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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
Having stated the four major points of consideration (which came before the Council in May, 1937, and which are all related to the impending world crisis), it is needful that we should point out two things:

1. That this crisis is imminent and of epoch-making effects for two reasons.

  1. The work carried forward during the previous five years along spiritual lines had been definitely successful. This has caused a vital spiritual awakening in every land, and was the result of the activity and work of the first division of the New Group of World Servers.
  2. The strenuous efforts of the second division in the New Group of World Servers have also been successful. These people are far more the instruments of divine activity rather than conscious cooperators with the Plan. [719]

2. That the Masters are not primarily concerned with the prevention of disaster to the form aspect of humanity, desirable as human beings might consider that objective. The salvaging of the form is but incidental to the Plan. The work of the Hierarchy is concerned with the expansion and awakening of the human consciousness, and that, in its turn, has an effect upon the form. It is possible (and so the Masters regard it) to lay such an emotional strain and mental stress upon the mechanism of human expression on the physical plane that the lessons cannot be adequately learned because the immediate physical stress is too great to permit the recognition and the assimilation of the significance of the event. Therefore the Masters, when meeting at the Council of May, 1937, had to consider the offsetting of the strain. Humanity can get too tired to react, and this fact constituted a definite problem with which the Hierarchy had to deal.

It will be apparent, therefore, if we have read the above intelligently and have endeavored to synthesize it with the state of world affairs as far as we know it, that the problems before the assembled Council were three in number. More than these three, humanity cannot grasp nor do the facts concern them. There were necessarily many other problems, but they are of such a nature that we could not comprehend them, and it would not be possible to express these problems in words which would convey intelligible meaning to us. The three problems which came under consideration were:

  1. The right resolution of the present crisis, so that equilibrium could be restored.
  2. The stimulation of the New Group of World Servers so that they could
    1. Recognize the emergency [720]
    2. Define the plan more clearly
    3. Become more sensitive to inner, subjective, spiritual impression
    4. Make the necessary sacrifices demanded for the success of the plan
    5. Radiate more effectively out into the world of humanity.
  3. How to keep the forces which had been set in motion since 1914 within certain definite limits.

These forces are many in number and it is possible to indicate the nature of some of them. This is done, however, more for the sake of future understanding and future rational comprehension than because we can specifically do anything in particular in relation to them. Let me simply list them, and if we read with the eye of the inner vision open, and with our intuition alert and awake, perhaps some apprehension of the problems before the Council may dawn upon our minds. It is not possible to enlarge upon these forces, nor may we interpret them. We can simply state what are facts to the Hierarchy but which may only be an interesting supposition, hypothesis or chimera to us:

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