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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
If we study this triplicity with care, we shall see that the process outlined brings the higher aspect of the personal self, the mind, to the lowest point of contact and into control of the physical body; we shall see that it brings the soul into conscious control of the astral, desire-sentient body, and that it also brings the will aspect (the highest aspect of divinity) into control of mind.

There are, therefore, two thoughts which we will have in our minds as we study this Technique of Fusion. First, that it is a threefold technique and is colored by and conditioned by the qualities of the first, second and third major rays. Secondly, that this technique of whichever of these three natures it may be, will be of such a kind that it will produce illumination through the evocation of the will. It is right here that esotericists will recognize the importance of the teaching in connection with the center at the base of the spine. It is awakened by an act of the will, which really means by the mind, functioning forcefully, under the influence of the spiritual man, through the medium of the brain.

It infers also that this technique will so stimulate the faculty of the imagination that an ever expanding or an all inclusive love will increasingly be expressed, and therefore that the heart center will be forcefully affected and awakened into full activity. It infers also that the spiritual plane life of the disciple, as it expresses itself in his environment will become inspired and creative through the full and conscious use of the intelligence. This, in its turn, brings about the rounded out activity of the throat center, and thus the [385] three major centers, which are aroused into activity upon the Path of Discipleship, are brought to full and measured and controlled activity. Upon the Path of Initiation, the awakening and full-conditioned functioning of the two head centers is completed. This is the result of the use of the Technique of Duality by the initiate. One head center, the thousand-petalled lotus, represents the spirit or life aspect; the other, the ajna center, represents matter or the form aspect. Thus the work carried forward upon the paths of evolution, of probation, and of discipleship is completed upon the path of initiation, and thus, when the rays are understood, you have the possibility of a new system of awakening the centers, or chakras. But this system concerns only the awakening of the central part of the center or lotus of force. The teaching given in the oriental and theosophical books refers primarily to the awakening and right relation of the centers when the aspirant is upon the probationary path. The teaching which I have here given has not before been so explicitly made public and has hitherto only been communicated orally. One half of the center, the outer half (therefore one half of the lotus petals) is brought into increased activity upon the probationary path; the other half begins its intensified vibratory activity upon the path of discipleship, but the intensification of the center of the lotus (though the One Life controls both soul and body) only takes place when the two later techniques of fusion and of duality are carried successfully forward.

Certain questions therefore arise:

  1. What are the techniques, producing fusion upon the three major rays.
  2. How do these techniques bring about
    1. Illumination of the mind. [386]
    2. Imaginative capacity of the sentient body.
    3. An inspired life.

Another point should here be made; Disciples upon the minor rays likewise employ one or other of these three major techniques. Fourth ray disciples employ the second ray technique, as do sixth ray disciples; disciples upon the fifth ray employ the first ray technique. It is interesting to note that (prior to the first initiation) the personalities of all aspirants to this great expansion of consciousness will be found upon the third ray, which is - like the solar plexus center - a great clearing house for energies, and a great transmuting station, if I may use this term.

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