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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
At a gathering of the Great Ones not so long ago, the question was asked: "What can we do? for this emergency must be met." A silence fell upon the assembled group. This lasted quite a long time and then they, one and all, simultaneously voiced the reply, speaking as if they were one person, such was the unanimity:

"Let us touch the hearts of men anew with love, so that those who know will love and give. Let us give love ourselves."

The above may be a statement of fact, or it may be simply a symbolic and allegorical way of helping us to grasp our need. That is for us to decide. However, there may be those who will wish to say each morning in their morning meditation or at the noon day recollection the following words: [736]

"I know, Oh Lord of Life and Love, about the need. Touch my heart anew with love that I too may love and give."

Let us in full surrender of our personal desires and wishes join in the common task of leading humanity into the fields of peace!

I approach you therefore, the conscious aspirants to whom I can speak with freedom and with no attempt to choose my words with care, to ask you, first of all two questions:

  1. Do you, in truth, accept the situation as I have outlined it?
  2. Where, at this time, do you place your life emphasis?

The answering of these two questions in the light of your soul and your personal earnestness will greatly clarify your minds and your way of living and working. It will also indicate to Those who are serving the Plan of God upon the subjective side of life, or along the lines of spiritual understanding and meaning, who are the servers, the aspirants and disciples upon whom it is possible to count at this moment of world crisis, for a world crisis is upon us. If the urgency of the hour is as indicated, and if the next few years are decisive years which will determine and condition the world situation till 1975, then it is necessary for everybody to take stock of himself and turn his spiritual theories and his humanitarian longings into Facts demonstrated in the life of everyday.

The lines of world cleavage are becoming more clearly defined and humanity is slowly forming itself into three camps or groups, as seen from the subjective side of life. These are:

  1. The group of those who violently and actively and sincerely are partisans of certain basic and well-known ideologies which we can roughly divide into the fascist-nazi group, the democratic group and the communistic group. Such are the major ideas to which the leading [737] nations of the world are pledged and for which they are ready to fight if need arises.
  2. The relatively acquiescent masses who, under the regimes endorsing the three above ideologies, live, love and seek to understand a little of what is happening to them and who accept the familiar or the newly imposed rule with acquiescence and oft quite unintelligently, provided they can eat and sleep and reproduce and the ordinary affairs of life can proceed along the usual lines.
  3. A rapidly growing group of those who are aware of the other groups, who appreciate the idealism and effort of the first group and also recognize the helplessness of the masses. They stand ready to do what is possible to help restore world equilibrium and so bring understanding and cooperation and unity into play on a world wide scale. These are the men and women of good will throughout the world about whom I have so often written.

Behind these three groups, equally interested in them all, stands another group. It is numerically smaller but spiritually potent and is composed of those whose work it is to further God's plans consciously on earth; they work in touch with the Plan and have a deep knowledge of the general trend of the evolutionary urge; they are directing world force into the desired channels and are assisted in their efforts by the New Group of World Servers. They are all pledged to establish the kingdom of God on earth, for which the world is ripe and whose coming was foretold by all the great world religions. Nothing can stop the emergence of that kingdom.

I have briefly restated this line-up of the forces, prevalent in humanity today. A little thought will show how practically [738] every human being can be placed under one or other of these groupings or categories.

It might be of value here if we endeavored for a few minutes to get the point of view of the spiritual leaders of the race, of the planetary Hierarchy, of Christ and His Church.

These Workers look out upon a world distressed and full of pain. The economic problem looms large and is a determining factor in many cases. In a world of plenty, men are starving on every hand, or subsisting on a deplorable insufficiency whilst others of their fellowmen, in the same country, have too much and hold on to it, and frequently commit crimes to keep it. In a world full of activity, men are forced into a hated inertia through unemployment, and millions of men and women have nothing to do, but exist upon relief, through the charity of the well-intentioned, or upon crime, yet eating their hearts out (consciously or unconsciously) because the right of every human being to live and work and be self-supporting is denied them. In a world where all men desire peace and the opportunity to live in happiness at home or abroad, the nations everywhere are arming or are fortifying their frontiers in an effort to achieve that security which will enable them to live safely within their borders, free from attack, or to impose their ideas upon their fellowmen or nations. In a world of organized religions, the same condition of chaos is to be seen. The Churches in all lands are endeavoring frantically to keep their hold - spiritual, mental or financial - over the people and are playing a losing game, because the days of control by the priestly caste is in reality over, just as is the control of an autocratic dynasty. The work of the great world religions has been eminently successful and has been carried through to the desired consummation and now the new world religion, which is that of the kingdom of God, is definitely upon the way. [739]

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