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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
The dramatic rehearsal by the personality of the Approach or Touch of Enlightenment (as enacted by the soul) takes place upon the Path of Initiation. It has been portrayed for us by the Buddha when He took illumination and became the Enlightened One.

There is one peculiarly interesting point which can perhaps be made clear. God, or whatever word anyone may employ to express the Originator of all that exists, constantly re-enacts these dramatic approaches for His people. In so doing and as history proceeds, two great classes of Avatars must inevitably emerge, or have emerged. There are, first of all, Those Who embody in Themselves the great major soul approaches. There will be (and I would ask you to note the change of tense) Those Who will embody the human approaches, or the corresponding activities of the personality to the soul approaches. These are called in the language of esotericism "the Avatars of logoic descent upon the radiant path of..." and "the Avatars of divine descent upon the Claiming Way." I cannot translate these terms more clearly, nor can I find an adequate word for the phrase which qualifies the radiant path.

On the Way of Descending Approaches, the Buddha from the mental plane and also upon it, embodied in Himself the blazing enlightenment which is the result of a rare occurrence - a Cosmic Touch. He challenged the people to the Path of Light, of which knowledge and wisdom are two aspects. These, when brought into relationship with each other, produce the light. In a curious and esoteric manner, therefore, the Buddha embodied in Himself the force and [278] activity of the third ray, of the third aspect of divinity - the divine cosmic principle of Intelligence. By its fusion with the ray of our solar system (the ray of Love) He expressed perfectly the significance of light in matter, of the intelligence principle as found in form, and was the Avatar Who carried in Himself the fully ripened seeds of the past solar system. We should not forget that our present solar system is, as was stated in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, the second in a series of three systems.

Then came the next great Avatar, the Christ, Who, enfolding in Himself all that the Buddha had of light and wisdom (being fully enlightened in the occult and spiritual sense) on the Way of Descending Approach, embodied also the peace of inclusiveness, which comes from the Touch of Divine Acquiescence. He was the embodied force of submission, and He carried the divine approach to the astral plane, the plane of feeling.

Thus two great stations of energy and two major powerhouses of light have been established by these two Sons of God, and the descent of the divine life into manifestation has been greatly facilitated. The Way is now opened so that the ascent of the sons of men can become entirely possible. It is around these two ideas of divine descent and of human corresponding ascent that the coming new religion must be built.

Stations of power exist and have been founded through the work of the various World Saviors. These stations of power must be contacted by humanity as time transpires, through their individual re-enactment (on a tiny scale) of the cosmic approaches, or the touches of divinity, dramatically engineered by the cosmic Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. It is because the Christ has approached closer to humanity by focusing divine energy upon the astral plane through His divine acquiescence that He is the First Initiator. [279]

From one point of view, these two centers of force constitute the Temples of Initiation through which all disciples have to pass. This passing is the theme of the coming new religion.

Mankind has entered into the Temples at the great cosmic Approach of Appropriation in Lemurian times. Certain of the more advanced sons of men were passed in Atlantean times and still more will be passed in the immediate future, whilst a fair number will also be raised to immortality, but from the angle of the race it is the initiation of passing which is ahead for a very large number, and not the initiation of being raised. I am not here speaking of the so-called five major initiations, but of certain group events which are predominantly cosmic in nature. The major initiations which are the goal of human endeavor are individual in nature, and constitute, as it were, a preparatory period of expansions of consciousness. There were, if I might so express it, seven steps or approaches on the part of the life of God in the subhuman kingdoms prior to the Approach of Appropriation when humanity individualized. There are, as we know, five initiations ahead of the world disciples and these are steps towards the Approach of Acquiescence which will become possible on our planet before long. There are - after these seven and five steps - three more to be taken before the cosmic Approach of Enlightenment can take place in a far distant future. So humanity enters into the outer Court of God's love, passes into the Holy Place and is raised in the Secret Place of the Most High.

Later, the Avatar will emerge Who will embody in Himself all that the Buddha had of enlightenment and all that Christ had of acquiescing love. He will, however, also embody the energy which produced the Approach of Appropriation, and when He comes forth, there will transpire a [280] great appropriation by humanity of its recognized divinity, and the establishing upon earth of a station of light and of power which will make possible the externalizing of the Mysteries of Initiation upon earth. This approach is the cause of much of the present turmoil, for the Avatar is on His way.

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