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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
Speaking generally, we have, therefore, in the world today the unintelligent masses who are rapidly becoming self-conscious under the pressure of modern life and our modern educational systems. We have secondly, the truly self-conscious thinkers or individuals who have assumed world control and prominent place in world affairs, through the power of their thoughts and the emphasis and magnetism of their personality. By the clarity of their thinking in their chosen field, they dominate the masses, but they are dominant in a separative sense. These masses whom they control can be divided into two divisions: - A restless, alert, discontented and intelligent minority (a minority of about forty per cent of the whole). The remaining sixty per cent is formed by the unthinking masses, who are little more than emotional animals. They live, work, suffer and fight, but have no real idea of what it means, or of where they, as a race, are going. [658] With these latter there is little yet to be done. With the forty per cent, however, much can be achieved when the New Group of World Servers is sufficiently coherent. Notice should be taken also of the world idealists and workers, who are pledged to the working out of some ideal which seems to them to embody all that is desirable and to solve the problem as they see it around them. Under this group could be placed the leaders and dictators of the world at this time, no matter by what name they call themselves. That their methods may not be desirable, is of course often true but is relatively immaterial. Rightly or wrongly, they are working under the inspiration of an idea; they are bringing about definite changes in the minds of their fellow men and in world conditions; they are evoking a mental response from the public and the world. They are, therefore, placing the world in their debt, by inaugurating those changes which are altering the world rhythm and speeding up its tempo. They are thus preparing us for the still more revolutionary changes of the new age. Some of them are to be found included in the New Group of World Servers.

Members of the New Group of World Servers stand for the following ideals:

  1. They believe in an inner world government and in an emerging evolutionary plan. They can see its signs down the ages. That they may express the significance of this inner world government and of the planetary Hierarchy in varying terms, is inevitable. That they may regard it from the peculiar angle of their own tradition and schooling is also inevitable but unimportant. That which is of importance is that they are in touch with the center of energy which is attempting to guide human affairs; their know something of the detail of the immediate [659] plan, and to the furtherance of this they are bending all their energies.
  2. They are steadily cultivating an international spirit of good will and to this they consecrate every effort. They avoid all points of dissension, regarding them as incidental to the point in evolution which the race has reached and they are convinced of the inevitable change for the better which is on its way. They emphasize the point of common endeavor and seek to interpret to the public the trend of the present world efforts as these begin the work of swinging the world on to new paths and producing in the minds of the people new and better ideals.
  3. They seek to teach also the fact that the many national, religious and social experiments are only modes of expansion, ways of growth and needed lessons. They seek to point out that the effects of these will be twofold.
    First, they will demonstrate the usefulness of those lines of thought and consequent methods which will eventually bring about the release of mankind from its present limitations and distress. These experiments are not lost effort. They have a definite place and purpose.
    Second, they will demonstrate the recognition of those methods and techniques in government and religion which are undesirable, because they spread the virus of hatred, breed class and racial distinctions and are consequently detrimental to world understanding, international good will and spiritual amity.

There is no thinking man today in prominent position who does not in his highest moments appreciate the necessity for world peace, international order and religious understanding - all leading in the last analysis to economic stability. The [660] right order by which men will find that stability is the ancient one that certain fraternities have ever emphasized: - Unity, Peace and Plenty. They lead sequentially and automatically from one to the other. The major instrument today for the achievement of world unity is the New Group of World Servers. It is as yet only potential but, given opportunity, and the necessary means to go forward with its work, it can make real changes in the public consciousness during the next few years and eventually can swing the mass of public opinion behind it. It can go forward to a large usefulness and can constitute eventually a most potent instrument to bring about the needed unity, peace and plenty. Their usefulness, however, can only be brought about by a strenuous effort and by constant self-sacrifice on the part of all who know something of the aims of the group and what the Plan seeks to bring about.

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