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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
They must place the emphasis upon the expression of good will and the fulfilment of the law of love and not upon affiliation with organizations, with their labels and their doctrines. The New Group of World Servers must keep itself free of all of these, for otherwise the work will crash upon the ancient rocks of doctrine and of organization. The members of the New Group must remain loosely linked together by their mutual good will and the unanimity of their objectives, expressed irrespective of national boundaries, racial distinctions and religious prejudices. It must throw the weight of its influence behind all movements, which are struggling to overcome differences and which express similar aims. Its members will sponsor, aid and foster many endeavors which work toward international understanding and synthesis, and express those religious interpretations which teach the spirit of unity.

The power which the New Group of World Servers will eventually wield, will be drawn from two sources:

  • First, from that inner center or subjective world government, [664] whose members are responsible for the spread of those ideals and ideas which have led humanity onwards from age to age. This inner center has always existed and the great leaders of the race, in every field, have been connected with it. The great idealists and world workers, (such as the Christ and His great brother, the Buddha, and those lesser workers, such as Plato, Spinoza, Abraham Lincoln, or Florence Nightingale) have all been associated with this center. The range of these associates is tremendous and the grades of these workers are many, but self sacrificing work for the betterment of human living and love of their fellow men have distinguished them all. Yet all drew their light and inspiration from this central focal point. The members of this government may be alive in physical bodies or discarnate. It is assumed that there is belief in immortality among those who read these pages - a belief in the perpetuation of the conscious soul in some dimension. These great souls are primarily distinguished by the fact that they know no mental limitation, and their inclusiveness is such that for them there are no racial distinctions nor any religious differences.
  • The second source from which the New Group of World Servers will draw its power will be from the men of good will in the world at any given time. They will be able to swing into activity at any moment such a weight of thought and such a momentous public opinion that they will eventually be in a position definitely to affect world affairs. One of their functions will be to bring into touch with each other, men of similar ideals and also to direct and further their efforts.

Knowledge of these ideals will be spread everywhere in the face of opposition and distrust; these truths must be expressed in every possible language and by every available means, and every available person must be utilized to circulate them. No effort should be spared at the present time and for [665] the next few years. This work must first of all, be undertaken through the medium of the printed page and later, when trained people are available, through the medium of the spoken word. There must be synthesis of effort and the elimination of unnecessary and personal aspects of the work.

Members of the New Group of World Servers learn mostly through the ear and through that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening. They are unfolding that spiritual perception which is latent but unused in the average man. They have to catch the new Words of Power as they come forth from the center of spiritual light and force in the world and, at the same time, they must be attentive to the cry of humanity as it voices its highest hopes, longings and desires. This attitude of listening and of a subsequent prompt readjustment of the inner, received commands, is characteristic of the New Group of World Servers. The mass of people whom they will eventually gather around them must be taught, and learn through the eye, through the printed page, and later through a sensing of the vision. These two points must be remembered in planning the work and in finding the workers.

A word should be spoken here about the dangers the New Group of World Servers should seek to avoid. It must not be forgotten, first of all, that many people of many races and religious views, form a part, consciously or unconsciously, of this group. Some of them are so close to the Plan that their clarity of vision and their understanding is very real. They know. They need to be very sure, however, as to their right action from the angle of time. Skill in action is their main problem and not accuracy of perception. Others are not so close to the Plan and only know it in a vague and general way. They are consecrated and dedicated souls, but personal ambition and national and religious prejudices, still govern [666] their minds, their reactions and their habits of speech. They sometimes resent the fact that others of different race, tradition and religious sentiment may be as close to the Plan and the Custodians of the Plan as they are. They question the authority of individuals in the New Group of World Servers and sometimes work towards the undoing of disciples in the same field as their own. This must not be. There is no time today for such trifling things as personal prestige, or for the emphasizing of one organization at the expense of another, or for the assumed priority of this or the other teaching. These are the things that do not matter, but which do hinder. What is of importance at this time is the unified stand which can be made by the men of good will in the world during the next few years in order to turn the tide in human affairs, avert possible catastrophe and bring in the era of unity, peace and plenty. Personal ambitions have to go. Personal desire, self defense, or self assertiveness have no place in the ranks of the New Group of World Servers. How can good will be fostered in the world, if those who profess it are fighting amongst themselves? How can the Plan of the Great Ones make progress and the leadership of the world pass into the hands of those who have a definitely spiritual objective if they are quarreling over place, position, and precedence? Personalities do not count and only souls have power.

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