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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
Much of the above can mean but little to those who are not yet upon the path of accepted discipleship. We are here dealing with some of the major mysteries. But a mystery only remains a mystery when ignorance and unbelief exist. There is no mystery where there is knowledge and faith. The coming of the Avatar Who will fuse in Himself three principles of divinity is an inevitable future happening, and when He shall appear "the light that always has been will be seen; the love that never ceases will be realized, and the radiance deep concealed will break forth into being." We shall then have a new world - one which will express the light, the love and the knowledge of God.

These three Temples of the Mysteries (of which two are already existing, and the third will later appear) are each of them related to one of the three divine aspects, and the energy of the three major rays pours through them. In the corresponding approaches upon the path of ascent by humanity, it is the energy of the four minor Rays of Attribute which produce the power to make the needed approach. Through the active work and the guidance of the "presiding guardians" of these temples, the fifth kingdom in nature will be brought into manifested being. Over the Temple upon the mental plane, the Buddha presides and there will consummate His unfinished work. Over the Temple upon the plane of sentient feeling and of loving aspiration, the Christ presides, for this is the Temple of the most difficult initiatory processes. The reason for this difficulty and for the importance of this Temple is due to the fact that our solar system is a system [281] of Love, of sentient response to the love of God, and of the development of that response through the innate faculty of feeling or sentiency. This calls for the cooperation of a Son of God who will embody two divine principles. Later will come an Avatar Who will achieve neither the full enlightenment of the Buddha nor the full expression of the divine love of the Christ, but Who will have a large measure of wisdom and of love, plus that "materializing power" which will enable Him to found a divine powerhouse upon the physical plane. His task, in many ways, is far more difficult than that of the two preceding Avatars, for He carries in Himself not only the energies of the two divine principles, already "duly anchored" upon the planet by His two great Brothers, but He has also within Himself much of a third divine principle, hitherto not used upon our planet. He carries the will of God into manifestation, and of that will we, as yet, know really nothing. So difficult is His task that the New Group of World Servers is being trained to assist Him. Thus an aspect of the first ray principle will be anchored by Him upon earth.

All that the student can grasp is that the Plan will be the dynamic impulse of this third and vital energy which will pervade the outer court of the Temple, constituting a Temple of Initiation upon the physical plane, thus externalizing the activities of the Hierarchy in certain possible respects. The first initiation will then take place upon earth. It will be then no longer a veiled secret. This is the initiation of the outer court, wherein the approach of the soul upon the Way of Descent into manifestation, and the subsequent appropriation of the proffered divine energy by the personality upon the Way of Ascent will take place.

The Holy Place is the place where the second initiation is enacted, and this will some day be given upon the astral plane [282] when the illusion there persisting has been somewhat dissipated. Over this second initiation, the Christ presides and, as was said above, it is for us the most difficult and most transforming of the initiations. The acquiescence of the soul to the demands of the personality for spiritual life, and the submission of the personality to the soul, find therein their consummation.

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