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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
The third ray disciple, employing the Technique of Fusion, finds that: [389]
  1. It evokes a full functioning of the divine creative faculty. It will be apparent at this point how important is motive, for it determines the line of activity and differentiates man's activity into what is called (by esotericists) black and white magic. It is interesting also to note that it is the very rare man indeed who swings into the field of so-called black magic. This indicates, does it not, my brother, the extraordinarily triumphant work of the Great White Lodge.
  2. The fiat which initiated this creative activity, as far as it relates to man, has been inadequately couched in the words: "Let the earth bring forth abundantly", thus inaugurating the age of creativity. This creative fecundity has steadily shifted during the past few thousand years into the creation of those effects of which ideas are the cause, producing within the creative range of man's mind:
    1. That which is useful and so contributing to man's present civilization.
    2. That which is beautiful, thus gradually developing the aesthetic consciousness, the sense of color, and the recognition of the use of symbolic forms in order to express quality and meaning.
  3. As a result of the disciple's use of this technique, there is brought about an increased vital livingness, and a dynamic inflow of spiritual life into the physical plane experience. The disciple becomes "inspired" by the fire of love, and this evokes the "service of creation" as an expression of that love.
  4. The power which inspires him and which makes him dynamic and creative in his environment comes likewise from the will aspect of the Monad, sweeping the higher [390] mind into activity upon the higher mental level which is that on which the creative ideas of God emerge in form to be recognized by the human consciousness.
  5. The channel of approach or of downflow is as follows:
    1. From the will aspect of the monadic life to that level of consciousness and of energy which we call that of the higher mind.
    2. From the higher mind to the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus.
    3. From these vortexes of force to the lower or concrete mind - that in which the average intelligent man familiarly works - to the throat center and from thence immediately to the sacral center (the center of physical plane creation or reproduction). From there it is raised again to the throat center where the creative physical urge is transmuted into artistic or literary creation in some form or another, and later still into the power to create groups or organizations which will express some idea or some thought which emanates from the Mind of God, and which demands immediate precipitation upon earth.

The result of this inflow of supremely high energies is that the processes set in motion by the Technique of Integration are completed and the rays of the lower man are welded or fused into the Personality Ray. This itself is later blended with the egoic ray, enabling that spiritual Identity which we recognize as standing behind phenomenal man to work through both these rays, thus bringing about a correspondence to that grouping within the divine expression which we call the major and minor rays. The rays of the triple lower nature then form one single avenue through which the soul, and later the energy of spirit can contact the larger Whole [391] in manifestation upon the physical, astral and mental planes. When the Techniques of Integration and Fusion have done their intended work, this spiritual Identity can work in service to humanity and in cooperation with the Plan in the three worlds of human endeavor and in the five states of consciousness, human and superhuman. This brings the disciple to the period wherein the third initiation can be taken; then still higher forces can be brought into play and the Technique of Duality can be considered, mastered and used. It will be obvious to you that I cannot give you the rules of this technique, as they constitute part of the veiled secrets of initiation. Though duality is emphasized, it is a duality which produces simplification, merging and synthesis. Man is then viewed as a duality of spirit and matter and not as the well known triplicity of spirit, soul and body.

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