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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
2. The renewed organization of the New Group of World Servers. How far have we really yet grasped the task of this group, or the significance of its membership? It is a group of men and women who are upon the Path of Discipleship or upon the Path of Probation, and it is divided into two major divisions:
  1. A group composed of disciples who are consciously working with the Plan and of those who, instructed by them, are consciously and voluntarily cooperating. In this latter category we can find ourselves if we so desire and if we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.
  2. A group composed of aspirants and world-conscious men and women, who are working unconsciously under the guidance of the planetary Hierarchy. There are many such, particularly in high places today, who are fulfiling the part of destroyers of the old form or of builders of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied in meeting world need as best they may, with playing parts in the national dramas, or with persistently working in the field of education. The first group is in touch with the planetary Hierarchy and it works, if we might so express it, under hierarchical inspiration. The second is in closer touch with the masses of men and works more definitely under the inspiration of ideas.

The first group is occupied with the Plan as its [716] members can vision and grasp its essentiality, whilst the second works more definitely with the ideas which are today slowly emerging in the consciousness of the more sensitive members of the human family. These ideas are gradually instilled into humanity by the Hierarchy and by the senior workers in the first group. This first group is relatively small, and when first the information was communicated about the New Group of World Servers, (which was later embodied in the pamphlet, "The Next Three Years"), the number of conscious disciples was given as being under two hundred. Since then this number has materially increased owing to two causes:

  • First: certain men and women are arriving at maturity. This has developed in them a recognition of their hierarchical status as disciples.
  • Secondly: the unfolding of other human beings and their spiritual development as a result of the stimulation and the relatively successful work of the previous three years.

The number of conscious disciples in the world today (1939), is nearly one thousand. We are here considering those disciples who are definitely working in the groups of those Masters Who are pledged to the present experiment.

It should perhaps be pointed out here that the entire planetary Hierarchy, though cognizant of the present endeavor and therefore participating in the plans of the Council, are not all occupied with the problem of humanity in this present moment of crisis. There are many other lines of activity and of evolutionary expediency and undertaking which must parallel the present endeavor. Work in relation to other kingdoms in nature (both subhuman and superhuman), and work in preparation for the period [717] which must succeed this present time of crisis must be continued as usual. In the higher levels of the New Group of World Servers, the many divisions of hierarchical effort are represented, but there are, nevertheless, a large number of disciples in the world today who are in no way associated with the present plans. This is a point to be remembered.

3. The awakening of the intelligentsia in all countries to the recognition of humanity as a prelude to the establishment of brotherhood. The unity of the human family is recognized by many, but before that unity can take form in constructive measures, it is essential that more and more of the thinking men and women throughout the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races, nations and types, and that the New Group of World Servers should itself repeat in the outer world that type of activity which the Hierarchy expressed when it developed and materialized the Group. Through the expression and impression of certain great ideas, men everywhere must be brought to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which will govern the New Age. This is the major task of the New Group of World Servers.

One of the objectives considered by the Council in May, 1937, was the method of deepening the hold these new ideas must have on members of the New Group of World Servers. Thus the stimulation of the spiritual life of the group members, and consequently their sensitivity to the Plan will be carried forward. They will then be not only consciously in touch with the plans, but they will be occultly imbued by them, and in this way the radiating influence of the Group will be greatly enhanced. This will bring about an outer expression of real [718] group importance and of such vital necessity that, during the next few years, the new ideas must become the ideals of the thinking level of the race. If this does not take place, the immediate salvaging of humanity will have to be postponed and a further period of distress and of widespread disciplining must then inevitably result. It is this urgency that is discussed in these pages, and it is this immediate need, and this momentous crisis with which the Hierarchy had to deal in its May Council of 1937.

4. The final aspect of the situation with which the Masters concerned dealt, is in fact, the precipitation of an imminent crisis. This precipitation is inevitable and its effects must be foreseen and dealt with in such a manner that its catastrophic results will be offset, and its subjective significances utilized to the full.

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