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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
Let all of us, therefore, who belong to the New Group of World Servers or who respond to their message of good will, sacrifice our personal differences, our petty interpretations, and our selfish ambitions upon the altar of world service and friendships. Thus we can offer to the Custodians of the Plan an instrument which They can freely use.

Another danger may arise if undue emphasis is laid upon the organization aspect of the New Group of World Servers. It must never be forgotten that there is here no ordinary [667] organization, such as is usually found in the world. The group is an organism, not an organization. It is not a propaganda group, as that term is usually understood. It is not interested in politics, religion or place. Its work is the educating of the human being and the expanding of the human consciousness, so that the newer and truer ideas may be grasped. Its function is the spreading of the message of international good will and religious unity. The members of the New Group of World Servers are primarily interpreters. That they may have high place and position, that they may be powerful and influential people, that they may work through the spoken and the printed word, that they may employ every possible means which brains and money can use in their endeavor, and that they may evidence the highest skill in action will be true if things progress as desired; but all these things are to be regarded as simply a means to an end - the production of worldwide good will, of intelligent and loving understanding and unity, peace and plenty.

The outer organization is of importance in so far as it leads to the skillful use of opportunity and money, but the organization is again only a means to an end. The organization of the New Group of World Servers is not possible. They must ever remain unorganized and unlabelled, free to work as they individually see fit. It is the organization of the available resources to which we refer, so that the Plan may be promoted, the ideals become practical and the work be carried intelligently forward.

The various plans under consideration for the furthering and growth of the New Group of World Servers, should and will go steadily forward. The ideas briefly outlined above should be worked out in detail. People must be trained to work for the expansion of these ideas. The general public must be educated as to the aims and objectives of the new [668] group. Meditation groups should be formed, dedicated to the work of contacting the vision and of drawing in the needed wisdom and power. The Great Invocation should be increasingly used, and daily and hourly must the Invocation be sent forth. The gist of that which is here set forth should be rearranged and readapted for the use of the general public for it is only through constant reiteration that men learn, and these things must be said again and again before the real work of the New Group of World Servers can make itself felt.

The function of the New Group is to balance the forces leading to disintegration and destruction by embodying in itself the forces of integration and construction. The New Group will eventually offset the tendency (so prevalent at this time) towards racial hatreds, and the teaching given out will tend to negate the present ideas which are powerful in producing the current cleavages and barriers among men, thus causing separation and war. Where there is an appearance of a group or groups, expressing ideas which potently emphasize one angle of public opinion and one aspect of life, there must inevitably appear, under the law of balance, that which will offset it. At the present point in the history of the race, the groups which foster the spirit of cleavage and which build up barriers to impede the free spirit of man, have appeared first. They do their needed work, for they too are included in the Plan. Then, under the law, there must appear the group or groups which embody those ideas which lead to integration and constructive building. They will swing the world on to a higher turn of the spiral; they will heal the breaches, break down the barriers, and end the cleavages.

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