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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
The first ray technique must, therefore, do the following things and produce the following results:
  1. The divine will must be evoked, of which the mind aspect is the reflection, and the brain (or the phenomenal appearance) the shadow. This brings into functional activity upon the physical plane what is called in theosophical books, Atma, or the first qualified differentiation of the monadic Life. The quality is often called the spiritual will.
  2. The evocation of this will produces an illumination of the mind, differing from the illumination achieved through ordinary meditation and about which much has been written in the mystical books. This latter illumination is essentially the evocation of the intuition, which brings the illumination of direct knowledge to the mind. The one to which I here refer is, symbolically speaking, related to the state of consciousness of the Creator when He sent forth the phenomena-producing fiat: "Let there be Light."
  3. This illumination, coming from the highest aspect which [387] man can conceive follows a direct line of approach, or pours down through a direct channel from
    1. The level of Atma, or that center of spiritual will which is dynamic and effective but seldom called into play, to the will petals of the egoic lotus, upon which I touched in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. These petals are the reflection in the soul of this particular aspect of energy.
    2. From this layer of petals to the mind body.
    3. From the mind body to the brain.
    4. From the brain, in due and set time, to the center at the base of the spine, thus arousing the kundalini fire.

It will interest students to note how the first ray disciple, when employing this first ray technique of fusion, ends by producing second ray characteristics of which illumination, producing understanding love and sympathetic cooperation, is the predominant note. The second ray disciple, through rightly applied technique, produces curiously enough, third ray results, of which the use of the creative imagination is the outstanding characteristic. The third ray disciple through the development of the "power to inspire" adds to his innate qualities certain definitely first ray potencies. All are, however, subordinated to the second ray nature of the divine expression in this solar system.

The technique of Fusion, employed by the second ray disciple, will produce the following results:

  1. Increased sentient response to the world soul and to the environment in which the disciple finds himself will increasingly be achieved.
  2. This is largely done through the cultivation of the creative imagination. This is one of the great building attributes [388] of deity. It is brought about by the evocation of the love nature and, as earlier noted, brings in soul power in full tide. In the world of phenomenal appearance, the soul is the creating agent, the major building factor, the constructor of forms, and, through the Technique of Fusion, the power to imagine or to use imaginative thought power (in conjunction with the faculty to visualize, to wish, to dream into being) is definitely and scientifically developed.
  3. This creative tension or one-pointed focus of imaginative dreaming swings the astral body into complete subordination to the soul. This fact is hinted at in The Bhagavad Gita where, upon the battle field of Kurukshetra, Arjuna suddenly sees the form of God wherein all forms constitute the One Form. The battle is then over. The soul is in complete control; no sense of separativeness is again possible.
  4. The channel through which this synthesizing and creative energy pours down is as follows:
    1. From the Monad to the love petals of the egoic lotus.
    2. From these love petals to the astral vehicle, energizing all astral matter found in the equipment of the phenomenal man. "The spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters."
    3. From thence to the solar plexus center.
    4. From that center to the heart center. The needed duality connected with the astral body thus appears. We have here also a correspondence to the descent of the fire of the will to the base of the spine with its subsequent raising, along the spinal column, to the head.
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