - who work without the means for pleasure or leisure, who are underfed and exploited, cannot indefinitely be held back. The one hope of the world is that the enlightened and responsible people will readjust world relations, world conditions and the world economic situation, so that contentment through the removal of abuses may succeed, [731] and there will be no necessity for the prevailing and seething misery, which is rapidly reaching boiling point. Let us not forget, if this seems to be unduly optimistic, that one light, even if small, can light up a whole area.

The second ray influences are therefore being poured through the agency of the educational institutions and groups, through the religious bodies and through all men and women who can vision the higher possibilities and the world of spiritual values and of meaning. This is being done in the hope that a united stand will be possible and will produce a synthesis of effort; that this will be productive, in its turn, of a real world stabilization.

The third ray Masters are working strenuously in the world of business and of finance through the agency of those who are animated by a spirit of selfless service - and there are many such. It is a new field for spiritual endeavor. It is not possible to enlarge within a brief space upon the methods and the plans of the Hierarchy at this time of crisis and emergency in connection with the field of money and its significance and right use. The general method employed is one of inspiration and of the presentation of moments of crisis. These moments offer opportunity for the activity of some disciple, and thus the learning of a needed lesson by the groups or nations implicated becomes possible. The technique employed by these third ray Masters is to develop the minds of aspirants and thinkers in the specific field of business so that they can think in larger terms than those of their own selfish business interests. Moments of contact are also arranged between members of the New Group of World Servers and these prominent people, working in the field of economic enterprise, and thus opportunities are provided for certain recognitions and certain definite cooperation. These are the methods which concern us. There are other subjective and spiritual [732] methods employed which concern us not. If they were outlined in detail to us, they would only serve to bewilder.

Let it be emphatically stated here that the major method with which we can concern ourselves, and the most potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy, is the spreading of good will and its fusion into a united and working potency. That expression is to be preferred to the words "the organization of good will". Good will is today a dream, a theory, a negative force. It should be developed into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy. That is our work and we are definitely called to cooperate in bringing it about.

The task before the New Group of World Servers is great but it is not an impossible task. It is engrossing but as it constitutes an imposed life pattern, it can be worked out in every aspect of a man or woman's daily life. We are now called to serve intensively for a period of years, to abnormal living, and to the shouldering of a responsibility about which we have known for several years, but which we have not shouldered. Our interest has been powerfully evoked, but not demonstrated as it might have been. The demand for cooperation has been clearly sounded from the inner side, and by the leaders and workers in the New Group of World Servers. We have responded with some aid but not with sacrifice; we have given some assistance but it has been the minimum and not the possible maximum (except in a few cases, whose assistance has been whole hearted and recognized). We have been told that the members of the New Group of World Servers are working in every land to spread good will, world understanding and religious unity. The idea has been reassuring and we have rested back upon their efforts - the efforts of a hard pressed few. [733]

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